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Flywheel Takes Off

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Flywheel started with a simple idea… make indoor cycling epic.

To make that happen Flywheel partnered with Ammirati (the agency where I currently work) who re-imagined the Flywheel brand experience. A bold, new look enforced by striking photography & solid copywriting was implemented across all facets of the Flywheel brand, including the Flywheel website which I had the pleasure to work on.

Ammirati and I had to restructure, rewrite and redesign all pages of the Flywheel website, for both the front and logged in sections of the site. We’re happy to announce the site successfully launched on January 25th.

The aim of the redesign was to provide Flywheel riders with the best possible branded user experience, while reflecting Flywheel’s strategic goals. This involved strategically placing information and clear calls to action throughout the site, driving users to explore, buy and reserve their bikes for the ultimate stadium cycling experience.

An intuitive reservation and checkout system, preexisting & proprietary to Flywheel, was implemented with a vastly improved UX and UI, thus allowing users to quickly and easily get where they need to be… flying! To further improve the experience, Flywheel developed an innovative leaderboard for us to design out, thus allowing users to track and compare their performance statistics recorded at each class.

Overall, there were 45 custom designed pages, and a good handful that utilised base templates. A few of the pages are displayed below, but I recommend checking out the live Flywheel website in all its interactive glory.

As always, feedback is welcome!

Flywheel Region Select Page

Flywheel Home

Buy Rides


Reserve Bike


Email v1 Email v2

The Results

Within 6 hours of launching on Wednesday, there were literally pages of positive responses. I’ve compiled some of my favourite responses from Flywheel members below.

“The new website is #droolworthy!”

from @mkhennelly

“Your new website is EPIC. The lifetime stats feature is incredible.”

via @Cheryl_Wayne

“Loveee the new website!! Made me want to sign up for even more classes!”

via @casemahoney

“Love the new @flywheelsports website. The weekly leaderboard is SICK. Great inspiration.”

via @chapsholic

“Nice! Love the colors and it’s so clean and informative without effort. As a fitness freak, the reserve section is beautiful.”

via @cashewstyle

“LOVE,  LOVE,  LOVE the new website!! So much easier to navigate, great features, nice pics. And Lifetime Stats – nice touch.”

via Facebook

So what are your thoughts? Feedback is very welcome! Thank you.

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