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Classic Fonts For Contemporary Design

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Classic Fonts For Contemporary Design

Typeface: Classic Typography for Contemporary Designis a book that showcases 46 classic fonts, outlining background information on each, along with examples of contemporary designs that utilise each face. It’s my new favourite typographic inspiration book.

Apart from the stellar information & examples used inside, what I found made the book such a success (in my eyes) were the fonts chosen to create the book. I wish I had a list such as this when I was back in school.

I think all designers should be aware of these 46 fonts:

Further Typographic Resources

Do you agree? What other fonts do you think should be on this list?

23 JUST™ Creative Comments

  • Daryl Woods

    Great list. I have and appreciate most of these type faces. Not much I would add. Palatino perhaps?

  • Nathan Gower

    I bought this book last week! Definitely a good source when struggling to create something text-intensive.

  • Mark Brand

    My next book purchase. How about Gotham and Georgia?

  • Anything Graphic

    I definitely need to invest in a typeface book such as this. Thanks J.

  • Anything Graphic

    Sorry for the multiple comments, but what was the book you bought a few weeks back? Maybe a month or so ago. It was something about design. I wrote it down but lost it :-)

  • Devlin

    A great collection, good to get “Back to the Futura!” HA!

  • Anthony Hawkins

    Got this book a month ago or so. Great resource.

  • Jacob Cass

    Palatino is certainly worthy of the list.

    Yeah I’ve only just recently bought it myself, quite an inspirational book heh?

    I wonder when we can call Gotham a classic font? It’s certainly on it’s way!

    Yeah just recently bought it, I mentioned it in a previous blog post and on Twitter.

  • Douglas Bonneville

    That is a GREAT idea for a book – wish I’d though of it! I’m going to have to nab that!

    All but 2 of the fonts from my similar list of classics are listed here (Warnock and Myriad because they are newer Adobe fonts):


    Almost every font listed there are in the “Font Combos” app too (see link). Someone else loves the classics as much as I do.

    Hmmm. I wonder if Gotham can slide in as a classic? It’s like 20 years old now right? Slide Myriad and Warnock in for good measure :)

    How’d you find this one among all the zillion typography books? I’m going to order it tonight…killer!

    Great post…

  • Anything Graphic

    I know, but what was the book called?

  • Elizabeth

    This is a great book – I received it as a gift and have it out constantly as I’m working. My only criticism is that Edwardian Script is the only script-y font included.

  • rupam

    Great Book.Thanks for sharing.

    Best Regards

  • Douglas Bonneville

    I just got my copy in the mail today. It’s simply my favorite type inspiration book of all time. I’m picky (aren’t we all) but this book nails it. I will no doubt study every example in the book with glee.

    I think it’s accessible in such a great way because it’s attainable. It’s like like giving Picasso your art tools collection and saying “see what you can do with this.” It reminds me, enthusiastically, that you really can do a lot with a little.

    Yes, it’s my favorite design book, in general, in my collection. Great choice and thanks for the tip!!

  • Jacob Cass

    You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed it too!

  • Brett Widmann

    This is a great collection of fonts! This should be perfect for a design I’m working on. Thanks!

  • Gaël

    I have to totally agree with you this book is one of the best I’ve had in hand so far. And to be frank I’ve been thinking a lot about that ‘wish I had this at school’ thing myself ! My advice is to complement it with ‘Just My Type’ by Simon Garfield and ‘The Fundamentals of Typography’ by Ambrose & Harris.

  • Pearlene

    Apart from the stellar information & examples used inside, what I found made the book such a success (in my eyes) were the fonts chosen to create the book. I wish I had a list such as this when I was back in school.

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