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How to create a Web page that will boost business and build your brand

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Last week I was approached by a New York Post journalist, Faye Penn, who found me by Googling ‘graphic designer NYC‘, of which I am fortunate enough to have the #1 search position for. Faye wanted to interview me for her next article on the topic of building a web business. I happily accepted and I soon found myself answering a variety of questions on the topics of SEO, social media, branding and online business.

A few days later, I had a photographer around to my apartment in NY and today the article went to print. You can view the article in print below or read it online here: You.com: How to create a Web page that will boost business and build your brand.

For those playing at home, you can find the article as the cover story for the Work section and can be found on Page 39, of the Monday 18th 2011, New York Post.

Below is a short snippet from the article:

By one measure, Jacob Cass is the top graphic designer in New York City.

It’s not because he’s won a million awards or runs a big design firm. Nor does he specialize in food-truck design.

What he does possess: a Web site, justcreativedesign.com, that tops the results when you type “freelance graphic designer NYC” and its variations into Google, a feat Cass achieved through back-end fiddling, weekly blogging on design topics and intelligent site architecture.

According to a recent study by Optify, the first three organic (nonpaid) results in a Google search get 58.4 percent of clicks, with more than half of those going to the first entry. As a result, Cass never has to look for work; he claims to receive a half-million site visits a month ,and 15 substantial project leads a week.

“All of my business comes through my Web site,” says Cass, 23. “I don’t do any advertising at all.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

Below you can see a scan of the article in print. You can click the images below to view them larger.

New York Post Jacob Cass

New York Post Jacob Cass Page 2

One thing that did catch my eye was the poorly positioned hyphen in my Twitter username. Got unlucky there, but the link from NY Post sure makes up for it!

My other newspaper appearances:

26 JUST™ Creative Comments

  • David Sweeney

    Well done Jacob on your cover story!
    Hope fame doesn’t change you, keep up the great work!

  • Devlin

    Way to go! An inspiration to us all.

  • Diana

    Thanks to the SEO too and your great blog!

  • Jean Karl Izzo

    Well done! Pity on the twitter thing but it is still brilliant!

  • Jarod

    This is sweet. You actually got featured in the news paper via the Google search engine lol.

    I want to be featured like that one day. My only problem is writing blog posts that are quality like yours. Though, I wish I didn’t have a difficulty expressing my thoughts on paper. I can write with good English grammar and mechanics, but can’t write with my thoughts. It’s sad. I know…

  • Ann

    Great acticle thanks Jacob

  • Anything Graphic

    I agree with Jarod two posts up :-) Well done and congratulations!

  • Marius

    Congratulations Jacob, interesting to read. I am curious when I read that you have that much traffic on your site, and receive that many potensial client projects every week; I understand that you’d rather work for a studio, why?
    I know there are perks and catches with both freelancing and having a steady job, but what motivates you?

  • Jacob Cass

    Thanks folks!

    Fair question. I did the freelance thing for a few years which I really enjoyed, however working for studios allows you more opportunity and puts you in contact with people you can learn from. Another reason is because I need to a sponsor from an employer to be able to live in the USA. Motivation isn’t an issue as I am motivated wherever I work.

  • Stock Assault

    Hello! This is a really great article, some really good information and tips. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

  • Ken

    You know what I’m amazed about? Not that you’re a great designer, that’s already given. But how you are the #1 result for those keywords. Damn! So pro Jacob. Working my way to become pretty much the same for my locality at the very least ;) Congrats BTW.

  • duncan gatawa

    I only came to learn about the importance of seo.Especially the domain name and title names fot your pages.I had a site that i was working on for an year but didnt show up in the top 10 google results.So i had to change the name to one that suits my niche.Now its back to working from scratch.
    Thanks for the article.

  • David Christian-Woodruff

    This really is an example for us all. As web designers or indeed any designer looking to go freelance or join a studio, motivation needs to be a number one priority. Jacob seems to have excelled in putting across his passion for design through the medium of his website and for that, he should certainly be commended. All the SEO and careful build of a website, whilst it helps, won’t necessarily get you the jobs. It requires a unique drive to succeed and a eye for what clients want. This, it seems, is exactly what Jacob has picked up on and flown with since 2007. At only 23 and being as successful as he is, like I said, is inspiration to the rest of us to push on and join him among the world’s design elite. Congratulations Jacob!

  • Chris

    Love finding articles like this! Thanks for posting!

  • Virtual Agents

    Great post! I love it! It can really help to boost and improve your business. Thanks for the info.

  • Antonio

    Great to hear and an inspiration.

  • Logo Design Reviews

    Jacob, every time I read such articles of you, it makes me really happy. You’ve come a long way with your dedication and hard work.

    Those of you who didn’t watch Jacob’s TED video, they really should Google it. Specially for learning the important of branding yourself. Great job jacob! :)

  • alltechdesigns

    Useful article!! Thank you Jacob.. I hope we can try this. :)

  • alltechdesigns

    Jacob, Useful Article, I hope we can try this. :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  • alltechdesigns

    Sorry i added the comments two times, after posting comment its comes to the comment section, and showing my datas, so that i added one more time. Kindly remove this additional two comments. Thanks for your time.

  • Tory Tarnowski

    Thank you for being an inspiration to me and to many others as well! It’s awesome to see a fellow 23 year old graphic designer be so successful. Reading about your story and seeing your accomplishments have been encouraging and inspirational. I visit your website daily. Keep up the great work!

  • Daryl James

    Congratulations on the article.

  • akhalesh

    this is really great artical.i can try this.thanks for share this artical..

  • Rob

    Great job Jacob. Fair dues. All the hard work paid off well

  • Grant Brooks

    I think there is this unnecessary hype about the website designs. the basis should be, the interface should be user friendly, color scheme according to your company.. Nothing much!

  • Promise ojiadi

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