10 Ways Creativity Makes You a Better Person

10 Ways Creativity Makes You a Better Person

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This article was contributed by Anna Marsh.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams

Creativity is a subjective thing. For some, it is the ability to see things differently, while some consider it a more practical thing. Surprisingly, not many people know that creativity actually makes you a better person. Since creativity tends to bring out a unique angle to a topic, it implicitly changes our perspectives.

In a way, it allows us to see life from different point of views which in turn helps us see things differently. It enables us to see the different facets of our lives and helps us solve the complex problems of life.

Better Person

Assuming that I have created in you, enough quest to discover this side of human, let’s explore further about this enigmatic aspect of humans and how it makes us a better person:

1. Creativity Connects Everything

“Eventually, everything connects.” – Charles Eames

Creativity is the art of making connections. It teaches us that everything in the universe is connected. In other words, creativity is all about gathering up ideas together and then displaying them in a manner that no one has seen before. By looking around and exploring the world around us, everything we see or listen to becomes so interlinked with each other that soon it creates something that is completely new.

2. Creativity Makes Everything Count

Through creativity, we learn that our life is the computation of our efforts and choices. It teaches us that everything counts and that not our single effort ever gets wasted in any way. Through creativity, we learn that we don’t have to work 8 hours a day to create something out of the world. Each and every hour that we practice anything, every single time that we perform an experiment, and every single lesson that we learn including all of our efforts count a lot. By feeding our creative soul, self-doubt and fear will be kept away easily.

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3. Creativity Makes You Become More Determined

We learn to sacrifice and to remain determined in our life goals through creativity. Being a creative artist, you know what it is like to continue working even when it seems useless. You do it and keep on doing it, not because others demand it from you but simply because you demand it from yourself. Creativity also teaches us that we continue to put our time and effort to what we actually want to do.

4. Creativity Makes You Become Patient

In order to keep you going through to the end or to your final destination, creativity is important as it teaches you to be patient, determined, and gratified and also to keep some blind faith on what you want to achieve. We can acquire almost anything that we really wish to have in life but we cannot have everything literally. Being excited or passionate is only the initial spark that gets you moving; the real thing is patience and persistence that gets you through the end. And creativity teaches us that.

5. Creativity Makes You a Better Analyst

Creativity also teaches us the importance of the ‘process’ than the ‘result.’ In other words, it doesn’t make you result-oriented; rather it makes you process-oriented. We human beings live in a results-oriented society and we usually judge other people on the basis of their work. However, as creators, or creative artists, we should not focus only on the final results of the work, but also on the quantity of our growth and progress. Achievement comes slower than what we expect and this is why we should always concentrate on focusing our growth and progress instead of the results.

6. Creativity Makes You Strong And Flexible

There are people who love what you create and there are others who don’t like what you make. It is just like as we don’t like every movie, every song or every book, or even every person. Everyone has their own favorites. All human beings want to be liked and admired for whatever they do, but being a creative artist it is difficult to accept rejection or dislike for your creation. Here is when creativity comes in. Creativity teaches you to become tough, strong and flexible. It teaches you to pick yourself up from the ground once you fail after creating something. Creativity teaches us that rather than protecting our work and running away from criticism, we should be proud of failure and critics because these two things help build your strength again.

7. Creativity Helps Build Positive Mood

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According to experts and studies done in the past, a strong connection has been found between creativity and good mood. People tend to be more creative when they are happy perhaps because they don’t preoccupy individual pieces of information and can think in a broad manner. A renowned creativity researcher says, “Increases in positive mood broaden attention and allow us to see more possible solutions to creative problems.”

8. Creativity Helps You Connect With Your Community

Our creativity helps us connect with other people who are performing the same and so a community is formed. No matter what we are doing, sharing ideas, giving feedback to our peers and friends, or just creating something next to each other quietly, the sense of connection that is experienced as artists is unquestionable and extremely rewarding.

9. Creativity Gives You Freedom

When we are creating, there is nothing wrong or right. We give ourselves a chance to get engaged with the world without making any judgments or conclusions. We are allowed to try new things and take risks in a healthy way. So, creativity gives you freedom in every way.

10. Creativity Allows Expression And Self-Awareness

Creativity lets you to express all what you want to and makes you aware about your true self, i.e. your desires, habits and impulses. While creating, we dive deep down into our own being to access what we believe or think.

The more we create the more we discover our true self.

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Anna Marsh is a pro blogger who find inspiration Essay writing on creativity and art. She is an avid reader and always looks for an interesting read. In her leisure time, she loves making arts and listening to music. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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  2. Being creative can also be applied to problem solving: when you look at problems your own way, you can find unique, out of the box solutions. That’s resilience, which is also an important thing to have when you try to trace your own path.

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