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Ultimate 2015 Web Design Trends Guide (+Predictions)

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At the start of 2014, we posted our web design trend predictions for 2014 and then half way through the year we updated that list and it’s safe to say that a lot of those predictions held true and are actually continuing to evolve into 2015.

So, let’s take a look at the what new technologies, practices and patterns we will be using in 2015. Enjoy and here’s to an awesome new year making things!

Web Design Trends 2015

Summary of Web Design Trends for 2015

  • The Rise of Flat & Material Design
  • Background + Full Screen Videos
  • Mobile Apps & Social Sites will Dominate
  • Interactive Webgraphics Replace Infographics
  • Micro-interactions
  • Less Coding & More Websites
  • Big Images / Video to Replace Sliders
  • Responsive Design with Better Performance
  • Functional Web Typography
  • Card Design
  • Augmented Reality
  • Subtle UI Animations
  • SVG Will Rise
  • Responsive Icons
  • More Personalization
  • Less Clicks, More Scrolling
  • Line Icons + Ghost Buttons
  • Improved Parallax (Less Is More)

Mobile Web Design Trends

  • Wearable & Smart Objects
  • Additional Security + Privacy
  • Android First Strategy (80% WorldWide)
  • Mobile Payments
  • Connected Healthcare

The Rise of Flat & Material Design

Quite possibly the biggest trend in 2014 was Flat Design and it will continue to be popular in 2015 due to its clean, simplified style that allows for optimized performance on mobile devices.

Perhaps it will evolve into “material design”, which is one of Google’s guidelines building on core design principles, with emphasis on mobile. Understanding its core features is the first step that web designers should take.

You could also try a Material Design theme for Bootstrap 3 that allows designers & developers to use the new Google Material Design in any end-framework they want.

Google Material Design Bootstrap

Background + Fullscreen Videos

Videos will become even more compelling. The reason is simple: people like watching more than reading and it’s much easier to tell a company’s story and create emotion with motion graphics, even if its just a short rotating clip.

Y.Co Yachts features a beautiful full screen video, although the auto sound can be frustrating. The video shows a family on holiday using & experiencing a yacht rather than listing out all the features, like a sales pitch. See more websites featuring video backgrounds.


Mobile Apps & Social Sites will Dominate

The role of the website will become less important as users will be using more of their time using applications, such as playing games and browsing social media. Content will be shared more on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter and these will become more of a news & information source, as it has been trending over the past few years.

Time Spent on Apps

Interactive Webgraphics Replace Infographics

The days of static infographics are now over. Now, infographics are being replaced with an even more visually appealing, effective, story-telling agent — the interactive infographic.

They allow users to interact with the provided information physically, building a more engaging experience. The Future of Car Sharing, below, features a beautiful webgraphic that users can interact with and learn from.

Future of Car Sharing


Micro-interactions will also be one of the most popular trends in 2015. Micro-interactions are small interactions that help accomplish one simple task such as posting a status, changing a setting, rating a song or liking an article.

They encourage engagement and are used to make a static webpage more interactive and engaging as well as provide affordance, feedback, usefulness and overall better usability.


Less Coding & More Websites

Web coding will decline as new and powerful tools are emerging for creating web sites. Thus, designers and non designers alike are able to create sites without coding.

Visual web building tools like Macaw, template sites like SquareSpace and web form builders all simplify web coding time. To create a website without coding, check out this list of excellent website builders.


Big Images & Video Will Replace Sliders

Large hero areas (often with blurry backgrounds or video) have replaced carousels and sliders. Ghost buttons are also a big trend that go along with this big, bold imagery.


Responsive Design with Better Performance

Responsive design will definitely continue to be a must in 2015, as it has for the past few years although greater emphasis will be placed on performance. When creating a responsive website, ensure that you only include the necessary elements and that you optimize those elements.

Bonobos is a great example. Due to its responsive design, navigation is simplified to a pull out menu and a shopping cart. It’s fast to load, and maintains the same styles on mobile devices.


Functional Web Typography

Varying reading distances and view ports will mean that typography on the web will need to be more functional, responsive & versatile. Designers are already embracing Web Fonts, however next year is going to see much larger type and more variety.

Explore these examples of websites that utilize Google’s free web fonts to find a typeface suitable for your next web project.

Web Fonts Example

More Web Design Trends of 2015

A few more trends that will continue to rise in 2015.

Mobile Web Design Trends

These are some mobile design trends to look out for in 2015:

  • Wearable & Smart Objects
  • Additional Security + Privacy
  • Android First Strategy (80% WorldWide)
  • Mobile Payments
  • Connected Healthcare

Looking to the Future

Even though not all of these web design trend predictions may prove right, the web was, is and will always be in continuous development. New patterns emerge every day, so you should not be afraid of trying new things, keeping in mind that we are moving towards simplification and accessibility of the web as a whole.

So, analyze how these key trends may impact your business, and intentionality plan based on your new findings!

Do you have any other 2015 web design trends to add?

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