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Your Favourite Favourited Tweets

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Favourite Twitter Posts - Illustration by HongKiat

Twitter (follow me) has a function that allows you to save your favourite tweets (much alike a bookmark) so I thought it would be a great idea to see what other Twitter users favourites were. Enjoy!

Pretty much the only reason I keep my cat is to enjoy the look of utter disgust on her face when she sees me naked. (@Munki)

Via @coffee_bee

“We invent the light to deny the darkness.” [Translated from Portugese] (“Nós inventamos a luz, para negar a escuridão”)

Via @zeva24

I owned that burger like what country music did to jessica simpson. Yum. (@jzy)

Via @davidairey

Find something that will whisper the full value of life. (@david_lynch)

Via @catticho

Note to self: When cab drivers have phone sex with their wife whilst you’re not paying for such extra services… make them hang up.

Via @Taezar

My favorite saved tweet for inspiration: Brazilian artist Will Murai http://tinyurl.com/d4hbur

Via @Jerlyn

Love Actually is awful, like being stabbed in the eye with a marshmallow for two hours. (@Olly_Richards)

Via Holly Stevens (Facebook)

No one really wants colorful websites anymore. They want answers to their products.

Via @color2life

The Evolution of a Website Design – http://ow.ly/6Jch

Via @beet09

If my cat could speak, I think she’d say f*ck a lot. (@ilovetypography)

Via Holly Stevens (Facebook)

Funny Cat - Photo  © http://stange-chalkboard.wikispaces.com

101 Design resource sites http://tr.im/hYLm (@cristianvasile)

Via Anterpreet Singh (Facebook)

I think we should all just assume that Twitter is going to have it’s TIME OF THE MONTH, once a month. (@thattalldude)

Via @Dayngr

Laziness – when you make pasta just so you don’t have to go out to buy bread (translated from Serbian) (@Beogradoholik)

Via @marin_ostojic

Hey boys before you come home with that girl tonight remember this picture http://is.gd/mmjP

Via @myhelvetica

Great Simpsons quote tonight: Marge: “Hmm, and all this time I thought ‘googling yourself’ was that other thing.” (@Eklund)

Via @ajinnashville

The French say you get hungry when you’re eating, and I get inspired when I’m working. It’s my engine. (@Karl_Lagerfeld)

Via @nalindesign

“I think the little girl my little girl is playing with is from Slytherin House.” (@zeldman)

Via @itstartswithus

This post on Data Visualisation http://is.gd/jGY (@georgethomasuk)

Via @MarcusjRoberts

“One mans suck, is another mans awsome. lol #Terminator”

Via @mayhemstudios

avflox- ME: you wanna do it yourself? I’m like, “here’s the idea, make it happen!” [throws money] HE: are you talking about strippers or developers?

Via Damien Basile (Facebook)

“Just now I almost kept a thought to myself.” (John Dickerson)

Via @marieboyer

My own favourite saved Tweets:

Twitter Bird

SO lame. Been sleeping the majority of the past 3 days. Only reason I motivated to get up was ’cause I thought my KFC coupon expired today!

Via @faryl

My mother just rang me – she’s worried she may be getting Alzheimers. I told her to forget about it.

Via @FunnyJoker

Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes.

Via @jrbradley

The coolest mustache in the history of mustaches = http://tinyurl.com/8uc69v

Via @travishines

Just overheard someone complaining about “all the foreigners”. I am at Heathrow airport, what an idiot.

Via @Joe_90

Wife: “Twitter is stupid. Y would 2K people follow U? U can’t remember 2 put garbage out.” Me: “See, that’s a tweet!”

Via @Vonster

What is your most favourite saved Tweet?

14 JUST™ Creative Comments

  • Chris Reply

    Nice selection jacob.

  • Ben Walker Reply

    What a great post. I’m obsessed with quality tweets at the moment.

    http://favrd.textism.com is a pretty good resource for finding tweets that lots of people have favourited, but it only tracks people who have registered, so you tend to get the same names popping up all the time.

    I’m writing a 50-movement Tweet Suite at the moment (50 Twitter messages set to music in 90 days: http://5090.fawm.org/fawmers/ihatemornings ), so I’ve been scouring Twitter for good lyrics. I’ll definitely use some of these. ;)

  • Vilson Martins Filho Reply

    “We invented the light to hide the darkness.”

    A short tip from a brazilian designer:
    the right translation will be:

    “We invented the light to deny the darkness.”

  • Jacob Cass Reply

    It’s interesting to see what people save isn’t it. Thanks for the link to Favrd, an interesting site indeed.

    Look forward to your tweets in song format…please do leave a link here when they are all up! Good luck!

    Thank you for the tip, I’ve fixed it up!

  • Luis Lopez Reply

    I love the @Davidairey about Jessica Simpson and the Hamburger and the one of @faryl about KFC because sometime I am like her, I don’t do anything all day but I can get ready in 2 min to go walking 15 min for a KFC.
    I love the @vonster as well.
    Excellent article Jacob really creative way to spend your twitter time.

  • mesed Reply

    And a quick tip from a Portuguese Designer

    “Nós inventamos a luz, para negar a escuridão” translates to “We invent the light to deny the darkness” (notice, “invent”)

    For it to be “We invented the light to deny the darkness”, in portuguese, it would have to be “Nós inventámos a luz, para negar a escuridão” (notice “inventámos”, with an acute accent on the “a”, the meaning changes)

  • Lauren Boebinger Reply

    Lovely selection! I totally ROFL’d at most of them. cheers!

  • S Reply

    Some garden gnomes cant be trusted.

  • Jacob Cass Reply

    Thank you Mesed, fixed the “invent” up.

    Nice one Sulsin!

  • hermes kelly bag Reply

    And a quick tip from a Portuguese Designer

    “Nós inventamos a luz, para negar a escuridão” translates to “We invent the light to deny the darkness” (notice, “invent”)

    For it to be “We invented the light to deny the darkness”, in portuguese, it would have to be “Nós inventámos a luz, para negar a escuridão” (notice “inventámos”, with an acute accent on the “a”, the meaning changes)

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  • Florinda Mihalco Reply

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