101+ Places To Get Design Inspiration

101+ Places To Get Design Inspiration

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Design Inspiration

Looking for design inspiration? I have collected a list of the best posts and websites out there that really got me inspired.

Inspirational Collections

DesignFlavr – A gallery full of hand chosen design. 100% quality.

60 More Places To Get Design Inspiration – A list like this of 60 more websites where you can get design inspiration. All quality.

34 Places To Get Design Inspiration – 34 more websites of where to get design inspiration.

12 Links for Web Design Inspiration – A great list of where to get web design inspiration.

Great Illustrator Designs – A great pictured post of great illustrator designs.

32 Inspirational graphic design pieces – Another great pictured list of great graphic design.

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The Best Inspiration from 2007 – A huge collection of awesome graphic design pieces from 2007.

Thinking For A Living – This is an awesome collection of only high quality websites and resources that have been broken down into smaller categories. Not so much visual inspiration but a list of good places where to get it.

Design Inspiration Galleries:

Design you trust

Siti webdesign

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Best web gallery

Unmatched style

One star gallery

CSS Artillery

CSS Vault

Link Creme


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CSS Creme


AIGA Design archives

Cool Homepages



Moluv’s Picks


CSS Beauty

Light on dark


CSS Mania

Design Shack


HOWDesign.com Design Inspiration Directory

Design Studios / Artists


Cecilia Lindgren

Robert Scully

Shinybinary – Nik Ainley

ISO50 – Scott Hansen



Transistor Studios


Adhemas Batista


Edwin Tofslie

Kouri Design

IN8 Design

Frost Design – Vince Frost



Syrup Helsinki



Jop Quirindongo


Gui Borchert

Spike Press

Blogs (Resourceful Articles + Inspiration)

Design Inspiration Blog

Freelance Switch

You The Designer


Spoon Graphics

Website Setup

Web designer Wall

N.design Studios


Smashing Magazine


David Airey

Many more recommended design blogs here.

My Many BookMarks

My Delicious Bookmarks

Search Engines

Try Googling ‘Design Inspiration‘.

Use Digg and their design search.

Use StumbleUpon and their design search.

DeviantArt – A quick search will find many results.

18 Search Engines for Creatives

What are your favourite design inspiration links?

114 thoughts on “101+ Places To Get Design Inspiration”

  1. Nice collection – I’ve just recently found your blog, but have already found it to be quite helpful/inspiring in it’s own right, but thanks for compiling this as well!!

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  3. Hi Duane,
    Your welcome… Thanks for the great link, I had a check out of the site, a lot of effort has gone into it I can see. I have added it to the list of inspiration sites. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Hello and thanks for linking to my site. I wanted to call your attention to another project of mine, Thinking for a Living, a platform dedicated to the concept of open source design education.

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  6. Great list. Bookmarked.

    PS (Copyright in the footer is still marked year 2007.)

    Shivanand Sharma’s last blog post..Setting up your first site

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  9. You have pointed out a lot of websites that I do not know yet. Thanks!

    Min Thus last blog post..ActionScript 3 Tutorials

  10. It is such a huge list of great collections. Thank you.

    CSS Models last blog post..Free CSS Templates

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  17. i know of a web design studio that uses these sites. I think this list is a great resource for any designer. I bookmarked this page.

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  20. im a textile design student.i was looking fr some freelance work and luckily stumbled upon your website…truly inspirational i must say!! 🙂
    wish i had seen it earlier…nevertheless, im glad i found it.
    Wish u all the best for your future endeavours Jacob.

  21. This is a fantastic list with a lot of great resources, many of which I have never heard of. I have found a lot of quality articles here on JCD and I would like to say thank you!

    If anyone is interested in further web design articles and tutorials please visit my website.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

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  25. Thanks for all the sites, sometimes your mind draws a blank and you need to surf around and find something that sparks.

  26. You can add my design inspiration blog to the list, the more the merrier! Thanks for this list too, it helps me out a lot to find content for my blog. 🙂

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  30. what i really felt seeing this page like finding a Oasis in the desert. your work & guidelines are great source of inspiration.

    I would really like to be in touch with you to improve my skills.

    Please find time to comment on my work.

  31. Great list! I would like to add my own design inspiration gallery which covers business cards, logos, packaging, digital art and much more to come. It is daily updated with hand-picked designs: http://www.designvore.com
    Thanks for the list again!

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  34. Thanks for the great tips, inspiration and knowledge!! Your website is awesome and useful for any designer out there. Keep it up.

  35. FFFFound is also a great tool for inspiration. Its often the first point of call when we get a new commission

  36. thank you for all the great design ideas- i have bookmarked many of these pages. free business card

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  38. Nice list of inspirational post. This kind of post give lots of personal inspiration to me…Relax with a cup of coffee, enjoy, while reading this type of post.

    Thanks for sharing.

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