18 Truly Awesome HandPicked Designer TShirts

18 Truly Awesome HandPicked Designer TShirts

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If you are like me, you love your t-shirts and this is why I have hand picked 18 awesome, cool designer tshirts for your pleasure. All of these shirts come in men and women’s sizes and are on sale from $19 at DesignByHumans by affiliate.

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Want to personalize your own shirt? See here for more cool designer tshirts.

77 thoughts on “18 Truly Awesome HandPicked Designer TShirts”

  1. Great T-shirts. I’ve had a difficult time finding a printer that would print so large. Everyone I talk to have limits because of the seams. Do you know what printer the designer uesed?

    Scott Westhoven’s last blog post..

  2. Roy,
    I am actually in the process of designing 10 tshirts for a client in Egypt so guess so!
    I don’t think there would be import duties, however I am not from the UK but you could always put “gift” to get it through. I am getting the CMYK one.

    Yeah the zebra and the cmyk one are my favourites!

    I am not familiar with the process but I am sure there is some info on the interweb on it!

    They are also strong designs so it is hard to choose just one but I like the CMYK one just for the chic factor.

    Have you got some pics of your shirts?

    They are my cup of tea, love em!

    • Hi – i’m looking to purchase the t-shirt with the picture of the dead guy / skull standing up in the suit. Any ideas if this available as I cannot see it anywhere for sale on this site?



  3. If you’re going to have affiliate links on these images, it might be worth the few minutes adding the product-specific links instead.

    As far as I can tell, there’s no search function on DBH, so right now it’s a case of just browsing through until you come across it – make things as easy as possible for someone to buy, before they change their mind!

  4. Rob,
    There is only one link for affiliate so I had to use that otherwise I would have.

    I am getting the CMYK one too. The commissions I can only use to buy shirts from their site so it’s not like I am earning cash, just a free awesome shirt!

  5. There are some tees in there I would love to have! Particularly the CMYK one.

    Though I’m concerned it could be quite expensive to ship to the UK (you know, like if there are hidden import duty fees – DesignsByHumans say there could be).

    Do you design any of your own t-shirts Jacob?

  6. i loved that last zebra for some time now…..contemplating buying one if they’d only ship to my hidden corner in the world 🙁

  7. Love the CMYK one! I like them a bit geeky too, hehe. I was thinking about getting into t-shirt design myself, and as several other commenters have mentioned, I wonder how they get such a large print. Maybe they print before they sew it together?

    Eivind’s last blog post..Legibility and readability defined by design-academics

  8. You can make any size screen to print. Most printers just do the smaller sizes. Props to DBH for doing over size prints. I make my own screens have about 50 now and do oversize ones and whenever I wear them people jaw drop because no one does oversize and its graphically striking. I like doing multiple treatments on one shirt like screen printing and then using an iron-on top of that. I like the apple one simple yet interesting.

    modemlooper’s last blog post..Easy Way to Create Fonts

  9. #7 is my personal favorite. Personal preference I guess. All of them are really nice though.

    Mike Smith’s last blog post..Listing WordPress Pages Multiple Levels Deep

  10. Wow. Big wow. I want most of them! Inspirational stuff. I am developing a clothing brand (very early stages), this kind of humbles me.

    *drags credit card from wallet*

    Ruud van Wijngaarden’s last blog post..The Waldo Ultimatum – The Imponderables

  11. Great collection Jacob, bright colours and oversize printing not my cup of tea, but really interesting to see how much people do like it. CMYK gets my vote too.

    Steve Brown’s last blog post..Halftone Dots and Screenprinting

  12. I visit that design by humans website alot thanks to media zone, and the t-shirt idea really appeals to me, because I have a design already completed, just needs printed on the t-shirt. but very nice post, more of these please 🙂

    Craig Farrall’s last blog post..The Carsonified Golden Ticket.

  13. Nice selection, Jacob! I really like 8, for the simplicity of the design.

    Adrian | Rubiqube’s last blog post..10 More Great Website Designs Using WordPress As CMS

  14. Yeah, Design By Humans have amazing tshirts that you won’t find anywhere else – but I’m holding out for them to start accepting PayPal for orders.

    Eli’s last blog post..Photoshop/Illustrator Tutorial: Designing a Vexel Banner

  15. The birds one is amazing! I’ll be hitting up your affiliate link for that one! 🙂

    Jamie Le Souef’s last blog post..My Boy (1)

  16. So, these are some great designs.

    I’m taken aback by the lack of variety in size of the graphics…everything’s *BAM* – right in your face. The ‘A is for apple’ and the star trek hand gesture are the most “simple” of the designs posted.

    Not that these designs don’t have their place, because obviously everyone who’s posted has ranted and raved about them. But I think subtlety has some place in t-shirt design…while still being a powerful message.

    I’m heading over to their website to check out more of their shirts…

  17. Hehe, I’ve been almost obsessed with t-shirts lately. There are just so many cool ones. I even tried my hand at designing Ts, but haven’t succeeded… yet 😉
    It’s a great medium, for sure.

    RaShell’s last blog post..Doodle-Floor Extravaganza

  18. These are some amazing designs. Especially the hand reaching for an apple and the black and white bird shirt.

    I just started a clothing design company, One of Twenty, and this is the type of stuff we look up to and aspire to create.

  19. A lot of these shirts are really great. The showcase some really good design skills. However, I tend to dress more to blend in then to stick out so I probably wouldn’t wear any of them.

  20. Can’t wait till the whole fractal design dies out, the shits may look cool but they don’t take a lot of work to create.

  21. I’m going to have to dissent here and say that I don’t like these designs at all. You should be questioning your design credentials if you can’t see that they are nothing but vacuous, faddy, photoshop hodgepodge. There really is nothing behind this stuff except to look “PRETTY COOL”. Ed Hardy for hipsters!

  22. The black and white t-shirt with birds isn’t on the design by humans web page.do u know if its gone forever or if there’s somewhere else i could get it.must have it.

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