16 Easy Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

16 Easy Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

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Every day is different, and everyone’s mental agility can change from minute to minute. Sometimes a person’s brain is very open, and the ideas and creativity seem to just flow.

Other times, this same person seems to be stuck in a mindset that gets them nowhere. This article is for those people who need to get those creative juices flowing again.

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Conceptual Mind

A creative designer needs to maintain an optimistic feeling to be able to focus on their inspiration. Fear can be a downfall in this scenario and will diminish this focus. Mental flexibility is demonstrated when a person can change their mindset and move away from the fears. A designer is a creator and what they create is considered magic. They take an idea and design something that is a visual stunner that offers a solution to a challenge.

Many people struggle with sustaining a particular intensity of creativity. So, it’s important to try and maintain a positive mindset to overcome this conflict. Aspirations and goals are the foundation of mental flexibility along with stability between self-control and impulse. These 17 tips allow the brain to adapt and release more creative ideas.

1. Set No Expectations

Always create with no expectations as to the outcome. By just creating a passion, the final result will be something spectacular.

2. Practice Every Day


It doesn’t matter what it is, but a design should be created every day. This practice will keep the creative flow moving towards designing something amazing.

3. Read a Book

The more people read, the more their minds open up. This allows mind to think of new ideas which result in becoming more creative. All it takes is reading about a half hour before going to bed at night.

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4. Make a Note of Ideas


As soon as an idea forms, write it down. After it’s written down, the brain is free to form another idea.

5. Listen to Sound

There are sound frequencies that have a positive result in increasing the creativity and performance of the brain. When these sounds are listened to, a person can see the positive effect it has had on their creativity and thinking.

6. Anti-Oxidants

Eating blueberries will provide the richest of anti-oxidants, and a few of them should be eaten every day. They are great for raising the thinking ability of the brain.

7. Brain Games

Brain Games

Brain games stimulate the brain and force it to look at all kinds of problems from very diverse angles. It opens the mind to new approaches and ideas which lead to more creativity. 8. Eat Healthy.

That means, cut down on food that’s processed, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. People will feel more energetic, and that energy will bring new inspiration.

8. Exercise


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Everyone feels better after they exercise. The bloodstream receives endorphins, making a person feel better. This opens up the mind to receive new inspiration resulting in more creativity. 10.  Meditate for Inner Peace. Through meditation, all thoughts are silenced, and the mind finds the peace it needs to produce more creative ideas. 

9. Increase Horizons

By participating in something totally out of the ordinary, it will drastically improve creativity and bring forth new ideas. 

10.  Relax

Woman Relaxing

Do something relaxing like taking a walk, taking a nap, or any other activity that is relaxing. This action also relaxes the brain so it can become more creative.

11. Talk to People

By getting opinions from other people, new ideas and creativity will get a boost. Activate your brain activity by talking to strangers and friends alike.

12.  Remove Barriers

Remove Barriers

People need to accept that, they are they what are, and avoid criticizing themselves. They shouldn’t react harshly on themselves because these actions will definitely block any creative thoughts.

13. Don’t Keep Repeating

If people keep repeating the same ideas, it becomes a habit and will restrict creativity.  Now is the time to try something new by breaking the mold. Create something totally out of the ordinary and see where it goes.

14. Break the Rules

People should break the rules they’ve set in their own heads by exercising their creative mind. Create something different and don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be perfect.

15. Challenging Oneself

Instead of dodging the weaker areas of their life, people should try to improve on them. This will engage the process of solving the problem which then releases more room for creativity.

16. Be A Flexible Thinker

Flexible thinkers have the capacity to control and direct their thoughts. This way of thinking allows them to adjust to a novel way of thinking. They can also apply this to what they perceive and can focus on the situation at hand.

Our brain has the ability to rewire itself and can physically adjust to our new ways of thinking. A flexible mindset shoves away all patterns of limiting thought, and goes to a serene place of possibilities and openness to creativity.

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