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Quick Tip: Google Sub-links Your Anchor Tags

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Google Sublinks Anchor Tags

I recently got an enquiry from someone who said they found my website via the search term ‘best fonts for logos‘. Curious on where I ranked for this peculiar term, I Googled it and was surprised to find that Just Creative Design had the top two positions for this particular phrase, although this wasn’t my biggest surprise.

What I found more surprising was the sub-link ‘Fonts For Logos‘ found underneath the second result (see red arrow above). I soon found out that this sub-link was showing up in Google search results because I had created anchor tags in my article using the <name> attribute. The label used was ‘#fonts’.

I hadn’t done this intentionally for SEO purposes but rather to help people navigate the large list of logo resources via a sub navigation. Perhaps with the knowledge that Google uses these anchor tags in their search results, it’s worth considering using them more often?

What do you think, is it worth the effort?

Update: 23/8/2010

It seems that Google is no longer using these sub-links. Thanks for the tip Kay.

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