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‘Talk Story’ Radio Show – A chat with Jacob Cass

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Talk Story

I’ve had the pleasure to chat to Jeni Herberger on her radio talk show ‘Talk Story’. We chatted for about an hour on a variety of topics (see below) in a very casual manner.

If you feel inclined to listen while working or whatever, click here or head to the Jacob Cass bio page and click the Play button on ‘Talk Story with Jeni and Jacob Cass’.

Please excuse the not-so-premium quality, I was calling in via Skype.

This is a quick run down on what we chat about:

  • Introduction
  • My recent Visa issues
  • New York
  • How I became a designer
  • Why I went to Sweden as an exchange student
  • How I got to New York
  • How I got a job using Dribbble
  • My websites & why I continue to run them
  • Advice for bloggers
  • Getting into social media
  • What’s next for me, short & long term
  • How to keep things balanced
  • How I choose logos to feature on Logo Of The Day
  • Working while traveling
  • Freelancing vs contracting
  • What matters most professionally
  • Work life balance
  • Life outside of work: sport / music / New York
  • Important & influential people in my life
  • My design process
  • Coffee
  • What make’s good design?
  • What is creativity?
  • Design VS Art
  • Unlikely sources of inspiration
  • The past & future of design
  • One last thought… “Never Finish. Just Keep Going.”

Have any further questions to ask?

9 JUST™ Creative Comments

  • Mark McCorkell

    Cool. I’ll give this a listen! :-)

  • Webranes

    Sounds like a really cool interview and I think I have lots of things to learn from here. I am looking forward to Work life balance, it always interested me how high profile figures do it.

  • Steve G

    Good chat you had with Jeni the other day! My name is Steve Gordon, I’m a good friend of Jeni’s and I’m an indie creative much like yourself. I’m also an author (100 Habits for Successful Freelance Designers). I would love to chop it up and chat sometime about the things you’ve experienced and how you gain notoriety and projects.

    All the best and what a great story you have. Keep telling it!

    Stevie G

  • w3planting

    its always good to listen/read great people, it will give us inspiration to do something cool & try to become like them :)

  • Sonny L

    Thanks for sharing Jacob – was interesting to listen!

  • Ann

    Good quality line after all

  • Steve G

    Ummm… I’m guessing you are on the wrong episode, Cesar. There was none of that talk on Jacob’s episode. scroll down to find the other one.

  • Prakash

    Nice to be here & hear this radio chat which is very interesting to listen. Thanks for sharing this chat you had with jeni which was very cool. Stay on with this.

  • Donna

    Hi Jacob, do you have a direct link? I hunted on the Talk Story site but I think the episode mustn’t be recent enough to show on the list now. I’m interested to hear the interview, in particular what you had to say about your exchange in Sweden as I’m considering some work or study there myself.


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