$11,000 Prize Giveaway – Design Group Writing Project For Charity

$11,000 Prize Giveaway – Design Group Writing Project For Charity

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Update: A total of USD$1620 dollars was raised and donated to the Blog Action Day Poverty Fund – thank you everyone for your support!

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To celebrate my blog’s 1st birthday (November 7th) I have been working hard to put together this massive project for my readers, the design community and charity.

There is a total of 66 different prizes worth exactly $11,000 all up so there will be 66 lucky winners.

100% of all proceeds will go to the Blog Action Day Poverty Fund.

To Enter… Please Read Very Carefully

There are two ways you can enter and you can do both for a maximum of two entries per person. All entries will be checked before any prizes are given.

Entry 1: Donate To Charity

To enter the competition you may donate to charity…. All money goes to the global fund that helps fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria – some of the leading causes of poverty.

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There are two options – via Change.org or via PayPal.

I have been told that sometimes a ‘server error’ message is being displayed on Change.org, please be patient and try again at another time or use PayPal instead, the donate button is below.


If you choose to go through change.org money will go straight into the global fund account and will not touch my hands. If you do not have a credit card, you may choose to use PayPal. If you choose to use change.org the instructions are below.

  1. Go to the Just Creative Design Blog Action Day Fundraiser Page.
  2. Click the blue ‘Donate Now’ button.
  3. Fill out the page, please donate a minimum of $5. (Heh, it’s only a coffee!) Ensure you leave a donation comment so your entry counts. You can donate from any country as long as you have a credit card, don’t get fooled by the billing address being US states.

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By request I have also set up a PayPal donation page. You can donate by clicking the donate button below. I will collect the donations here and then donate the funds to the global fund at the end of the project.

Entry 2: Write An Article (even without a blog)

For those of you who do not have a credit card or are limited in funds, there is another alternative, you can write an article – hence the design group writing project! I will compile all the entries at the end of the competition.


  1. Write an article related to design. Even if you are not a designer, you could make a list of your favourite designs or list your favourite websites, books, photos? There are no boundaries… just relate the article some how back to design… be creative.
  2. If you don’t have a blog go to step 3, if you have a blog, continue reading. When you post your article on your blog, ensure you leave a trackback to this post so I can track your article or preferably, link back to this article / home page in the first paragraph. Please make the post at least 500 words.
  3. If you don’t have a blog, send me an article in a Word or HTML document to my email address. Ensure it is at least 500 words, with no slang and with your best spelling. I will post some of the best entries on this blog.

Deadline & How To Win

Entries will close November 22nd GMT+11. There will be 1 prize per person.

A list of all the people who have donated and all the people who have written an article will be compiled and then submitted into random.org where it will output a persons name with a prize number. This makes the selection totally random. Winners will be announced the same week.

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Another HUGE thank you to all the sponsors on this project, it would not have been possible without you!

Anyway, these are all the prizes up for grabs! Ensure you browse the sponsor’s sites!

Olympus Evolt E250 Digital Camera from GetPrice.com.au
This digital camera is courtesy of GetPrice.com.au – the place to compare before you buy.
Value: $1200

Winner: Deborah M Ens (Please contact me directly)

Photoshop World Tickets, Scott Kelby Book Bundle, Layers Subscription, NAPP Membership
Courtesy of RC Concepcion, Host of Layers TV, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and Kelby Training.
Value: $720 (Tickets & NAPP membership $600, Books $90, Layers Subscription $30)

Winner: Andrew Yee (Please contact me directly)

7x Books (each to different person) – Photoshop CS4 For Dummies, Aperture 2, Photoshop CS4 Digital Classroom
Courtesy of Natalie Lin from Wiley. A HUGE thanks to Natalie for getting these prizes to give away to 7 lucky readers. You too can get these books by going to the links below!

Total Value: $215

Winners: Please email Natalie and tell them what prize you have won, your address and show proof of identity – contact Natalie at [nlin AT wiley DOT com].

1. Photoshop CS4 For Dummies – Meryl Evans

2. Photoshop CS4 For Dummies – Elizabeth Fulghum

3. Photoshop CS4 For Dummies – Adrian Szefke

4. Aperture 2 Portable Genius – Tanner Christenson

5. Aperture 2 Portable Genius – Haroon Baig

6. Aperture 2 Portable Genius – Frank Hakl

7. Photoshop CS4 Digital Classroom – Xhilacom

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Your Logo Cut Into HUGE Perspex Letters 80cm Wide (Wow)
Courtesy of Sander Baumann from Geveletters. To get what we mean by huge, check out their site!
Value: $600

Winner: JCM Enterprises

Total Blog Makeover
Courtesy of the very kind and talented Joni Mueller from Pixelita, a design studio based in Houston, Texas. The blog makeover can be for a WordPress, TextPattern, Blogger or Movable Type Blog.
Value: $650

Winner: Janette Toral


A Unique Web Theme for Either WordPress, PixelPost or a Straight XHTML page.
Courtesy of the very kind Kristarella, who runs a personal / design blog over at the very aptly named Kristarella. If you don’t want to change your site, customisation/optimisation of your current page can also be done.
Value: $300.

Winner: Anca Foster

Sumo Omni Chair + Lounge + Love Seat + Floor Pillow (Girl Not Included)
Courtesy of Andrew Milligan from Sumo Lounge, a website offering seriously awesome urban lounge gear. Andrew has been marketing his Sumo range by contacting blog authors and offering them a free Omni Chair in exchange for a review (over 500 reviews so far) … and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want one of these? There is a sale on now and on top of that there is free shipping too. Check out Sumo! NB: This is not part of the prize pool.
Value: $150

2x PSD to XHTML / CSS Conversions
Courtesy of Jay of Creative Cranes, a new intuitive design studio. You can follow Jay on Twitter too.
Value: $45/h up to $1000.

1. Lori Kasbeer
2. Harley Alexander

Signed Copy of Jeff Fisher’s Book: Identity Crisis!
Courtesy of Jeff Fisher himself, a renowned identity designer. The full title of the book is Identity Crisis!: 50 redesigns that transformed stale identities into successful brands.” Wish I could keep this myself!
Value: $35

Winner: Kristen Symonds

$100 Gift Voucher For Threadless Tshirts
Courtesy of Bob Nanna from Threadless, an awesome designer submission t-shirt shop.
Value: $100

Winner: Jessica Garner (Please contact me directly)

Blog / Site Review with Design Critique by Vivien
Courtesy of Vivien from Inspiration Bit, a unique & inspirational design blog. Vivien’s reviews are not the normal type of review, she really gets under the hood of your design. See what I mean here.
Value: $400

Winner: Daniel Cavanaugh

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Pack of 250 2” x 6” Thermal Printed Decals with YOUR logo
Courtesy of Ben Satterlee of BSS Designs, a new design blog / business website.
Value: $213

Winner: Thomas Sinclair

Pack of 4 Typefaces from RSRVS
Courtesy of Mike Jarboe from Reserves, a great website offering extremely well designed professional typefaces and stock art. In this pack you get a set of four typefaces – Analog / Claes / Scheme / Verse.

Winner: Urban10 Interactive

2x Premium WordPress Themes
Courtesty of Daniel Scocco from PremiumThemesNow, a website offering some great premium WordPress Themes.
Value: $100 ($50 for each)

Winner: Melanie Houlahan

1 Year Shuttle-Bus Subscription to Freshbooks Invoicing
Courtesy of Mitch Solway from Freshbooks, an online invoicing application, and our site sponsor.
Value: $168

Winner: Brian Lovin

Bgears b-Enspirer Theatre Quality 7.1 Channel Sound Card
Courtesy of Angie Bowen from Arbenting, a blog on creativity and design.
Value: $120

Winner: Marco Folio

300 Premium Textures from ColorBurned
Courtesy of Grant Friedman from ColorBurned, a great design resources blog and shop.
Value: $70

Winner: Pedro Panduro

Custom Logo Design by NetBramha Studios
Courtesty of Aashish Solanki from NetBramha Studios, a design studio based out of Bangalore, India.
Value: $300
Winner: Jeffrey Jose
2x Design Prints from 3 Lambs Design (via Etsy)
Courtesy of Amy of 3 Lambs Designs. You can get any two 8″ x 8″ or 8″ x 10″ prints, including shipping.
Value: $75.00
Winner: Camille Good

1x FlickR Pro Account For One Year
Courtesy of the very kind Joni Mueller from Pixelita, a design studio based in Houston, Texas
Value: $25

Winner: Michael Wheaton

LoveClub Coupon
Courtesy also of James Deer, from ThemeLovers, a new site offering great themes. The Loveclub coupon gives you unlimited access to every theme on offer on ThemeLovers.
Value: $499

Winner: Synergetek S.A.

$25 Gift Voucher For Amazon
Courtesy of the talented Meryl K Evans from Meryl.net. Meryl really is a ‘Content Maven’, just read her about page.
Value: $25

Winner: Jeff Wolff

Custom Logo or Banner Design from Vlad Georgescu
Courtesy of the kind Vlad Georgescu who freelances as a web and logo designer.
Value: $300

Winner: Sivarajah Bagerathan

2x Designer T-shirts from Design By Humans (Split Into 2 Prizes)

Courtesy of Design By Humans, an awesome designer tshirt submission site and affiliate sponsor of this site. Check out some of my favourites here.
Value: $60

Winners: (Please contact Jason at jason AT designbyhumans DOT com with your address and proof of identity.)

1. Angelina Dominguez

2. Jonathan Illig

1000 Business Cards from UPrinting
Courtesy of Gino Orlandi from Uprinting, a quality online printing service based in the USA that prints business cards among many other things. Shipping free only in USA and Canada.
Value: $50

Winner: Ryan Williams (Please contact Gino at gino AT youthedesigner DOT com)

5x Anistock Yearly Subscriptions
Courtesy of Brian O’Connell from Anistock, a multimedia haven… Anistock has 7.8 million photos, clip art, fonts, graphics and more. You can win access to all this for one year!
Value: $500 ($99 each)

Winners: Please contact Brian at brian AT anistock DOT com

1.Tanya Nichols

2. Caroline Murphy

3. Eli Burford

4. Ben Redington

5. Adam Holt

1 Year Website Hosting from URLuscious
Courtesy of Faryl Zaklin from URLuscious, a website hosting service for small businesses.
Value: $80

Winner: Brian Yerkes

26 iStockPhoto Credits
Courtesy of Olga Mizrahi from ohso! design, a web design and graphic design studio based in Long Beach California.
Value: $35

Winner: Mohd Rafie

125×126 Advertising on LogoDesign.org for 6 Months
Courtesy of the generous George Ryan from Logo Design.Org
Value: $600
Winner: Faryl Z

30 Minute Coaching Consultation on Organisation & Productivity
Courtesy of Kris Rowlands, a Professional Organisation and Productivity Consultant.
Value: $50

Winner: Julie Walker

10x T-Shirts from Advertees
Courtesty of Steve from Advertees, a promotional clothing company. You may choose any make or style from the site (preferably organic) printed in water based inks with a design of the winners choice in up to 3 colours and sizes. Shipped to wherever in the world.
Value: $280

Winner: Jared Fraser

25 High Resolution Exclusive Custom Made Textures
Courtesy of Alexander Hommel from High Resolution Textures, a website offering high resolution textures. The winner can choose the category and will receive 25 custom made hi-res images in return.
Value: $75
Winner: David Klein

$40 Voucher to Spend at DealExtreme

Courtesy of Marco Kuiper, who also freelances as a graphic designer. This voucher you can spend on any gadget at Deal Extreme, which let me tell you is a lot!
Value: $40

Winner: Michael Kristof

$150 to spend on ThemeForest / FlashDen / AudioJungle
Courtesy of Collis T’aeed, the man behind many, many websites.

  • FlashDen – The best place to get awesome Flash components.
  • AudioJungle – A new audio marketplace.
  • ThemeForest – WordPress and Template marketplace.

Value: $150

Winner: Kristen Oaxaca

Please email your username from one of the sites above & proof of identity to Collis at collis AT envato DOT com.

12 Large Woodgrain Photoshop Brushes
Courtesy of Curtis McHale. Each brush is around 2000px square at 300ppi and is only available through Just Creative Design.
Value: $24

Winner: Thanh Pham

4x Single License $79 Theme Coupons for ThemeLovers
Courtesy of James Deer, from ThemeLovers, a new site offering great themes. Period.
Value: $316


1. More Guitar

2. Andi Berekely

3. Piyusg Agarwal

4. Paticia Lupien

30min Design Consultation with Logo Designer, David Airey
Courtesy of David Airey… you should know him by now, if you don’t, fly over to his blog now!
Value: $50

Winner: Melanie Fox

1x FlickR Pro Account For One Year
Courtesy of the very kind and talented Lauren Krause from the awesome design blog Creative Curio.
Value: $25

Winner: Maria Colomy

Static Banner Ad Design by iDesign Studios
Courtesy of the kind Selene Bowlby from iDesign Studios, a very talented designer with a studio & blog based in Florida.
Value: $100
Winner: Lucy Beaman

Islamic Design Package & Tour
Courtesy of Mohd Rafie, the man who donated an electric guitar last competition.

  1. Book – Title: Islamic Design: A Genius for Geometry by Daud Sutton.
  2. A3 poster. Title: “Pedulikah Kita” Do we care?
  3. Mini poster by ISAC Studio.
  4. 3 Islamic design stock photos.
  5. Free admission to the Design Museum, London
  6. 10% off any merchandise at the Design Museum shop.

Value: $50

Winner: Zac Hill

1x T-Shirt from TurnNocturnal
Courtesy of the kind Matt McInerney, who runs the store Turn Nocturnal. I have one of their shirts and the service was awesome, highly recommended. The winner may choose any shirt and size up to $20. Postage is included up to $10.
Value: $20

Winner: Dennis Garcia

234×60 Advertising on Lost & Taken for 3 Months
Courtesy of Caleb Kimbrough from Lost & Taken a blog with many high resolution textures.
Value: $90

Winner: Francois Anselmo

Choice of 1 Premium WordPress Theme from ANYWHERE
Courtesy of the generous Penny from WP Premiums. Your choice is from any premium shop on the internet up to the value of $100.
Value: $100

Winner: Paul Stevens

$25 Amazon Gift Voucher
Courtesy of River Girl (Bari) from Ask The Boater. You can follow River Girl on Twitter too!
Value: $25
Winner: Jason Slater

1 Hour of Website Updates
Courtesy of Eric Benoit from Ebenoit, where he freelances as a graphic and web designer.
Value: $100

Winner: Truong Nguyen

2x copies of 13 Styles CSS Menus
Courtesy of David Appleyard from 13 Styles, a website which offers high quality website navigational menus.
Value: $50 ($25 for each)
1. Andrew Napier
2. Rafal Zielinski

125×125 Advertising on JobMob for 1 Month
Courtesy of Jacob Share from JobMob, a blog filled with straight-talking advice based on real world experience.
Value: $200 value

Winner: Amped Apparel

1x FlickR Pro Account For One Year
Courtesy of the kind Caleb from Lost & Taken.
Value: $25

Winner: Jennifer Grigg Photography

125×125 Advertising on Group Writing Projects for 1 Month
Courtesy of Jacob Share from Group Writing Projects, a blog focused on projects such as this one. You can check an interview of mine on there on how to run a GWP.
Value: $25

120×53 Advertising on Estetica Design Forum for 1 Month
Courtesy of Andi Creffield, the brains behind Estetica Design Forum, a very popular design portal.
Value: $60

125×125 Advertising on iDesignStudios Blog for 1 Month
Courtesy of Selene Bowlby from iDesign Studios, a very talented designer with a studio & blog based in Florida.
Value: $20
125×125 Advertising on PSD Rockstar for 1 Month
Courtesy of Narendra Sakibanda from PSD RockStar, a photoshop tutorial blog.
Value: $20
468×60 Advertising on TechTreak for 1 Month
Courtesy of Narendra Sakibanda from TechTreak, a website focused on gadgets and more.
Value: $15

125×125 Advertising on 2PhatGeeks for 1 Month
Courtesy of Melissa Pence from 2phatgeeks, a blog based on many, many things.
Value: $15

Winner: Jacob Share (Please contact each of the 6 sites above directly)

225×100 Advertising on Directory For Designers for 2 Months
Courtesy of Angie Bowen from Social Media Directory For Designers.
Value: $60

Winner: Meglyn Lansing

The Greatest American Hero – Season Two DVD
Courtesy of Calvin Lee of Mayhem Studios. Calvin is worth following on twitter too. Link for info about the DVD here.
Value: $25

Winner: Adrian Tache

Total $10,995 (+ a $40+ surprise prize!)
What are you waiting for? Donate now.

134 thoughts on “$11,000 Prize Giveaway – Design Group Writing Project For Charity”

  1. Sorry to the 7 people who commentated on this post in the past 35 minutes. Something extremely strange happened… this post deleted itself along with 7 comments without any reason… it was lucky I had a backup of this post.

    My best guess was that the post didn’t save properly when I updated the post because of my slow internet speed (capped to 56k).

    Anyway, glad that I got it back and good luck!

  2. Just incredible… the list just didn’t end, hehe. Fantastic idea and amazing prizes all in one post!

    I did have a question though: some of these prizes are directly dependant on the fact that you have to live in America. Does that mean that people from let’s say Europe (Holland to be more precise) are excluded from this contest/happening? I would love to give it a shot, but it would be a bit hard for me to come to America (unless you can send a prize to an alternative address since i’m visiting my girlfriend’s parents between December 19th and January 3rd) 🙂

    Eitherway, good luck with everything and good luck tó everyone participating! This is going to be one húge party 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Just Creative Design and good luck with the campaign Jacob. My article is in (check the trackback), donation has been made for a great cause and your article has been stumbled, dugg, blogged, bannered up and delicioused for good measure.

  4. This is quite a collection of prizes. That camera looks awesome! It’s neat that you’re using this as an opportunity to raise money for charity, too. Very admirable.

    One small note, the last Flickr Pro account, check what blog Mr. Caleb is from 😉 (hint: it’s not CC!)

  5. Google Reader gave me both the old and new post – so for future reference, if it randomly deletes again and you don’t have a back-up copy, just find someone with reader. 🙂

    Great selection of prizes and such! And I love the idea of actually having to participate to get a prize.

    My only quirk – some of these things I could not use since I’m not a professional designer (logo design, web design and such) and am still developing my skills. But other prizes would definitely help me do so, and I’d love to enter for them. Is there any way to get around this? I wouldn’t want to take a prize that I couldn’t use that would actually be helpful to someone else – if that made any sense!

    Great contest, though! And happy birthday to the blog!

  6. Lisa, Penflare,
    You are welcome, good luck!

    Yeah it was a bit like that… took a while to do the pictures – that was when I thought it wouldn’t end but it makes it look so much better.

    Re your questions: Some of the prizes such as the Photoshop world tickets are for US residents however you can still receive them if you wish even if you live elsewhere, but you may not have use for them… You could sell them, pass them on or give them away on your own blog. I will also accept prizes back so I can give them to others.

    Thank you for the promotion Jacob and the repost of your comment! Yeah quite a bit in just a year… my goal was to have 1000 subscribers by the end of the year.

    Thank you Jason 🙂

    Thanks for that Lauren. Also fixed up that typo.

    Thank you for your article, it seems the trackback didn’t work either.

    Thanks for that, just checked my Reader and it gave me two posts also.
    Regarding your question, see my reply to Joram. Thank you.

  7. Doh! That *was* strange. One minute it was here, and then it wasn’t…

    I’ve Twittered about and announced this awesome gwp over on Group Writing Projects:

    Just Creative Design’s $11,000 Design Group Writing Project for Charity

    Also, one thing I mentioned before the first post’s disappearing act was…

    Happy Anniversary!

    This blog has had a phenomenal first year and I’m sure the best is yet to come. Jacob, you’re an inspiration in showing what can be accomplished in so little time. Kudos!

  8. Just posted my entry on LogoDesign.org (hope you don’t mind if I enter, even though I’m sponsoring a prize), I posted a trackback to your post but Joomla is weird with trackbacks so it may not have gotten through, in case it didn’t here’s the link to my entry:

    Why Obama’s logo helped make him the next President of the USA

  9. The prizes are amazing. The contest is amazing. The cause is amazing. So yes I’ve just donated and might write a post too in the near future. Happy Birthday Jacob!

  10. huh, that was strange indeed – post’s auto-deletion. I wondered what happened to my comment here…
    Anyhow, Happy Blog Anniversary, Jacob. Keep up the amazing work!
    Good luck to all participants.

  11. Happy Birthday Just Creative Design Blog! Your Charity Group Writing Project is a great idea – Thank you for doing such a wonderful thing. I will announce it on my blogs and community!


  12. great contest and great cause. sent my article in. wish i could donate but i’m incredibly poor at the moment. starting up this shit is tough as a student. anyways, hope i win and will provide cash someday soon.

  13. Hey Jacob! Congratulations on such a successful blog!

    Amazed by the wide range of prizes too- it’s great to see something being done for charity. I want to donate $50 but only have paypal, yet your donation site only takes Credit Card. What can I do?


  14. My post is up and I will be donating later today. Thank you for the opportunity and I love how you are conducting your giveaways.

  15. Happy Birthday Jacob =D
    One question: can any1 participate more than one time, like with 2 blogs or blogging and donating?

  16. I donated some money, from Sri Lanka. I just wanted to encourage you to go on with your great donation idea. If i win a prize i will be happy.

    Thanking you

  17. Just donated and hope everyone else, who can, will contribute to this. I am glad that it is going to a much needed cause.

    Great post Jacob, can’t wait to see what is made – hopefully the donations outweigh the prizes, that would be amazing!

  18. Great idea Jacob…. there is some really cool prizes here… I am proud to say I have donated to your charity, and I hope the money goes a long way.


    and I do hope I win something

  19. What a great (and large) contest Jacob!

    This is incredible! I’ve gone ahead and donated via PayPal in hopes that I can snag the Olympus digital camera! I’ve been stuck with a really bad Fuji camera for a long time now and I desperately need a more professional one.

    All of the other prizes look great as well!

    Can’t wait to see how much money is raised for charity.

  20. Thank you everyone!

    I don’t see it getting anywhere close to the $11,000 however I am hoping around the $1,000. That was my goal anyway.

    That is fine, thank you 🙂

  21. I’ve not been able to give a lot, unfortunately, but I’ve just made a donation. It sounds like a great cause!

    Fingers crossed for a win — I’ve got my eye on the camera, business card printing and the FreshBooks sub
    …and, of course, the Omni love chair! That’d be a wicked addition to the flat!

    Cheers, Jacob!

  22. Happy birthday JCD 🙂
    I have got my finger out and donated after reading details more carefully. Might try and get that article written hopefully before the deadline! One assignment almost done – two to go!!!!

  23. Great idea–just made my donation! Hope it’s not too late to enter… I’m not sure if you meant end of day 11/22 or beginning.

    Confirmation # 5R785027PA476914X

  24. Hello,

    I donated via Paypal, and am working on an article, but… isn’t the contest already closed? It’s almost 10am at GMT+11, if I understand correctly.

    … please count me. D: I didn’t realize what a huge time difference this contest was taking place in.

  25. Hey,

    It is really great and i also won one prize..

    Custom Logo or Banner Design from Vlad Georgescu.

    Who do i need to contact?


  26. Congratulations to all the winners and a big thankyou to Jacob, for setting up such an inspiring competition.
    I did not think twice, in supporting this charity, so I hope the proceed’s go to good use!
    Well done!!

  27. huh, that was strange indeed – post’s auto-deletion. I wondered what happened to my comment here…
    Anyhow, Happy Blog Anniversary, Jacob. Keep up the amazing work!
    Good luck to all participants.

  28. Hey Jacob,

    Great to see this initiative and a job well done.

    I’ve watched your TedEx video namely Building your personal foundation last night. It was really brilliant. You were very nervous, but you just were PERFECT because you really focused on being yourself.

    🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

  29. Nice read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he just bought me lunch since I found it for him smile Thus let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch! “To be 70 years young is sometimes far more cheerful and hopeful than to be 40 years old.” by Oliver Wendell Holmes.

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