11 eBooks for Designers & Creative Entrepreneurs Bundle – Save 93%

11 eBooks for Designers & Creative Entrepreneurs Bundle – Save 93%

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ReadBundle has put together this unbeatable collection of books & resources for designers, marketers, startups and growth hackers.

This collection includes 11 eBooks worth $395, but you can get them all for just $29, saving you 93%. Take your career to the next level this weekend by tapping into the knowledge of these experts. Just read.

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11 Fantastic eBooks to Learn From

  • Design for Founders by HEIDI PUNGARTNIK – Usually $29
  • Bootstrapping Design by JARROD DRYSDALE – Usually $39
  • Value For Money by LIOR FRENKEL & RAN SEGALL – Usually $59
  • The Dark Art of Freelancing by VANGOS PTERNEAS – Usually $35
  • Conversations With Design Entrepreneur by KERN AND BURN – Usually $15
  • What The Hell Do You Charge As A Designer? by KEN WESTGAARD – Usually $13
  • Emails That Win You Clients by ROBERT WILLIAMS – Usually $79
  • Don’t Let Your Business Run You by LESS EVERYTHING – Usually $35
  • The Creative’s Guide to Freelancing by JAKE JORGOVAN – Usually $39
  • Read Me First by LESS EVERYTHING – Usually $35
  • Aspirational by ERIN WALKER – Usually $29

Download all 11 fantastic eBooks for just $29!

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  1. Great! Very helpful! As a web designer myself, I can say that learning as much as I could from experts was how I got started. I looked at their sites, checked out their code, and even borrowed from their designs. Today I found another great resource to help me. Thanks for these eBooks!

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