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If I Could Only Read 10 Blogs…

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Top 10 Design Blogs - Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dullhunk/

Recently Steven from Vandelay Design listed his “Favourite Sites for Web Design Tutorials” and JCD was one of the twelve mentioned due to my unusual tutorials that walked through my design process, so it made me think… If I could only read 10 blogs what would be the top 10 design blogs I would choose?

Narrowing down 100+ feeds into 10 is no easy feat (nor fair) but in no particular order, here is the list I would choose if I could only read 10 blogs. I have done this based on variety, the quality of their content, how often they post and the range of topics that they cover.


Seriously if you have not heard of this blog, take my word for it, subscribe. They post every day (sometimes three to four times) with something unique every time. They interview great graphic designers and have regular best of the week summaries, a best video of the week series, inspiration posts, general design resources and just recently, contests too.

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PSD Tuts

I had to list PSDTuts not just because they are Aussie but because they have the best quality tutorials on the net. Period. Keeping up to date with the latest effects and techniques is crucial as you should always be improving your skills and these guys make it a breeze.

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Vandelay Design

I do not know how Steve makes time for his quality resourceful posts as well as maintaining his business but he does a very good job of it. He posts mostly about web design resources but his posts vary into social media such as his 50 Designer To Follow On Twitter and also blogging posts such as 101 Ways to Monetize Your Website or Blog.

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Creative Curio

I have been reading this blog ever since I started blogging back in November 2007 and still do to this day. Lauren has also put together a handy graphic design glossary aka definitions for words used in the design industry. Her blog has also just recently under gone a new redesign and as her blog title says “Learn, discuss and enjoy the realm of graphic design.”

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I Love Typography

Does this blog even need to be given an intro? You can never know enough about typography as a designer.

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You - Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/91806538@N00/2314667356/

Inspiration Bit

InspirationBit is another blog that I have been reading since I started blogging… how I came across it I have no idea though I am sure glad I did. Vivien’s articles on design are usually very discussion worthy and one article of interest (of many) is her 16 best loved fonts in web design post.

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David Airey

David Airey’s personal design blog / portfolio site was the first blog that I ever read and still continue to read today. David writes about his personal design projects as well as many other topics. Something that does make this blog stand out is the quality comments that his readers leave on on each article adding value to the subject at hand.

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Freelance Switch

Freelance Switch is a multi author blog that focuses on the business side of freelancing. Every article published is of extremely high quality, something that is made sure by their team of brilliant editors. I am just about to have a (paid) guest article published on Freelance Switch too so keep an eye out for that but in the mean time check out their most popular post The 12 Breeds of Client and How To Work With Them.

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Although technically not a design blog, I put this in my top 10 list because a blogger should always be learning new ways of doing things to improve their blog and this site makes that job a breeze. If you are new to blogging this should be your first stop.

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Smashing Magazine

I am pretty sure that everyone would have heard of Smashing Magazine by now but if not I suggest you subscribe… They smash you with information to make your life easier… 74 000+ Subscribers can’t be wrong.

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