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I’m Jacob Cass, the founder of JUST™ Creative. I’m a multi-disciplinary graphic designer, working with clients all around the world. My specialty is logo & brand identity design. JUST™ Get in touch.


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Things have been quieter than usual on the JCD blogging scene so I thought I should let you know what I have been up to – here is a small showcase of my most recent work along with a brief summary on each.

One a similar note, I’ve just recently reached another milestone – I’ve now had a client from every continent of the globe, except Antarctica. This is something I never would have dreamed of 2 years ago when I started this blog and I find it amazing how small the Internet makes the world. Thank you for all your support and if you know a penguin, please do let me know.


Learnworks logo design – Learnworks provides on-site training, books and e-learning courses. The concept is based on the initials L and W making up books on a bookcase. Gotham Black is the typeface. Learnworks is based in the Netherlands and I am currently in the process of designing their other marketing material.

Redwave Systems

Redwave Systems logo design – Redwave is a provider of telephony systems, Windows servers, and general IT services. Notice the wave? Myriad Pro is the typeface with customisation on the D, W and A. Redwave Systems is based in California, USA.

Mindful Construct

Mindful Construct logo – Logo for a blog that focuses on empowering users to lead a more healthy life. Avenir LT Std 95 Black Oblique, 35 Light Oblique, 35 Light are the typefaces used. Melissa also kindly wrote a rather large testimonial for her time working with me – below is a snippet.

“Jacob is a pleasure to work with. He is courteous, patient with questions, reliable, and a great communicator. He is very focused on the creative process and he completed my project well before the deadline. And not only did Jacob deliver logos that I could emotionally connect to and identify with, he went out of his way to kindly advise me on how best to integrate one of the logos with my website.

Anyone who takes that extra care to help you succeed is someone worth sticking with! Jacob truly cares about his clients, and even though the project is finished, I still feel supported by him in continuing to build my business! :” Read full testimonial here.

DiCarlo Coaching

DiCarlo Coaching logo – A male life coach, teaching men how to interact with women. Typeface is Avenir with custom illustrations for the silhouettes. DiCarlo Coaching is based in Massachusetts, USA.

Beolchi Rangel

Beolchi Rangel logo – This is a logotype for Beolchi Rangel, a business management consulting business based in Brazil. I wrote up a process of how I made this logotype over on Logo Designer Blog. Gotham Black typeface with customisation to the letters E, L and A. The letterhead and business card are being printed as we speak.

Matisia Logo

Matisia logo design – A Seattle based management consulting firm who deals with clients such as Microsoft & Starbucks. Typeface is Dynasty Heavy. The concept is based on profiling the fruit Matisia in which the business was named after. Matisia is based in Washington DC, USA.

Rehab Massage

Rehab Massage Website – This was a website I completed for Dennis Jablonski, a remedial therapist based in Queensland, Australia. The website is still currently being coded and the content added. The logo was designed elsewhere (not a huge fan).

Here is what Dennis said about his time working with me:

“Jacob absolutely nailed my website in his first draft, delivering a perfect result much faster than I expected!

When I contacted Jacob about designing my website I was highly unorganised, lacking vision, ideas and actual content – possibly a ‘designer’s nightmare’!

Jacob’s excellent communication skills and wealth of experience in dealing with small business clients meant he could quickly identify my needs and business image and provide much needed guidance with minimal fuss.

I consider myself very lucky to have met Jacob and highly recommend him!”

Billboard Design

6x3m Billboard – This was a university project where we had to create a creative billboard targeting obesity. We had 2 hours to come up with a concept & deliver it. Man image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Cheapside Poster

A3 Play Poster – This was an A3 sized poster for a play being held at Newcastle University.

Pips For Hair

Pip’s For Hair Logo Design – This was a logo I created last year for Pip’s For Hair – this is a photo of the logo applied to the store front. Typeface is Interstate with customisations to the two p’s.

As for now, there are 4 more logos in the mix, a website for Sikh Youth Australia, a van vehicle wrap design, a CD Digipack Album design and a rum liquor bottle on its way! And there is only 5 more weeks till I leave for a 6 week trip across 22 states of USA. Eek – but loving every bit of it.

Comments, constructive criticism and questions are welcome, as always. Have a good weekend folks!

33 JUST™ Creative Comments

  • Jenn

    I really love the redwave logo. The negative space between the w and a is absolutely perfect. Simple, clean, and clear design. Love it. I noticed a couple of your designs are cutting the ends of letters off at angles. Is this a new design element you are exploring?

  • Jeff Archibald

    Great stuff as per usual Jacob. Particularly like the Learnworks & Redwave logos.

  • TripleCrown777

    Very Inspiring…… and very “professional….”

  • Fery

    Yeah, again nice showcase of Your works! Easy, clean and simple..that’s the best way I think! I like first three logos the most!
    And also congrats for getting clients all over the world :-)

  • Daniel

    Redwave is my favorite. So simple and memorable. Really good work, Jacob.
    I don’t really like the “You are what you eat” poster, a bit too provoking in my opinion.
    Waiting for your next logos. :)

    PS: Congrats on your achievement.

  • uzma

    Hi Jacob,
    I’m a big fan of your work. Love all your logos, especially the Redwave one and also the poster for the play. Am soo impressed at your mature design sensibility at such a young age.Keep it up and good luck with your new move to ny.

  • Douglas Bonneville

    RedWave is great. I love when you can find that integration between text and an iconic image like that. The thrill of that discovery never ceases to be fun…

  • Dwyndal

    Nice stuff. I really love the redwave piece, it flows very smoothly. Legible and provokes a second look. I also like the feel of DiCarlo Coaching logo, it’s a has a good school feel to it. I find it classy and intriguing.

    Very nice stuff

  • Carlos

    I just discovered your blog yesterday, since then I have became a huge fan!, spent all evening reading your posts. Nice work, congratulations.

    About today’s post, I must say Learnworks logo is my favorite one. Cool typeface selection.

  • Melissa Karnaze

    Jacob, it’s always fun to look at your work. That Redwave wave is awesome!

    Congrats on your global milestone! It’s interesting to read how the net makes the world much smaller. I’m definitely inspired by your serious traveling. :P

  • Darc Vanilla Design

    I really like RedWave concept, but I don’t really understand where is the L initial in the Learnworks logo. Anyone can enlighten me ?
    First thought of Dicarlo was another business from Starbucks company :)

  • Jacob Cass

    Thank you for all your positive feedback, it’s always great to hear others like your work.

    Finding the right balance and font was tough work however Myriad Pro seemed to have a natural wave like stature about it which made it great for the project. In the case of the slant for Redwave, this came about as before I had chosen Myriad Pro as the typeface I was using Interstate Black. Interstate has naturally cut off letters and I found it gave the logo more of an edge which is why I incorporated the slant into the letter D. The only other logo I have used slants for is Beolchi Rangel and in that case it was for a more edgier customisation as well – it played off the angles found in the capital letter ‘A’.

    I agree, once you find it, you get one of those ‘aha’ moments! I went through quite a few fonts trying to find an ‘a’ that would incorporate the ‘a’ and Myriad Pro was a perfect fit.

    Thanks Melissa, it was a pleasure working on your project. By the way, when is Mindful Emotions going to be coming together?

    For the Learnworks logo if you look at the W (made out of 3 lines / books) and then on the left is a slanting line / book – this is the L but on a slant, as if the book is leaning up against the other books.

  • Devlin

    Great stuff as always Jacob. Like everyone else I love the Red Wave logo.

  • Mike

    The redwave logo reminds me a bit of redhat, another IT company, which uses Interstate and Myriad as its logo and corporate fonts.

  • Kirsten

    Wow, you have been busy. Like everyone else, I love the red wave logo. Simple, clever, memorable.

    Pizza man is a little disturbing but I suppose that was the point.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

  • Nikhil

    Hey Jacob,
    Great Work…

    LEARNWORK and RedWave are awesome.

  • Narendra

    Well I liked learnworks logo a lot. It’s simple and easy to understand. Viewer easily gets the idea about for what this brand is.

    Great stuff Jacob I’m new in freelancing, can you help me regarding core research & brainstorming process including communicating and convincing the client?

  • Jacob Cass

    In regards to research, it’s a wise idea to get a questionnaire filled out before you begin work which will help you get a better understanding of what the clients needs are and what you have to research. You can find mine here: http://justcreativedesign.com/hire-me/

    You can then follow my full logo design process here. Gluck!

  • Kiren

    The Learn Works logo took me a while to see the L and the W in the books, really awesome! I also like the Di Carlo Coaching one as well, it looks like you tried something different with that logo. Did Jeff Fisher inspire that particular one?

  • Melissa Karnaze

    Jacob, I’ll be returning to it in a few weeks, aiming for launch early next year. :)

  • Minneapolis Web Guy

    You work is really just amazing. Love the pizza guy, lot of fun.


  • Andrew Keir

    The Pip’s signage looks good. I always liked that logo a lot.

  • rupam

    Hi, how are u? Just visited your website after a long time. Cool works.


  • Pieter

    Dear Jacob,

    first of all I love all of your work. It inspires me to do things myself I didn’t know I was capable of.
    Their is only one question bothering me:
    Where do you get the typefaces? I don’t think the free ones will do…

    sincerely yours


  • Kyle

    I have to say that I can never condone the use of silhouette. Something about it screams overused—and it makes me hate the color black, to boot. I guess that much ink will do that.

    But the redwave logo is nice, admirable, friendly. Nice work.

  • Skeletor

    I hardly ever comment on anything, but I had to leave a comment on that Red Wave logo. I know you like those ‘negative space’ type logo’s, but this one is really something special.

  • Jacob Cass

    Sometimes logos are like that but once you do see it, it gives you an ‘aha’ moment – like the FedEx logo. Regarding the DiCarlo logo, not sure what you meant with the reference to Jeff Fisher?

    All is well and keeping busy! Thanks.

    As for fonts, most of them I purchase from MyFonts though there are many other individual foundries that offer high quality fonts such as H&FJ that you should look into as well.

    Silhouettes are one of those design elements that can rarely fail which is why it is so often used and probably where your hatred comes from. If you can make it work in an original way, that is how you can get your work to stand out. Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

    Thanks for taking the time out to comment this time!

  • laurent

    Jacob, your work speaks for itself.
    I love the redwave logo and the “you are what you eat”.
    Our french health officials should contact you to design their next campaign against obesity…

  • Kiren

    Oh, sorry Jacob. What I meant was that it looks like something he would do. But not in a bad way, I like the way it looks like an illustration and kinda tells a story.

  • Greg McBride

    Fantastic work! Redwave is brilliant.

  • Justin

    I’m a fan particularly of your Learn Works logo.

  • Jacob Cass

    No worries at all, was just curious!

  • Piyush Agarwal

    Well….so many have already said it but that cannot stop me…eh! :)

    Love the redwave logo…simply too cool.

    I really need help in getting a deeper understanding of typography for print and web. Any pointers and sources that can be consulted?



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