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SEO Strategies and Techniques for 2016/17

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The SEO (search engine optimisation) ranking of your website, in the modern context, holds paramount importance because it ensures higher traffic and increased browsing.

However, the SEO algorithms for search engines like Google are changing almost every day. This means if you have not specialized in applying the proper SEO techniques, you will stand no chance. You need to stay updated about the SEO technicalities, which are suitable for your website, to ensure that you target the right consumer group while staying on top of the competition.

Here’s some tips and an infographic that tells you the most effective ways to get your SEO on the right track.

1. Mobile is the way forward
2. Voice search will be mainstream
3. Fast site speed is crucial
4. Your site must be mobile friendly
5. Consistent in-depth quality content
6. Be present & active on social media
7. Quality over quantity for links
8. Use long tail keywords
9. Make your website HTTPS
10. User experience is the new SEO
11. Don’t forget other search engines

SEO Techniques 2016

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This article was contributed by Rintu Biswas of MyTasker, a professional SEO company and you can find more SEO techniques here.

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  • Asad

    Many many thanks for sharing this article. I will follow the steps what you mentioned in this article for the SEO of my site. I believe it will work effectively.

  • Fourtek

    Thanks to share such a awesome article.
    SEO is such a topic in which we required updates and above article helped alot to know new things.

    Thanks Again & keep posting.

  • Ranveer Kaushal

    Incredible information I found in this article. Great job dude.

  • Krafting Networks

    Lots of very valuable information about SEO. It plays a major role in making your site appear on the 1st page. Thanks for sharing.

  • Krafting Networks

    Thank you for the valuable share we also above strategy for SEO. These techniques always helpful for digital marketing.

  • Rintu Biswas

    Thank you everyone for your valuable comments. Just do quality work and you will see positive results :)

  • Buttons and Bows

    Thanks for the wonderful post,
    I came a cross the with the whole article and its awesome. Most of the people generally ignore the google update and they engage with the traditional SEO.
    I really appreciate the this post.


  • Mika M

    Thank you for the information. I know, if you want to reach your goals, online advertising has become incredibly sophisticated, so you can reach people in a variety of ways. You can reach people who respond to advertising in different ways

  • Om Jai Jagadish Hare

    Awesome post I have book marked this one for later!

  • Aabharan Shastri

    This is incredible infographic presentation to know about SEO techniques in the current trends. I am sharing this image all over the Image submission website, so more people get aware and rank&bank in the industry!

  • Nicole

    Decent points covered in this post and infographic. Also it’s worth mentioning that although mobile is the future and many more searches are now performed on mobile phones than desktop, what a lot of people don’t acknowledge is that desktop searches haven’t decreased. Desktop is still as important as ever.

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