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Stylish Macbook Cases / Covers

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I have been researching different laptop covers, in particular, one for my Macbook Pro 17″. I sent out a tweet (follow me) asking for people’s recommendations and got inundated with replies. I thought I would share some of the most notable below. Excuse the pun.

Twelve South Book Book – $79.99


Speck Clear SeeThru Cover – $49.95 (the one I got)

Speck SeeThru

BooqBags Taipan Sneak XS – $24.95


HardGraft Sling + Extras – €125

Esquire Macbook Pro Sleeve

BooqBags Viper XL2 – $54.95

Viper Laptop Cover

ColcaSac – $30


Compushell Ultra Rugged Aluminium Case – $269.95

Neo Macbook Pro Case

Stealth Laptop Bag – £16.99

Stealth Laptop Bag

Rainer Spehl – €120-260

Rainer Spehl

Gelaskin Sticker – $29.95


Iron Man Decal – $20
Although not a case I thought this Iron Man decal was worth sharing. There are many more Macbook decals over on Etsy.

Iron Man Decal

Laptop / Macbook Accessory Stores

Before you go about buying a sleeve or cover for your laptop, I recommend shopping around. I had a look through all of these places before making a decision:

For even more check out this post: 80 creative ways to customise your Macbook.

Have your own favourite laptop case or cover? Let us know in the comments below.

Thank you to those who recommended the above macbook covers: laurentrisler, jenniferwilke, tomlewek, angela_vaughn, welshstew, jusuzuki, daxalexander, paper_leaf, inklestales, pxls2prnt, krzys, Mat Dolphin, Snow, Daniel.

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