16 Free eBooks Every Future Startup Owner Should Read

16 Free eBooks Every Future Startup Owner Should Read

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This is a guest article contributed by Julia Blake.

When launching your business, you might feel overwhelmed because of the amount of the information to consider. That is why today we will try to guide you through four main domains that predetermine the success of your future business project.

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These domains are business, marketing, online advertising, and social media. We are happy to introduce you a collection of free ebooks on the topics mentioned. Enjoy your reading and get ready to write down the tips from the top professionals of the business world.

Free Ebooks on Business

  1. Darren Wilkins. Your First Business: a Starters Guide

After reading this book, you will learn how to create your first business plan and choose an appropriate business form for your future project. Moreover, you will learn a few tricks about choosing a catchy name and creating a logo.

  1. Georg Erich Winter. Clever Profit-Generating Insights 

This ebook consists of only fifteen pages that contain a list of practical advice concerning the basics of starting a business. All the tips given are short and concrete, e.g. chapter 3 of the eBook enumerates the words you might want to use in your ad.

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  1. Jason Jennings. Think Big, Act Small: How America’s Best Performing Companies Keep the Start-up Spirit Alive

Think Big Act Small

This book will help you stay tuned once you make the first successful steps in the business world. The book is based on the solid research of one hundred companies. It gives you a chance to experience all the necessary conditions for keeping your progress rate high.

Free Ebooks on Marketing

4. Ann Holman. Marketing Rule Book

This ebook is fun to read as it offers straightforward and simple solutions for small business owners. For example, the book states that there is no point in advertising to everybody. It also claims that the design is always differential even if your product is exactly the same to what your competitors offer.

  1. Breda Mccarthy. Strategy, Marketing Plans and Small Organisations

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This ebook is all about the importance of the long-term planning. The author focuses on the needs and challenges that any small business can face in the changing economic environment. You will read on why a chief executive is a key figure in the process, how to use design strategies to your best benefit, and what a strategic plan is.

  1. Donald F. Blankertz. Cases And Problems In Marketing Research

This long-read is a handbook for startup owners who want to get into details about the problems they might face. The cases shown in the book are chosen to encourage the reader to step beyond the known. This book can also motivate you to improvise with new marketing methods when the ones available do not work.

  1. Principles of Marketing

This ebook is a fundamental guide to the world of marketing. Instead of reading it from the beginning to the end, concentrate your attention on the chapters that seem relevant to your market niche. For instance, you can always start with chapters 3 and 6. In these chapters, the author sheds light on consumer behaviour and illustrates the process of creating an attractive offering.

Free Ebooks on Online Advertising

  1. Anders Eriksson. Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

This ebook gives you insights into how to make money with your Google Adsense account. The ebook offers you a step-by-step guide for creating the content that you can sell effectively and get some extra profit from your website.

  1. Express Guide for Online Advertising with Google AdWords

This eBook is a brief walkthrough that combines only the most necessary actions when getting started with Google AdWords. You will get to know how to launch the first advertising campaign on the Internet and then diversify your offers. The guide is great for beginners.

  1. Techniques for Online Marketing

This ebook offers you answers to multiple “how-to” questions. Once you read it, you will be able to create a website to attract clientele, find partners online, establish contacts with your clients via e-mail ads and much more.

Free eBooks on Social Media

12. Social Media Marketing 101: Handbook for Beginners

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This ebook is the best solution for beginners with no idea how to get started on social media . There are a lot of useful recommendations and tools for different purposes that you can use free of charge.

13. Killer Facebook Post Ideas for Small Business Owners

This ebook is created to specifically discuss the main factors that predetermine the success of your Facebook posts. Make your small business popular on Facebook by generating likes, shares, and comments.

14. Rachel Beaney. The Essential Checklist for Social Media Branding

This ebook is organized as a checklist, which is quite handy for startup owners. It gives insights into the importance of updating your social media profiles regularly, e.g. your cover image, About Us tab etc.

15. Dan Schenker. Social Media Boot Camp: How Not To Suck At Social Media

This ebook offers seven unique pieces of advice that you might want to follow to improve your social media skills. All the examples given are based on the author’s personal experience. It proves to be a valuable guide for small business owners who are limited in terms of time they can spend on their social media accounts.

16. Actionable Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Marketing Idea eBook

This comprehensive small business digital marketing ebook covers everything from what is digital marketing to a step-by-step action plan to build a website, begin your social marketing efforts, launch an email marketing strategy and run ad campaigns:


With a closer look at the books mentioned above, you will feel safer when starting your first business project. Remember that this advice may be good but only you make the final choice when it comes to your business.

Do you have any other free business ebooks to add?

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