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2014 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration

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2014 Logo Design Trends

Logo Lounge for the past eleven years, has posted annual logo design trend reports and they have just released the 2014 logo design trends report. I would love to hear your thoughts on the showcased trends.

Do these identity / branding trends affect you or your process? Do you agree with these suggestions? Have you noticed any other trends?


On this topic of trends, one should not follow trends for the sake of following them. As Bill Gardner points out:

Every year, it’s worth noting that this is a report on trends, not a recipe book of styles. It is also not a finite list: There are other valid trends out there that are not mentioned here.

The report should serve you as an ongoing view of where logo design is headed. The word “trends” in itself can have a very negative cast, but in truth, trends aren’t bad. They reveal our growth. It’s our take on them that allows us to move even further forward.

Mono Crest

Mono Crest Logo Design Trend

Letter Stacks

Letter Stacks Logo Design Trend

Hand Type

Hand Type  Logo Design Trend


Dazzle  Logo Design Trend

Flat Facets

Flat Facets

Geo Wires

Geo Wires Logo Design Trend

Trans Menagerie

Trans Menagerie Logo Design Trend


Waves Logo Design Trend


Hexagons Logo Design Trend


Geography Logo Design Trend


Pompons Logo Design Trend


Knot Logo Design Trend





Motion Lines

Motion Lines Motion Lines

Do these identity / branding trends effect you or your process? Do you agree with these suggestions? Have you noticed any other trends?’

© Artwork shown is copyright of their respective owners. Designer’s names & clients are below each logo. Original compilation by Bill Gardner.

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46 JUST™ Creative Comments

  • ivan Reply

    Trends are for sheep!

  • Filip Reply

    I don’t think geography in logo design is really a trend, it has always been present.

  • Sasha Endoh Reply

    Let’s not forget the hand-drawn wreaths, those suckers are all over the Pinterest and the like ;)

  • Robson Michel Reply

    That’s some nice information as reference.
    Let’s not mistake this as a guide!

  • Marjorie Reply

    You also have a “monogram” style trend that can be seen everywhere
    And I agree with Sasha the hand-drawn wreaths are quite trendy.
    But I feel that each time a trend can be called a “trend” I am bored of the style and am already looking for new ideas.

  • saqib ahmad Reply

    As a designer, my clients are demanding letter stacks more these days and I guess that is because of the trend in new web design.

  • Larry Brians Reply

    Logo design trends are very good and may be useful for designers to get ideas from these in creating a unique and elegant logo for their client’s business

    • ivan Reply

      larry, to create a unique logo you must be authentic, a corporate identity must be TIMELESS, trends are not.
      are you designer?

      • Thomas Reply

        Ivan, just because a style of logo is trendy in no way means its not authentic. Also this post is specific to logos, not corporate identity. Lastly, name a single logo, or identity you’ve created that was timeless. If you look at some of the most successful corporate identity you’ll see that it’s never timeless, because the identity evolves as the company grows. Are you, a designer?

        • ivan Reply

          thomas, larry wrote:

          “logo design trends are very good and may be useful for designers to get ideas from these in creating a unique and elegant logo for their client’s business”

          firstly, basing your ideas on others is not to be authentic, trends are not the way to design a logo, not the way to design a corporate graphic identity, it must be timeless, not ephemeral, so, to say that trends are very good and useful to “create” a unique logo for clients IS NOT TO BE AUTHENTIC!

          when i see this “great” collection of “trendy” logos i just see similar graphics, similar strokes (some basing on others), and similarity is not to be authentic, trends are for sheeps!!!

          yes, i am a graphic and authentic designer!

          • SF

            “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Pablo Picasso.

            There is always a need for trends for inspiration for the next…

      • Tommy Hood Reply

        You were making a very good point right up until you turned VERY condescending and asked “Are you Blah blah blah….” Get over yourself, and learn to add to conversations by not commenting like a douche.

  • Kevin Gibson Reply

    Nice collection, we seem to see quite a few of the letter stacks and links types as well. I think the FormFarm Africa logo is my favorite.

  • rupam { xhobdo } Reply

    Awesome logos, Great post. Thank you so much :)

  • Rakesh Desai Reply

    Great designs! This will definitely help an designer to get some amazing ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  • James Lee Reply

    The logo design trends you have discussed are quite impressive. We are also logo design company. So your shared trends will surely help us.
    Thank you

    • ivan Reply

      hi james, if you are part of a logo design company you must know that to create a unique logo you must be authentic, a corporate identity must be TIMELESS, trends are not.

      • Tommy Hood Reply

        Put your money where your mouth is. Lets see some of your “Timeless” designs. You have a point, but sound like a grade A A$$h0l# when you say it. How could you ever create great designs with communication skills as poor as yours?

        • ivan Reply

          mr. tommy,

          if you think it sounds like a … blah, blah, blah… is just your perception, well, i hope you speak just a little bit french to understand next sentence,

          “si tu diffères de moi, mon frère, loin de me léser, tu m´enrichis.”
          (antoine de saint-exupéry)

  • AKDesigner Reply

    Really Nice Stuff <3
    thanks ^_^

  • Kerry Reply

    great information regarding 2014 logo designing trends

  • Courtney Reply

    Logos should be authentic, no doubt. But there is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from outside sources. I am a firm believer that a logo should start with pencil and paper and then be transferred into the digital realm.

    Logos just like fashion can be trend heavy. I feel that logos that don’t follow a trend have the ability to be “timeless”, because they are unique and authentic and don’t follow the guidelines.

    I prefer clean and concise. One or two colors, three at a stretch. I think about the cost of printing and embroidery, because most of my clients have no clue about the small things they should look for in a logo design.

  • ivan Reply

    “A good way to test the logo is to let it sit with you for a while before releasing it. Some logos grow with you–the more you look at it, the more you like it. Some logos start to feel nauseating after a while–the more you look at it, the more you hate it. If after a couple of weeks with the logo you find it boring, the logo is probably not strong or timeless enough.”


  • SF Reply

    “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Pablo Picasso.

  • zennysalazar Reply

    nice one! .. this will give help to those who love designing a logo

  • Alex Reply

    Check out the new logo of allacronyms.com.

  • Ashish Ajani Reply

    Thanks for the post with logo design trends as I was looking for something similar. The logos play a critical role in both branding and designing. Almost all website owners will want a logo that is unique and creative as well. And it should convey the business message to people. These shared logo trends are very inspirational and will help me a lot. Great work.

  • Evelyn Richmond Reply

    These designs are quite nice, however if companies follow similar design trends, their logos might lose their uniqueness. Examples of overused logo design trends are the swoosh and waves designs. Logo designs based on these two trends do not look very original. For some creative designs, take a look at https://www.flickr.com/photos/infinitylogodesign/

    • ivan Reply


      you are right when saying ” if companies follow similar design trends, their logos might lose their uniqueness”, however there some persons that refuse to understand it.

  • Gianluca Reply


  • Matthew Ecommerce Reply

    Great designs nice work, i really enjoyed the logos and designs. the colors are very nice and work well.

  • Conrad Reply

    What matters is to adjust the design for mobile devices.

  • Derek Kimball Reply

    Inline font usage was big in 2014 as well (CNN style type with hollowed line in center). Everyone from Applebees to TMobile to Runa beverages used this type treatment in their packaging and ads in 2014.

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