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30 Best Selling Creative Fonts inc. Web Fonts (Save $1111)

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Designers use fonts every day, yet they continue to be one of the most costly design resources out there so I wanted to share this awesome best-selling font bundle being offered by DesignCuts.

This $39 deal is better than any other offer on the web, as you’re literally saving $1111 (97%) off the retail price of 30 top selling premium fonts. The best part is that there are no filler fonts, and they ALL come with web fonts and extended licensing, giving you ultimate creative freedom.

Update: This deal has now expired.

30 Best Selling Creative Fonts

Out of all the design bundles I’ve grabbed for myself, I’ve found this bundle to the most useful, adding a large variety of creative fonts to my previously very corporate font folder.

My favorite picks from the font bundle

Melany Lane

Melany Lane was a typeface I owned before this bundle came out so I was glad to see it included here in this bundle. It has an amazing amount of glyphs and ligatures for limitless combinations and overall a very warm hand drawn feel.

Melany Lane


There is no denying that retro design is in vogue right now so this is a welcome addition to the bundle. The hand drawn grungy nature of this creative font makes it very versatile, especially since it includes rough and regular versions.



I am a sucker for corporate san-serifs and this one is no exception due to its energetic and friendly nature. The 18 weights make it perfect for corporate design as well as logos!


Head over to the deal page to learn more about all the fonts & perks included with this awesome deal that ends on October 13.

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Feedback from Twitter

I tweeted this deal earlier this week and it’s had really great feedback so far. Here are a few tweets from the community:

“You gotta stop sharing these awesome deals. I am so broke now! Grabbed those patterns last week and the mock ups before that.” – @B_Dot_Gleason

“I’m with @B_Dot_Gleason. Broke but happy. Textures ace. Will buy fonts.” - @marktravisinfo

“Thanks for the tip! Just bought them too. Fab pack of fonts, can’t wait to use them.” - @CathieLive

There is much more positive feedback on the actual deal page and I am sure you will concur. Enjoy!

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