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Graphic Design Articles and Winners!

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Prize Giveaway

The time has come to announce the winners of the $5000 Graphic Design Articles Writing Project that started just over 3 weeks ago. The winners were drawn via random.org. Congratulations to all winners!

I will be holding another great contest shortly so don’t forget to subscribe!

Prize Winners

To view the full prize details please read the original post. Winners: To claim your prize please contact the sponsor (via links on the original post) and if you have any troubles please do not hesitate to contact me.

  1. Electric Guitar and all accessories
    PJ from Premium WordPress Themes
  2. Stock Package ($500 worth of Vectors and 80 Photoshop Brushes, 55 iStock credits)
    Anthony from Positive Space Blog
  3. ReDesign Package (Design Consultation, Logo, Header design, Advertising)
    James from MenWithPens
  4. ReDesign Package #2 (Logo Design, Consultation, Critique, Advertising)
    Meryl from Meryl.net
  5. One Hour Blog Consultation from DailyBlogTips
    Winner: Cecile Pryor from BlogZenith
  6. Blog Header Design from Graphic Identity
    Winner: Dexter from Techathand.net
  7. Blog Review from Bloggeries
    Nur Ahmad Furlong from Nomad One
  8. Two Months advertising on JCD
    John Breo from Chemist2dio
  9. Sandisk USB Multi Memory Card Reader for Mobiles
    Liz from Learning Nerd
  10. Save 39% off any magazine subscription from www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk
    Jillian from Minty Ferret
  11. Ultimate WebMaster Pack
    Andrew from WP Fun
  12. 260×120px banner for 1 month on Freelance Folder.
    Vijay from Contest Radar
  13. 160×240 advertising spot on the MintyFerret.
    Erica DeWolf from Erica DeWolf
  14. One Year Flickr Pro account
    David Airey from David Airey
  15. Blog Critque and Review
    Ann Smarty from SEO Smarty
  16. One gold subscription good for one year at GetAbstract.com
    Audee from Graphic Identity
  17. 30 minute Skype type chat discussion on industrial design or product design
    Chris Spooner from SpoonGraphics
  18. Three months text link advertising on Chemist2dio Labs
    Jason from JasonSlater

UPDATE: 2 New prizes!

There are now 2 more prizes as I realised that I only gave out one of three prizes donated by Ann Smarty. She offered 3 gold subscriptions to GetAbstract.com however I gave all three to one person by mistake. That means there are 2 more prizes, the next winners in the list were…

Congratulations to the winners & a huge thank you to all our sponsors!

Thank you to all Sponsors

As promised in the original post, I would give away nine 16×16 advertising squares on Just Creative Design to a random nine sponsors. Please send me a 16×16 square to me by the end of March so I can put you up for the month of April. The winners of the 9 spots were:

  • Chris Spooner
  • Daniel
  • Audee
  • Verne Ho
  • Jason
  • Ronald
  • Jacob Share
  • Vivien
  • Lauren

I also promised a pack of 80 Photoshop brushes to all sponsors… if you would like this please email me.

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Logo Design

Social Network

Content and Review



Design Optimizing

Thanks to everyone who has participated in anyway!

Also if a prize is not very applicable to you or your business, it’d be greatly appreciated if you host your own prize giveaway, so the sponsors can gain some extra exposure and link love. Your readers will thank you for it too. Who doesn’t love prizes?

What were your favourite articles?

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