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How to get onto Diggs FRONT page in 8 steps

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This article will show you how to get onto Diggs FRONT page in 8 steps by writing a Digg tutorial that appeals to Apple users, Firefox users, Microsoft Haters, George Bush haters and Global Warming Nazis all at the same time. ;) You in?

If you didn’t notice I just mentioned the top 8 things you need to mention to be able to get onto Diggs front page, hence a tutorial that will appeal to 100% of Diggs whole market.

Please note that this article has been written with tounge-in-cheek and does not reflect my own personal opinions or views. This article was published for Vivien’s Social Media Mega Project focused on Digg and Reddit.

So how do you get onto Diggs Front Page? Use these simple 8 steps.

1. Mention Digg

Yup, they love themselves as much as we love them. If you digg a story about digg, who knows you may get a job with them or some bonus points or a place on the front page!

2. You may as well make it a tutorial while you’re at it.

Social Media geeks love tutorials and how-to articles such as this one. They feel like they are learning something (and don’t forget they have to know everything about the article in just 10 headlines or less and within 30 seconds). Remember, Digg users have to get onto the next dugg article to up their all-so-important profile.

3. Make the article appeal to Apple Geeks.

Did you know this is the most popular word to get attention for anyone that uses social media networks? Any news that comes from Apple, Digg licks up faster than you can say geeeeeks.

4. Insult as many groups as you can, yes you heard me you Apple Geeks.

Insulting people is a great way to get attention or for them to go “this guy is a smartarse so I am going to digg him.” Funny thing is that its true. Piss off your readers and they will digg you for it.

5. Talk about Firefox, because EVERYONE loves firefox.

Everyone has heard that Firefox has every addon in the planet: did you know you can even get a firefox plugin that goes to the toilet for you? But seriously, mention anything new to do with firefox and Digg users will lap it up. Just don’t mention Firefox’s memory leakage problem.

6. Tell people how much you HATE Microsoft .

Everyone hates Microsoft for some reason, why? Jealousy? Who knows, but they sure like to read articles about it. Maybe they want more proof to the proof that they don’t have. Microsoft rules. (See Step 4)

7. Talk about global warming or Scientology as they are all the rage.

We are all going to dieeeee. The water is rising, the hole in the sky is depleting, we need scientology. People love fear. Talk up any story and glorify it to the max. Mission completed.

8. Mention George Bush, The Nazis or any other controversial figure or topic.

Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Steve Irwin, Black People, Racism, Sexism. You name it. How many can you think of? People love these figures and topic. Trust me.

If you have anything else to add, feel free. Also don’t forget to subscribe :)

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