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Top 5 Typography Resources

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Are your struggling with your typography? Don’t know your serifs from your san-serifs? Do you know the history of typography?

Below I have compiled the best and most valuable typography resources and tips that you need to know to improve your typographic skills.

  1. Book: Non Designers Type Book by Robin Williams
    This book is full of the bare essentials of typography. It is very easy to read and a must read for anyone starting out in typography.
  2. Font Downloads: 40+ Excellent Free Fonts For Professional Design
    A tip that is very often not told, there are free quality fonts out there. If you are a student graphic designer, you may not be able to afford to buy fonts just yet so this may be a good alternative. If you have a bit of cash to burn, check out these top commercial fonts.
  3. Font Identification: Identifont or What The Font.
    Want to know the font that is used on your milk carton or on a particular website? These two great websites can tell you exactly what font is used just by uploading an image of the font.
  4. Link Database: Web Developers Handbook
    A massive link database to a variety of subjects, including typography.
  5. Typography Resources: Typography Resources Every Designer Should know.
    Many more resources for typography. A must book mark link.

There are many other typographic resources out there. What are your favourites?

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