12 Logos Selected for Logo Lounge Book 9

12 Logos Selected for Logo Lounge Book 9

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LogoLounge is the one of the most respected and best-selling logo design book series in the world and I’m happy to share that 12 logos of mine were selected to be published in the upcoming LogoLounge Book 9.

The 22,000 submissions were juried by a pedigree panel of logo design giants and only 2000 of the world’s top logos made the cut.

The 12 selected logos include work done for clients; Ireland Group Real Estate, Boarding & Beyond, The Tasty Baker, Welcome Smiles, Max Square, Cherokee Charters, Spice Sage, Purple Heist, Phone Division and Artistic Highways.

Thank you to Bill Gardner, his team and of course, the judges! This marks the 43rd logo published in their amazing book series.

Jacob Casss Logo Lounge Book 9 Selections

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18 thoughts on “12 Logos Selected for Logo Lounge Book 9”

  1. Did these projects all get implemented? I’d be interested to see the before-and-after these companies. Also, how is it I never hear about the call for selections? That’s the first step in being featured, obviously.

  2. Thanks everyone!

    Prescott, All of these were for real clients yet not all were used (eg. some were unused concepts). There were a few before and afters and a few totally new companies.

    The call to selections is actually all the time. Eery logo you submit to LogoLounge is automatically considered for their books which are usually annually.

    • Great article. I’m really struggling with how to get a great idea out there. I have some blueprints but nothing professionally done. Any suggestions of whom/what type of people to get in contact with? I’ve looked into BrandCrowd, seems ok. Also, what computer software can I use if I wanted to do it myself?? Thanks!!!

  3. Great to hear Jacob. Looking at these logo designs, there is no surprise that these were included in Logo Lounge. You deserve it! I would be really interested in seeing what Artistic Highways is about.

  4. Hi Prestop,

    Artistic Highways is an organisation that provides Children’s art programs and adult painting party events (a division of Jerry’s Artarama that has been in business since 1968).

  5. These logo designs are great, modern looking although there is something timeless about them so I can’t see them aging badly over time.

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