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Iceland Adventure Photos

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I recently came back from 1.5 weeks traveling around Iceland, an extremely beautiful country. You can view a few snaps on Facebook and read more about the trip below.

I went with a company called Founders Excursions who organized a trip of 14 like-minded entrepreneurs from Iceland and USA, to travel through Iceland doing adventurous activities while networking at the same time.


Highlights of the Trip

  • Canyoning (climbing and swimming up waterfalls, then floating back down)
  • Super jeeping (4×4 driving through the Landmannalaugar mountains)
  • Enjoying bonfires, beers and Icelandic BBQ
  • Having tea & coffee at the US Embassy
  • Driving through the back country & around the glaciers / volcanoes
  • Viewing the Northern Lights
  • Speed boating & exploring Vestmannaeyjar Islands
  • Swimming at the Blue Lagoon (Geothermal spa), one of National Geographic’s Seven Wonders of the World
  • Taking in the glorious Jökulsárlón (Glacier Lagoon – where the lake’s glaciers go out to sea)
  • Bathing in the natural geo thermal springs while the mountains surrounded us
  • Participating in the steintökin (strong man competition). Needless to say, I am no Viking!
  • Having my shoes stolen on the first day at a public pool (Yup!)
  • Enjoying the “Bæjarins beztu pylsur” (best-in-town Icelandic hotdogs). Can’t say much about the Harðfiskur (wind dried fish). Also loved the Skyr (drinkable yogurt).
  • Overall, just enjoying the beautiful, peaceful Icelandic scenery.

If interested in a similar experience get in contact with our awesome guide, Siggi from South Iceland Adventure or Matt Wilson from Founders Excursions. I’d highly recommend it!

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