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I’m Jacob Cass, the founder of JUST™ Creative. I’m a multi-disciplinary graphic designer, working with clients all around the world. My specialty is logo & brand identity design. JUST™ Get in touch.



Jacob Cass at TEDxCMU

Jacob Cass at TEDxCMU, giving a talk on Personal Branding.

Hello, my name is Jacob Cass and I am the founder of JUST Creative which is my design studio and graphic design blog. I specialize in logo design, branding, web design and offer design services to businesses of all sizes around the world, ultimately improving their bottom line by crafting creative solutions to their business problems. Shoot me a quick email to see how I can help you!

Past clients have included the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Disney and Nintendo, among hundreds more. Feel free to read some lovely testimonials from them.

I’m a digital nomad and I travel the world while freelancing & blogging (currently up to 60+ countries). You can see my current location on my travel blog, JUST Globetrotting. Rest assured, my clients are always my first priority.

Please do check out my graphic design portfolio and get in touch especially if you’re in need of a distinctive brand identity.

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I am self-employed as a graphic designer, specialising in the fields of corporate identity (logo) design, web design, print design and branding with the majority of my time spent designing and implementing marketing promotions for businesses such as logos, websites, letterhead, business cards, packaging and more.

In January 2010, I moved from Sydney, Australia to New York City, USA to begin full time work at Carrot Creative, a new media marketing agency specialising in media strategy, design & development. Select clients included Disney, Nike, Red Bull & Coach. If interested, you can read about how I scored the job (via Twitter) at Carrot Creative.

After my six month stint at Carrot, I moved on to work at The Wonder Factory, a interactive design studio based in Chelsea, New York for another few months. To get experience at different firms, I then moved on to work for Alexander Interactive for 4 months and then onto OpenSky for 4 months. I then settled down at Ammirati for 4 years working as an Interactive Designer, for clients like Jerry Seinfeld, Nintendo, VitaminWater, Powerade, OMEGA and more, while also taking on my own personal freelance clients.

As of March 2015, I am currently traveling the world while freelancing.



I hold a Bachelor of Visual Communication (Graphic Design Major) from The University of Newcastle, Sydney, Australia with a Dean’s Recommendation of Honours. Although I am just 29 years of age, I’ve had a multitude of experience, gaining my first freelance design job at the age of 16 – since then I have never turned back…

My life is design, I love it and I surround myself in it every day.

I am:

1. Passionate (I absolutely love what I do)

2. Enthusiastic (I want to learn)

3. Sceptical (I think critically)

4. Focused (I have the right attitude)

I also love to travel and have had the pleasure of exploring 36 states of the USA and 60+ other countries so far of which I spent 1 year as an exchange student living, working, and studying in Gothenburg, Sweden and 5 years in New York.

When I’m not looking at a computer screen you will find me on my iPhone or at the beach, traveling, or listening to music – maybe even all at once. You can check out some more pictures and stories of my travels here: Costa Rica, Fiji, Europe, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan & New Zealand, Iceland.

You can follow more of my travel adventures on my travel blog Just Globetrotting.



JUST Creative was launched in November 2007 as my design business and also as a graphic design blog. The blog focuses on all areas of design and creativity, ranging from but not limited to; graphic design, logo design, web design, advertising, branding, typography, designers, blogging, resources, my work, photography, colour, marketing, social media, user experience and more. Quite varied, however the underlying focus is design!


Jacob Cass Working

JUST Creative is a growing graphic design company serving unique people like yourself and businesses across the world. I don’t have an office, but rather work on the road while traveling the world.

Founded in Sydney, Australia, I give my clients the most superior and cost efficient solutions in this vastly competitive market. I specialise in areas such as logo design, corporate identity design, branding, web design, social media and print design.

I believe that quality is the one article of trade which cannot be compromised and this is clearly seen in my work, giving my clients the satisfaction they deserve. Don’t just take my word for it, read some of my client’s testimonials.



Apart from this website, I also run three other websites:

  • Logo Of The Day Logo Of The Day is a high-profile logo design award scheme that rewards the best professional logos and trademarks designed throughout the world. Logo Of The Day is also a place to come for logo design inspiration  daily! It is also a place to discuss, share & rate logo design!
  • Logo Designer Blog Logo Designer Blog is a blog focused purely on branding, logo & identity design. It is a place for logo design discussion, inspiration, tips and resources (and then some) provided by myself and the many contributors to the site.
  • Just Globetrotting My travel blog documenting photos, stories & trips from traveling the world.




JUST Creative customers have come from many different industries and backgrounds and working with them has developed my experience in many ways. Previous clients have come from over 6 continents and include places such as USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Jamaica, India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and The Philippines. View full client list here.

Don’t just take my word for it, why don’t you read some of their testimonials or have a look at my portfolio?


RECOGNITION & AWARDSWolda Logo Design Awards


Although not a motivation, I have been fortunate enough to have been recognised for my work. Below is a small sample.


Published Work

My work & writing can also be seen on numerous leading websites & magazines:

Smashing Magazine, Design Graphics, .Net Magazine, Computer Arts, Layers Magazine, HOW, PSDTuts, VectorTuts, DesignTaxi, Freelance Switch, Logo Moose, FavUp, Creative Pool, David Airey, Freelance Folder, Creaticca, Most Inspired, Creative Curio, Line25, My Ink Blog, Design Informer, CSS Collection, Daily Slurp, CSS Based, LoopPress, Logo Pond, W3C Sites, CSS Leak, CSS Clip, BlogPond, Layers TV, CSS Creme, Design Flavr, Logo From Dreams, Web Designer Depot, Inspiredology, The Design Inspiration, and many more.


Judging Roles

I’ve been fortunate enough to be on the panel on a number of award judging panels.

  • Best Brand Awards Jury Member (2014)
  • Judge for the Annual Design Awards (2010-2013) along such names as Elliot Jay Stocks, Sagi Haviv, Ivan Chermayeff, David Carson and more.
  • Video judge for Hewlett Packard’s ‘Design With A Twist’ video design competition. (2009)
  • Logo design “Judge Of The Month” for the Logo From Dreams logo awards.  (March 2010)
  • Graphic design judge for the Project Never Competition judging “the best rejected designs”. (2009-2010)
  • Web design judge for The CSS Awards judging “the best websites in the world”. (2009-2010)
  • Northwest Indiana Creative Project Curator
  • Logo design judge for The Logo Of The Day logo award scheme. (2008-Present)


Achievements & Press



I often lend a helping hand to those less fortunate, here is a sample of my philanthropic efforts over the past few years.

  • Raised US$2227 in 2016 for the Langbos Care Center in South Africa via an online fundraiser
  • Raised US$3607 for the 2011 Eastern Australian Flood Victims via an online fund raiser.
  • Raised US$15,000 for the 2011 Japanese Earthquake / Tsunami victims via virtual sales on Second Life.
  • Raised USD$1620 for charity in my 2010 Design Group Writing Project.
  • I participate in the Design4Kids program that helps underprivileged teens in developing countries become successful designers.
  • Every year I participate in the Blog Action Day initiative to raise awareness of important global issues.



Although most of my work is designed for clients, I do some personal work too, that of which has been displayed at the places below.


Events Attended

To keep up to date and to be inspired by others, I attend regular design & social media based lectures and events. Below are some of the major events attended.

  • OFFF Festival – Barcelona (May 2015)
  • 99U Conference – New York (May 2014)
  • Future Insights Live Conference – Las Vegas (April 2012)
  • Brand Perfect Tour NYC – Manhattan, NYC (June 2011)
  • 99% Conference – Manhattan, New York (May 2011)
  • Milton Glaser, Creative Mornings – Manhattan, New York (January 2011)
  • Brand New Conference – Manhattan, New York (November 2010)
  • Social Media Week 2010 Official Closing (By Invite Only) – Manhattan, New York (February 2010)
  • Crowdsourcing & Disruption: A Panel Discussion On The Shifting Economics of Design and Communication – Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York (March 2010)
  • Digital Somethings: VIP Social Media Week Event (By Invite Only) – Manhattan, New York (February 2010)
  • Creative Mornings, with Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of ApartmentTherapy – Brooklyn, New York (March 2010)
  • Navigating The Labyrinth: Unimark International & The New York Subway System – Manhattan, New York (February 2010)
  • Meet The Pros 2.0: with guest speaker, Jessica Hische – Manhattan, New York (April 2010)
  • Digital Dumbo #13, #14, #15 – Brooklyn, New York (2010)
  • MoMoBK Inaugural Event: NY Apps, So Hot Right Now – Brooklyn, New York (January 2010)
  • Top Secret Digital Dumbo #12 – Brooklyn, New York (January 2010)
  • agIdeas 2009 – Melbourne, Australia
  • Semi Permanent 2009 – Sydney, Australia
  • Semi Permanent 2008 – Sydney, Australia


Speaking Engagements

I’m always up for passing on my knowledge and although I do this mostly through my blogs, I have also done live lectures to students & professionals alike. Below are some recent speaking engagements that I have been involved in.



If you would like to find out more about me, here are some interviews that I have partaken in online.



I am very social on the Internet and I am a member of many online communities of which you can find some below.

  • Google+ – Add me here to join discussions in live time & to follow my articles and Twitter updates.
  • Twitter – Follow me here to receive many design related resources & links. By far the most active place I am on the web. Updated multiple times a day.
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  • Vimeo – Add me here to get updated whenever I make a video.

You can keep track of most of the above profiles at JacobCass.com.



2015-17 - Freelancing & traveling the world. Follow along at Just Globetrotting.

2014 – Continuing to work at Ammirati. Received the Young Alumni Award from The University of Newcastle, Australia.

2013 – Living life in NYC and working for clients such as Jerry Seinfeld, Nintendo, vitaminwater, and OMEGA at NYC agency, Ammirati. Got married in Sydney. Honeymooned in Hawaii. Traveled to Cancun, Dominican Republic, US Virgin Islands, St. Maarten.

2012 - Lots of websites. Traveled around Iceland, Mexico, Costa Rica & the USA. Got engaged.

2011 – Continuing to design for NYC design agencies. Spoke at TED. Work published in several more books. Traveled USA, Bahamas, Mexico.

2010 – Moved from Sydney, Australia to NYC to work for the design studio, Carrot Creative where I worked for 6 months. Lectured at various Universities and colleges across NY, USA. Work  selected for numerous more books / magazines. Judged several award programs. Freelanced at NYC design agencies.

2009 – Started the website Logo Designer Blog. Got featured on the front cover of Layers Magazine. Work featured in numerous design books & magazines. Got onto front page of the Newcastle Herald Newspaper. Won several more awards. Got offered a job in NYC and took it. Graduated University with Dean’s Recommendation of Honours. Judged a number of competitions including one for Hewlett Packard. Traveled to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan & New Zealand and road tripped across 22 states of USA.

2008 – Commenced second year of University. In June, traveled to 14 countries across Western Europe and Asia. In October went on a 4300km road trip around Australia. Won several design awards including Wolda’s ‘Best of Continent’ and ‘Best of Australia’. Raised USD$1620 for charity through this blog. Started the website Logo Of The Day in November.

2007 - Returned from Sweden, moved to Newcastle and started studying at Newcastle University. Won several Youth Design Awards. Started JUST Creative in November. Took a cruise around the Pacific Ocean and Fiji.

2006 - Lived, studied & worked in Gothenburg, Sweden for 11 months.

2005 – Received my Higher School Certificate within the top 10% of my state. My major work was redesigning my high school’s website and the final mark was in the top 1% of the State.

2004 - Studied Design & IT. Completed Design Elements Cert II. course at TAFE college.

2003 – Began studying design at high school. Got my first freelance job designing a website.

2000 - I become aware of the Internet and published my first website at age 12.

1990 - Moved to Sydney, Australia.

1987 - Born in Queensland, Australia.


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