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Book, TV & Blog Interviews

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I’ve had a few interviews in the past couple of weeks, here are the links & a short summary of each. Take your pick.

Logo Bird

Duane Kinsey, the owner of Logo Bird, recently interviewed me for his logo designer interview series. The interview is based around my recent job search experience as well as logo design & social media. You can read the interview here:

On the topic of logo designer interviews, check out the interviews I conducted with Von Glitschka, Jeff Fisher, Leighton Hubbell, LogoBoom, Mike Erickson & Alen Pavlovic.

How To Make More Money Than Your Parents Book

How to make more money than your parents

Nick Scheidies and Nick Tart interviewed me via Skype to be apart of their new book, ‘What it Takes to Make More Money than Your Parents’* which is a set of 25 interviews with young, successful entrepreneurs.

I also just finished reading the book myself last week and it was truly amazing to see what has been achieved by these other kids, aged 12 to 23. The authors also put together three music videos to promote the book, based on advice given by each of the young entrepreneurs:

Click here to buy the PDF or paperback book*



A contact from NBC contacted me last week to see if I would be interested in doing an interview for a possible upcoming TV show based around young entrepreneurs. I said yes without a second of thought and a few hours later I found myself in the NBC studios doing a video cam interview for their sizzler reel! I haven’t heard anything else since doing the interview, but stay tuned! I’ll update here as soon as I know.

Interviewed on Mashable


This week I had a Skype  interview with a staff member of Mashable, a leading social media news website. They wanted to know how I have used social media in the past, how I use social media today and my thoughts on where social media may head in the future, among other questions. You can read the full article & my tips here:

For other designer interviews free to check out my ‘Designer In The Spotlight‘ category.

* = Affiliate

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