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101+ Places To Get Design Inspiration

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Design Inspiration

Looking for design inspiration? I have collected a list of the best posts and websites out there that really got me inspired.

Inspirational Collections

DesignFlavr - A gallery full of hand chosen design. 100% quality.

60 More Places To Get Design Inspiration – A list like this of 60 more websites where you can get design inspiration. All quality.

34 Places To Get Design Inspiration – 34 more websites of where to get design inspiration.

12 Links for Web Design Inspiration – A great list of where to get web design inspiration.

Great Illustrator Designs – A great pictured post of great illustrator designs.

32 Inspirational graphic design pieces - Another great pictured list of great graphic design.

The Best Inspiration from 2007 - A huge collection of awesome graphic design pieces from 2007.

Thinking For A Living – This is an awesome collection of only high quality websites and resources that have been broken down into smaller categories. Not so much visual inspiration but a list of good places where to get it.

Design Inspiration Galleries:

Design you trust

Siti webdesign

Best web gallery

Unmatched style

One star gallery

CSS Artillery

CSS Vault

Link Creme




CSS Creme


AIGA Design archives

Cool Homepages



Moluv’s Picks


CSS Beauty

Light on dark


CSS Mania

Design Shack


HOWDesign.com Design Inspiration Directory

Design Studios / Artists


Cecilia Lindgren

Robert Scully

Shinybinary – Nik Ainley

ISO50 – Scott Hansen



Transistor Studios


Adhemas Batista


Edwin Tofslie

Kouri Design

IN8 Design

Frost Design – Vince Frost



Syrup Helsinki



Jop Quirindongo


Gui Borchert

Spike Press

Blogs (Resourceful Articles + Inspiration)

Design Inspiration Blog

Freelance Switch

You The Designer


Spoon Graphics

Website Setup

Web designer Wall

N.design Studios


Smashing Magazine


David Airey

Many more recommended design blogs here.

My Many BookMarks

My Delicious Bookmarks

Search Engines

Try Googling ‘Design Inspiration‘.

Use Digg and their design search.

Use StumbleUpon and their design search.

DeviantArt - A quick search will find many results.

18 Search Engines for Creatives

What are your favourite design inspiration links?

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