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USD$1620 Raised For Charity + Prize Give Away Winners

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First off I want to thank everyone for your donations, promotion, support and generosity – the project was a success, allowing us to raise $1620 for charity.

In total there was exactly 200 entries, 148 donations and 52 articles submitted.

So now your probably wondering who the winners are? Head over to the original post and look for the names under each prize sponsor. Please contact the prize sponsor to claim your prize unless otherwise noted. If you have any troubles at all please contact me and I will help you out. Please also let me know if you do not want the prize so I can pass it on.

Congratulations to all winners and for those who missed out, stay tuned because there are more giveaways coming up very soon.

Please have a look around the sites below and once again, thank you!

Article Entries

Thank you to everyone that wrote an article for the design group writing project.

Article Entries Without A Blog

  • Rabia Balagam
  • Marlo Hunte
  • Julie Walker
  • Meglyn Lansing
  • Zacharie Lebar
  • Mihai Neacsu
  • Sonny Gill
  • Ahrishca
  • Michelle Crossley
  • Kevin Gamble
  • Kirk Nelson
  • Anthony Ricco
  • Jeff Wolff
  • Steve Robillard
  • Jake Campbell
  • Adrian Tache

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Another HUGE thank you to all the sponsors on this project, it would not have been possible without you!

Thank You For The Donations

  • Wez Maynard
  • Liam McKay
  • Jill Nahajewski
  • Brian Yerkes
  • Felix Andersen
  • Meryl Evans
  • Cynthia Andrews
  • Eric Roberts
  • Blaine Bettinger
  • Matthew Gaenssley
  • Jason Walz
  • Peter Barlow
  • Lori Kasbeer
  • Jason Honnery
  • John Hayles
  • Paul Purczel
  • Joel Gerhold
  • Oscar Barda
  • Melody Edwards
  • Terri-Lynn Gildner
  • Anca Foster
  • Jeffrey Jose
  • John Angus
  • Erik Petersen
  • Andrew Bailey
  • Shawn Davis
  • Joe Akers
  • Pippa O’Sullivan
  • Muhan Yu
  • Dulce Rose Lada
  • Michael Brisk
  • Chaitanya VRK
  • Kim Phillips
  • Adam Schwartz
  • Maia Keller
  • Meglyn Lansing
  • Alexander Coomans
  • Michael Bentzen
  • Andrew Napier
  • Kristen Oaxaca
  • Jenine Derix
  • Eric Benoit
  • Jonathan Illig
  • Camille Good
  • Square Phoenix, LLC
  • Wyomi Ranasinghe
  • Sandeep Gill
  • Angelina Dominguez
  • Jonas Schneider
  • Michael Martin
  • Timothy Ernst
  • Slickpixel Design
  • Melanie Fox
  • Daniel Cavanaugh
  • Aarni Koskela
  • Mary-Ann Bernard
  • Kristen Symonds
  • Kevin Gamble
  • Bianca Todd
  • Tiziana Fata
  • Truong Nguyen
  • Craig Mitchell
  • Maria Colomy
  • Michael Kristof
  • Create Sean Web Design
  • Ressa McCray
  • Elizabeth Fulghum
  • Michael Wheaton
  • Jessica Garner
  • Prevail Mensah
  • Logan Nedo
  • Lucy Beaman
  • Alexandra Vega
  • Ionescu Alexandru-George
  • Kristina Shenenberger
  • Susie Hart
  • Thomas Sinclair
  • Tanya Nichols
  • Robert Barrett
  • Caroline Murphy
  • Urban10 Interactive
  • Eli Burford
  • Deborah M Ens
  • Piyush Agarwal
  • Jessica Delgado
  • Steve Webb
  • Pedro Panduro
  • Latoya Lay
  • Lost Memories Studio
  • Frank Hakl
  • Maritess Balmonte
  • Janette Toral
  • Faryl Zaklin
  • Chad Boler
  • Daniel Dowling
  • Patricia Lupien
  • Greg Kuppinger
  • David Millar
  • Jennifer Grigg Photography
  • Tanner Christensen
  • Ciento90
  • Zac Hill
  • Jeremy Tymes
  • Adrian Szefke
  • megan Sheehan
  • Brandon Martinez
  • Rafal Zielinski
  • Stephen Parke
  • Suleyman Senturk
  • Ben Redington
  • Ryan Williams
  • JCM Enterprises
  • Amped Apparel
  • Valentin Bora
  • Joel Gerhold
  • Isac Studios
  • William McClellan
  • George Nichols
  • Adam Holt
  • Synergetek S.A.
  • Melanie Houlahan
  • Leigh Taylor
  • Paul Stevens
  • Dennis Garcia
  • Vicki Jackson
  • Sivarajah Bagerathan
  • Thanh Pham
  • Charles Burger
  • Kevin May
  • Martin Zalega
  • David Klein
  • Gareth Trufitt
  • Jared Fraser
  • Brian Lovin
  • Matthew Haltom
  • Andrea Fisher
  • Harley Alexander
  • O Juarez
  • Bari Lee
  • Xhilacom
  • Franz Jeitz
  • More Guitar
  • Andrew Kelsall
  • Francois Anselmo
  • Jason Slater
  • Haroon Baig

Stay tuned… there are many more giveaways coming soon! In the mean time, why don’t you check out some of my featured articles. Thank you once again!

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