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Au Natural “In The Raw” Facebook App

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In The Raw Mobile

In The Raw Mobile Facebook App

With its brown packets available at coffee shops, diners and restaurants throughout the USA, Sugar In The Raw is well known product but not recognized as part of the larger In The Raw family of Brands. As their product line continues to grow with Stevia In The Raw, Agave In The Raw and Monk Fruit In The Raw, Cumberland Packing faces the multi-pronged challenge of growing each of their In The Raw products while also building the In The Raw masterbrand in consumers’ minds.

The agency of record, Ammirati, identified a core insight about using In The Raw products — users feel a sense of accomplishment both for choosing a natural sweetener and because it helps them make something truly delicious. We tapped into the social phenomenon of amateur food photography to build the cheeky “Au Natural” Facebook App to allow our users and fans to have fun sharing their successful creations.

The In The Raw Au Natural app allows users to upload their own food photo, censor it, and then share their successful creation. Friends then click on the shared photo and “reveal” the sweet creation via an interactive slider. Users can then share their own photo, view the Au Natural gallery and gain access to secret In The Raw recipes.

Facebook likes went from under 500 to over 35,000 within the first eight weeks of the campaign and has grown exponentially ever since. The campaign has also been picked up in Huffington Post, Jezebel and other news outlets. A sweet success.

My role in this project was the interaction design for both the mobile & desktop versions of the Facebook application; including the overall architecture of the app, the user experience & user interface design.

The mobile version can be seen here (must be viewed on a Mobile device):

The desktop version can be seen here:

Au Natural Food Porn Gallery Facebook Cover Photo

Au Natural App Home Page

Au Natural: Censor Your Food Photo

Au Natural Sweet Success - Food Photo Censored

Au Natural Food Photo Slider Reveal

Au Natural Food Recipe Page

Au Natural In The Raw Mobile App

Designed & developed at Ammirati.

Creative Director: Todd Wender
Art Director: Conor Hagan
Copyrighter: Kevin Egan
Interactive Designer: Jacob Cass
Photography: Michael Troast
Developers: David Roach, Patrick Drury, John Vitelli
Accounts: Michelle Feeley, Nate Sloan, Kate Schneider, Giles Hendrix

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