11 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently!

11 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently!

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This article was contributed by Anna Marsh.

Creative people always see things with a different perspective. They see themselves not for what they are, but for what they can be.

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History reveals how creative minds like Robert Frost, Kurt Vonnegut, Le Corbusier, Kate White, Wallace Stevens and many other creative legends continue their creative passion by doing things differently.

Creative people have the ability to understand themselves, their working practices, their faults and express their creativity in different ways.

Here is the list of 11 things that creative people do differently.

  1. They create their own schedule

Creative people work when they feel it is the best time to work, although some creative people who are bound to their 9-5 job routine have to make time for the mind to rest and then work accordingly. As it is said by Pablo Picasso:

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”.

Set aside time to be creative.

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  1. They seek for new opportunities and love new experiences

Another common trait of creative people is that they want to gain new experience and do not want their creativity to be restricted to just one single outlet. Creative people are multi-talented and seek for multiple opportunities to satisfy their mind.

  1. They recognize their best & worst work

Creative people can work extremely well when focused, but often in the chase of doing things creatively, can lead down other paths which may not be best for the project at hand.

  1. They are not afraid of failure

Successful creative people are not afraid of failure. They strongly believe in the saying that “Failure is the key to success” and they learn from their mistakes and think out of the box to cope with the situation.

Creative people do not restrict themselves but rather, take risks, as they believe the reward is worth taking this risk. Failure is fuel for creative people.

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  1. They take in the world around them

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Personal experience counts a lot, and in order to gain this experience creative people take in the world around them. They take experience from everything around them and get inspiration as they believe that the more they do in their life, the more their mind will be able to create. Curiosity to new experiences is a common trait of creative people.

  1. They stick to their dreams

Creative people stick to their dreams and they do not compromise on this matter, even if they have to struggle to complete them.

In this respect, Jessica Hische said it well that:

“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life”.

  1. They live in the world of fantasy

In our society daydreaming is considered to have a negative implication although it is a common habit of creative people. They imagine a lot and in this way their creative abilities improve.

Creative people think a lot and sometimes it is necessary to sit down quietly and focus. Or as some call it “daydream” to come up with creative solutions.

  1. They are confident

Having self-confidence is essential in every phase of life. Everyone is creative, but confidence is the thing that most people lack as they hesitate to ask questions, to experiment on new things, to take risks in order to think and work differently.

Creative people have confidence in their abilities, think that they are on the right path, take criticism well, learn from their mistakes and do so freely.

  1. They don’t follow boundaries

Creative people do not follow the rules and regulations that stand in their way. Instead, they try to bend the limitations that are hurting their creativity.

  1. They ask as many questions as they can

Typically, people consider asking questions a sign of weakness and they do not ask more questions, but creative people become curious to know each and every detail of a task, to think creatively and differently. As knowledge increases, so does creativity.

“The more you know, the less you know.”

  1. They want space for themselves

Solitude is undervalued in our society and spending time with oneself is considered a waste of time and a sign of shyness. But creative people find room for themselves to think differently as this clears the mind and allows clear focus.

To summarize

We all are creative in our own unique way. All that what we need, is to recognize that creativity is the key to success and challenge yourself to take risks, have confidence in yourself and learn from your mistakes and most importantly do not lose hope.

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Anna Marsh is a freelance writer and gives assignment writing services at AssignmentHelpDeal.co.UK to college students. She also loves to make different designs for presentations, drawing, sketching and other creative things like playing guitar and learning new things.

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  1. I totally agree, creatives are always in the seek for new opportunities and love new experiences. I wouldn’t wish to be restricted on working in just one kind of routine.

    Thanks for sharing.

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