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Costa Rica Photos

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Costa Rica

In April, I spent two weeks in Costa Rica, traveling around Guanacaste province. I took about 900 photos on my Sony NEX 5N (a great portable cam!) and have have finally filtered through them. Feel free to check out the album on Facebook, which features forty of my favourites.

Costa Rica is definitely an awesome place to visit and below were some of my highlights:

  • White water tubing
  • Ziplining
  • ATV riding
  • Volcano exploring (mud, steam, etc.)
  • Bathing in the hot springs
  • Backwards abseiling
  • Rock climbing
  • Horseback riding
  • Hiking & exploring the rainforests
  • Off road four-wheel driving
  • Riding an ox
  • Tarzan swinging into a refreshing pool
  • Driving around from place to place
  • Interacting with nature, monkeys & wildlife
  • Surfing Tamarindo
  • Watching the amazing sunsets
  • Enjoying Costa Rican food & culture
  • and of course relaxing at the pool & beach.

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Have you been to Costa Rica? There was plenty I missed and would love to explore the rest of the country. What would you recommend? If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it!

18 JUST™ Creative Comments

  • David L

    Very nice photos, i guess your vacation went well :)

  • Pedro O

    What lens did you use for that NEX – 5N? The stock 18mm – 55mm? Looking at getting one for my upcoming trip to cancun!

    • Jacob Cass

      Yes, the stock 18-55mm. Worked great for what I needed. Enjoy Cancun, was also just recently there, well just off of it, at Isla Mujeres which I’d recommend visiting rather than Cancun.

      • Pedro O

        Thats actually where Im going!!! staying in a resort at playa de mujeres. Does that lens stick out quite a bit? Every image that i find it seems that makes it not look so compact. Was it hard carrying it around and fitting it in a bag/maybe pocket?

        Sorry for the questions…just trying to make the right purchase!

        • Jacob Cass

          There is no denying that the lens sticks out but for the quality, speed and size of the camera it is your best bet before going up to a traditional size SLR. I found a very tight camera case that went around my shoulder which made it easy to carry and protect.

  • Tanner Christensen

    Looks like you had a blast (I’m jealous)! Though, I just have to ask: is this a product endorsement for Sony or what? :)

    • Jacob Cass

      Yeah, the trip was great fun and no product endorsement here. I’d always disclose that. I mention it because I get asked what camera I use every time I post photos, so this saves that next step :)

  • Jamie Wayne

    Costa Rica looks amazing. I’m glad you got to enjoy it too, I definitely would have myself. Never been there yet but I surely wouldn’t pass up the opportunity.

    If I were to go though, what would you recommend? It all looks like a lot of fun and I’m up for doing pretty much anything!

  • Jose G

    Hi Jacob, It seems you love adventure!

    There is plenty to do in Costa Rica, from adventure like all the things you did, to relax on the beach, to do some birdwatching, going to museums, and a lot more!

    Good to know you enjoyed my country!

  • Marco Berrocal

    Would you come back to Costa Rica? I hope the pointers I gave you helped out a bit. Man, next time we ought to meet!!!

    Sorry, but Guanacaste is a bit far away from the Central Valley, where most of the population is.

    I’m glad you liked our country, obviously being a resident here, makes me very critic of our country. I do have to say that YOU MISSED the rafting, it’s one of the best things in my opinion.

    • Jacob Cass

      I did want to do rafting, but at the time I had a recent ankle injury and that was the only thing I was afraid of doing with the injury since you have to wedge your feet in the side of the boat – didn’t want to get it stuck and tear more! Yeah, thanks for the tips!

  • Trevor Goode

    Sounds like you had a pretty awesome time!

  • Diana

    Yeah, Costa Rica is a beatiful country, I´ve been visited the country many times, I recommend you Nicaragua, is great too as you can see on http://www.vianica.com, :)

  • Ulrich

    Oh i want to ride a bull too :) . Cool pics and nice holidays.

  • JP iconshock

    Hey Jacob, great photos, I’ve been there and it’s beautiful, next time you have to come to Colombia, it’s amazing ! in case you come here, some beers by the house ! ;)
    have a good one.


  • Victor Perry

    Hey Jacob, great photos, I’ve been there and it’s beautiful, next time you have to come to Colombia, it’s amazing ! in case you come here, some beers by the house ! ;)

  • Cayman Leasing

    Excellent photo of Costarica.


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