15 Ways to Recharge Your Brain

15 Ways to Recharge Your Brain

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Recharge Your Brain

Do you ever feel like you just aren’t thinking right? Got writers block? Feeling uncreative?

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A quote from Harold Kushener says “Think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense.” We can adapt this to our creativity; the further we get into our brains, the more it begins to make sense, and thus comes our creativity.

So if you are not just thinking right, here are 15 great ways to recharge your brain as posted on LifeClever.

1. Go for a brisk walk
2. Take a nap
3. Lie in a nearby park or on a bench and watch the clouds go by
4. Listen to music or even podcast novels
5. Browse a local bookstore
6. Stroll through a nearby art gallery
7. Get a coffee in a cafe and read the paper or, even better, a gossip magazine
8. Hit the gym
9. Meditate or do yoga
10. Hang out at the local dog run and get in touch with your animal nature
11. Window shop
12. Sit on the corner and sketch buildings
13. Memorize poetry
14. Get a massage
15. Do math problems or crosswords

What other methods do you use to be creative or recharge your brain?

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