10 Recreational Activities to Keep You Fresh, Inspired & Creative

10 Recreational Activities to Keep You Fresh, Inspired & Creative

This article was contributed by Alastair Brian.

Freelancing has become an alluring alternative to employment as it sets the individual free from attending an office formally. The comfort of managing work from home or any other peaceful place is attracting more people to switch their day jobs, find freelance gigs and finish according to a flexible work routine.

There are pros and cons of every profession you choose, as an office job may reward you with friendly colleagues and a constructive working environment, whereas with freelancing you select working hours of your choice and be your own boss, so managing things is on your shoulders.

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The need to indulge in recreational activities

But working at home may get you trapped in seclusion and turn you into an introvert. By conducting meetings continuously on the internet and avoiding personal meet-ups with friends, this may lower your confidence and motivation level. So, relieve yourself from the work stress and keep the passion alive. Indulge yourself in recreational activities. Below are some of the best recreational activities for freelancers and office dwellers.

1. Cycling the streets and valley


Cycling is one of the ancient and healthy sports that gets you out of your busy workstation. You might experience pain in neck and back because of continuously working on your laptop without taking any healthy breaks. You can cut yourself free from the pains and relax your mind by cycling through the streets or adventuring to the nearest valley.

If you are not feeling comfortable to go cycling alone, you can find enthusiasts on the internet, such as on active Facebook groups or Meetup groups.

2. Adventure sports – boating, hiking, skiing, etc.

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Adventure Sports

Do like adventures? The moment you decide you can do it, there are thousands of ways to succeed in sports. You can consider boating, hiking, and skiing! Nothing is more valuable than your mental health, as you have to hunt for clients, communicate with them, complete and deliver the tasks, agreeing to any revision or changes, and managing expenses against the income you receive. Go for an adventurous event to return with more energy.

3. Early morning walks


Going for an early morning walk, meeting community people in the park in the evening, or strolling along side a river is included in passive recreational activities and are equally beneficial for mental and physical health.

The serenity and peace of early mornings are incomparable to anything else in the world as you can enjoy the dew drops, the chirping of birds, cool breezes and obviously less polluted air. And, above that, most of the successful freelancers and entrepreneurs start their day early in the morning because it is the most productive and creative time.

4. Listening to music / watching movies

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Find the huge entertainment industry around you and go for your favorite singers, film stars, comedians and lots of more. Overlook the charts and plan a movie in the cinema with your best buddies. Check out the availability, if you can invite friends and watch the movie at a home theater while eating, drinking and gossiping.

5. Visiting amusement parks

Amusement Park

An amusement park is a hub of entertainment and recreation. You can find a whole lot of fun filled activities at a central place. Go on the thrilling rides, watch the amusing shows and enjoy as much as you can.

6. Fishing and sitting by a beautiful lake


Sitting by a beautiful lake, having a picnic with your family or partner and waiting to fish your lunch is a tremendous experience, without spending a lot. In fact, it is a pleasant event for your kids as well to spend quality time with you.

7. Photography


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Grab your camera or cell phone, select a theme and go out. Nature is so lovable that you will never stop yourself in capturing a scenic view! Try photographing rough pathways, barns, cute little puppies and birds, and other things that may interest you. Try your skills and share them with family and friends.

8. Browsing the internet for what you love

Browsing Web

You might laugh at it, but frankly speaking, a hectic routine often stops you searching for your interests. The extensive research and an urge to deliver high-quality work stops you from surfing the internet for your favorite things. You can relax your mind by finding something you have never searched for, despite an inclination. Take a day off or a few hours to explore the cyber world without the intention of earning money from it and you will love it.

9. Meet like-minded people


While working from home, you will have to overcome a lot of financial, technical, and work-life balance issues that need to be discussed with like-minded people. Probably, you will not be able to discuss a technical problem in programming, web designing or writing with your spouse, that’s why you need to meet people who are in the same profession and nearest to your residence or working space.

This helps you release the emotional tension that has been suppressing you. You could also meet close friends who have known you since childhood and share what’s going on. As a recreational act, most of the people adopt the habit of calling and meeting one of their old school or college friends once in a month, which reminds them of the good old days and removes the current day worries.

10. Traveling around the world

Travel World

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Freelancers are not bound to a city, country or region. So, plan a tour to explore the exotic places with your spouse or family and find the tranquility. Manage the holidays according to your workload, or compress the working hours for a week or two so that you can dedicate around 10-20 hours a week while touring around islands and new cities.

Hope the above ideas will allay the burden of working alone or feeling distressed. If you have any idea other than the above, please share it in comments.

Author Bio: Alastair Brian writer from “FMEModules” – a brand well known for top of the line reliable PrestaShop Add-ons, themes, extensions and services. Follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn.

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