192 Creative, Smart & Clever Advertisements

192 Creative, Smart & Clever Advertisements

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Here are 192 of the best creative, smart and clever advertising messages that I have found across the web in recent times. They have used some great techniques and ideas in all of these ads and I think they are brilliant!

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237 thoughts on “192 Creative, Smart & Clever Advertisements”

  1. Wow, what a reeeediculous post Jacob! Very cool to see them all. I’ve only seen about 20 of those prior.

    The Samsung / Music / Cell Phone one is probably the most perfect poster you could make. It is everything an ad needs to be.

    Cool post, will be back to spend more time on it.

  2. A lot of nice advertisements on here. Definitely shows there are some creative marketing teams worldwide.

    You’ve collected a great set of photos, just wish I could see some of the catchy tag lines more clearly, some are a bit hard to read at the current size.

    Bens last blog post..Work-In-Progress: Barack Obama Caricature

  3. GamerMK,
    Thanks for the heads up about it being in there twice. There is probably one or two more in there as well.

    Thanks for the heads up, I will remove the duplicates soon.

    Hehe yeah there are always ones you have seen before (such as the ever so famous Business Card post) but it is great to see new ones.

    Inspiration heaven I’ll say! Pity you can’t read all the tag lines.

    Katy, Mike, Drew, Liam, Michael,
    Your welcome!

    Yeah it is a shame the sizes of some are too small, you really lose the message of the ad.

  4. Yeah, some pics are posted twice… no big deal, really, considering how much effort you put in showcasing the best!

    Thanks a lot, these ads are all but boring!

  5. I have such a love/hate relationship with advertising. On one hand I hate the idea there being so much junk thrown at us throughout the day, trying to sell us things we don’t need or teaching us to be fearful (too fat, too slow, too old, too poor) because of who we are.

    .. on the other hand, I loooooove a good idea, and advertising can be the playground of some brilliantly clever ones, which you’ve shown us quite a few of here, thanks Jacob!

    some good places to waste a few hours looking at some great ads;

    and of course, how can an Australian blog mention advertising and there not be a mention of the Gruen Transfer somewhere in the comments? Anyone else been enjoying this show?

  6. this is such a great post. I just wanted to point out that some of the ads are twice in the post: use only what you need – denver water with the bench, tie on the underground as well as the beer cans on the underground.
    I know I sometimes put a pic up twice whith only a total of 20 so this is more than natural 🙂 keep the great work up!

    ferdinands last blog post..Great Video: Supergrass – Bad Blood

  7. When you mentioned this on Twitter 14 hours ago I was expecting great things, and you delivered, nice stuff. Too many favourites to list but really like those first two, very clever!

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  10. Your welcome everyone 🙂

    Yukito, no sorry I have not been to Japan but I would really love to!

    Not a niche, thanks for more creative advertising, they were great!

  11. Wow! very interesting and funny 🙂
    By the way do you have been in Japan?
    There are some Japanese ads.
    I live in Japan so, they are very familiar.
    Thanks nice post!

    Yukikos last blog post..orange

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  15. These are incredible. I love most of them however there are a few i dislike.

    Break Glass in case of revolution is great for v for vendetta.

    I saw a similar approach when star wars was aired on spike. The sign read break glass in case of sith attack.


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  21. They are great Lucas… the Big Ben didn’t look out of the ordinary for me at the start however I am sure it would have been more obvious if you live in the UK.

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  30. A pretty inspiring post. The only thing is, most of the ads dont have any obvious product associated with them. Maybe I’m missing something but most of them seem to be a punchline rather than an ad for a specific product.

    BTW…where did you find all of these? I find that searching out interesting pictures is harder than interesting information because you cant use google

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  32. Every ad has to be advertising something, usually you will look in the bottom right corner of an ad to find out what the product is selling. I used StumbleUpon to find the ads 🙂

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  37. Awesome post!Ive seen most of these ads before but you did include some gems that I haven’t encountered. My favorite ad has to be for Clorets…the message is so clear by use of amazing art direction.

    Shanes last blog post..Nandos Likes it Saucy

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  46. I just want to say how amazing this collection is! I see other posts and they have around 20-50 but they are all repeated. Yes I have seen about one third of these but most of them I havent and loved them all. great job honestly!

  47. Wow, these are pretty cool.
    You’d never see (atleast I havent)
    Any of these ADS in america.

    My dream of going to malaysia
    will help with my graphic design career, i bet.

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  51. Ha ha these ad’s are brill! Such good uses of ambient media which is designed to grab a persons attention – this could be slightly dangerous in the case of the Duracell battery ad as it might be slightly distracting to other drivers!

    Also the fact that most ppl posting have seen at least a couple of these ad’s before shows that great creative ideas stick around.

  52. hey jacob,

    gr8 effort, I must say !!!
    keep up the good job.
    I am very much interested in creative ads. I consider myself to be a creatve person too. But i must confess that i was not able to understand all the messages these creatives carried.
    Thanx for making me realise that there is a lot to be understood and a lot to be improved so far my creativity is concerned.

    Thnx buddy

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  56. Well, I do like the water ads from denver. I do not so much like the “obesity is suicide” thing with the explosive belt kinda thing. Having lived in the Middle east for quite a while, I must say, it’s kinda tasteless.

    Anyway, the creativity of some people surely is amazing.

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  62. Wow, it’s really fantastic and funny 🙂
    I just wondering what display cabinets they will use for such a great ADs, I have one recommendation for our light-weighted/thin and water proof uniform cabinet size;480*480mm.
    Haha, if need can check our website and back to me for details [email protected] Thanks!



  63. That’s a long list of creative ideas. I have a small creative design company and I am thinking of using some of the concepts. Do you think it is illegal? I mean my own photographs and graphic design, but the same idea.

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  65. Inspiring post. There’s a great book that has many more examples, similar to these. It’s called Creative Advertising. I bought it years ago, but I think they update it every year or so. Thought some might be interested in it.

  66. Hey I loved those ads! Now I gotta create one about myself for my marketing class…asi if I we’re the product, taking advantage of my pros and conts, using lateral markting. ANY IDEAS OR EXAMPLES PLEASE??

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  70. Thank you for this article. Super post, thank you. If you are related to this article, visit my blog please: Clever Advertising.

  71. Absolutely brilliant buddy…. u born to be a creative person…every single ad of yours is as unique as you are… hope to meet u sometime.. Cheers

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  74. I am speechless ..! Concepts i haven’t find anywhere over the internet. These concepts are truly gorgeous and at some images i was shocked to see your creativity.

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  76. Such an awesome post.

    I love the plastic bag concepts that integrate the design with where people carry the bag. There are quite a few super clever ones on this list.


  77. Pretty extensive list! I would have liked it better if I could click them to get bigger versions for the ones I couldn’t quite read….

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  79. Usually all the companies are advertising for their products , many of companies work very hard to make their promotional , but some times these advertising are failed to attract the persons , So, I appreciate the creative advertising because it attracts the person with some unique and great ways .

  80. Clear lungs filled with cigarettes made me wheeze a little O_o.

    Cool list, I used to refer to this blog all the time for inspiration.

  81. Thanks for this interesting post on advertisements. We do this business quite a while, and good advertisements examples are always welcome.

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  83. Awesome!!!!!!!!! Awesome !!!!!!!!!
    These Ad making is really much creative. I like it. Then Thanks to published here. I see those i have gather much creative knowledge.

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