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Sweet’N Low Website

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Sweet’N Low is the zero-calorie sweetener in the little pink packet, that you will find in coffee shops all over the USA. This was a really cool web project that coincided with a fully integrated campaign (print, digital, video, website, social media) targeting women under 35 to spread the word that, in a world where sweeter is better, the iconic pink packet delivers amazing sweetness with zero calories.

The campaign positioned Sweet’N Low as the perfect addition to a wide range of drinks, not just coffee, with the goal of increasing consumption and regaining some of the shelf space lost over the years to the competition.

My role in the whole campaign was to do the UX and UI design for the whole site, as well all the digital touch points, including the skins and tabs for Facebook, Twitter and the rich media banner ads. The site was developed in house at Ammirati. The Sweeter The Better™.

Sweet'N Low Website Home Page

Sweet'N Low Website Home Page

Sweet'N Low Website Sub Page

Sweet'N Low Website Sub Page

Designed and developed at Ammirati. The team included that helped put this all together included:

Creative Director: Todd Wender
Art Director: Virginia Sin
Copywriter: Gretchen Menter
Designer: Jacob Cass
Developers: David Roach, John Vitelli, Patrick Drury,
Producer: Nate Sloan, Giles Hendrix
Project Management: Lisa Chad, Kate Schneider, Michelle Feeley,
Photography: Blind
Retouching: Michael Troast

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