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TF Cornerstone Website

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TF Cornerstone (TFC) is a New York City-based residential & commercial real estate acquisition, development & property management firm.

I was responsible for rebranding & redesigning their existing website including all wireframes, the overall user experience and the user interface, as shown below.

The website was positioned as a fine balance between form and function. Large imagery and super intuitive controls make the user’s journey of finding their perfect property a breeze on desktop & mobile, while also allowing the client, TFC, to easily capture leads and ultimately sell / rent their luxurious properties.

Designed and built out at Ammirati.
Art Direction & Design: Jacob Cass
Development: Jonathan Cooper, Chris LaVigne
Management: Jordan Schibler, Giles Hendrix
Production: Aarati Gopal

TFC Responsive Website
TFC Wireframes Overview
TFC Website Wireframes Home
TFC Search Wireframes
TFC Unit Wireframe
TF Cornerstone Website Home Page
TFC Website Search Results
TF Cornerstone Unit Description Page
TFC Building Page
TFC Saved Listings
TF Cornerstone About Page
TFC Blog

TFC Blog Article

TFC Mobile

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