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Just Creative Design Absolutely Smashed (Now Back Online)

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Sorry for the downtime today/tonight (whatever it was for you) – Our bandwidth was absolutely smashed with over 7000 page views within a few hours on a 3.5mb page (and I was asleep when it happened).

Nearly all of the Social Media sites got hold of my 2 most recent posts; 99 Websites ALL Designers should know about AND my 22 Blatant Graphic Design Rips Offs post which both kicked up a storm especially on Del.icio.us and StumbleUpon. I have taken down the images on that 99 page for now, while it settles down.

I have also upgraded to my next hosting plan so hopefully that lasts out the month. Thanks everyone, welcome to Just Creative Design, don’t forget to subscribe.

Below is some of the stats for the 99 Websites Page a few hours after posing for those of you interested.


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