2 Days Left To Get Your Entries In + Improvements to JCD

2 Days Left To Get Your Entries In + Improvements to JCD

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Just a quick reminder for you to get your article / donation in before it is too late… don’t miss out on this opportunity to win your share of $11,000 worth of prizes! Click here for full information.

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Also a quick notice to let you know that I am changing hosting plans to a new clustered hosting account so you may see the Just Creative Design website down on Saturday. We have the switch scheduled for 5pm +9GMT. The site should only be down for roughly 3 hours.

What does this mean?
This means Just Creative Design will have increased reliability, speed and efficiency! I am not sure you will notice a huge difference in normal browsing, however, when the site gets huge amounts of traffic (ie. Digg front page) it will withstand the traffic inflow a bit better.

I don’t usually get technical on this blog but I thought I might share with you a bit of the *behind the scenes* – the things that don’t usually get talked about elsewhere. For those of you still interested, read on but it does get a bit technical…

How is clustered hosting different to normal shared hosting?

Shared hosting has all services on a particular machine… eg. one machine will run SQL, Web & Mail traffic. If any of these machines become busy they affect the speed of my website/mail and queries. With a clustered setup each individual service runs on it’s own dedicated machine. ie. when one server is busy another server will take over. This in turn improves reliability, speed and efficiency of the website.

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Upgrade History

This is the third time I have upgraded my hosting plans… a sign showing that Just Creative Design is on a steady rise! The first time I switched hosts was when I got banned from my own website in January (I was paying $4 a month so that was understandable) which in turn, made me switch hosts and find a shared unmetered plan.

This unmetered plan was going great until I started bursting the database requests. This forced me to move to a new server that I shared with only 4 people rather than 100+ but ever since then the site has been going great with no problems!

However, last week I was contacted by my hosts letting me know about their new clustered hosting set up and I thought why not? So here I am, upgrading for the 3rd time! I am guessing the next change will be to a Virtual Private Server but I am not looking forward to that!

Anyway, don’t forget to get your donation / article in!

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PS. I wrote a guest article on Freelance Folder this week: The Fast, Good, Cheap Pricing Method.

6 thoughts on “2 Days Left To Get Your Entries In + Improvements to JCD”

  1. Congrats on needing to upgrade yet again. Just out of curiosity, if you are going to transfer the site anyway why not just do it to a VPS? A decent VPS can’t be much more than cloud hosting and the extra cost would probably be worth the hassle of not having to move your site twice.

    BTW thanks for the explanation about cloud hosting, I wasn’t 100% clear on what it was before your post!

  2. I was wondering what hosting you use also.
    And if there is any Australian host you recommend. I am using Jumba at the moment, but sometimes it seems a bit slow, because as far as I’m aware their server are a little overloaded.

    Congratulations on the large amounts of traffic your pushing. well done

  3. I probably should have mentioned the host I was with, not sure why I didn’t. Anyway, I am with Solid Internet… http://solidinternet.com

    They have servers in the US, Australia and UK. However, I am on a customised plan (not on their website) on a US server. I am on an unmetered bandwidth plan with 20gb of space with unlimited everything. AUD$50/m. A pretty competitive rate considering I am turning over 700gb/m.

    I would prefer to have an Australian server however bandwidth restrictions make this not possible.

    It isn’t really much of a hassle of swapping, my hosts do it all from their end and I don’t have to do anything. A VPS is more maintenance and another learning curve… plus at this time it is not necessary.

    I would recommend Solid Internet… however their phone support is pretty non existent (I have only ever got through once) after 20minutes wait. However, they have online customer support who are online most of the time who are very knowledgeable. Tickets are replied to fast too. Very competitive rates. Not much to complain about at all!

  4. A VPS has its pros and cons but I am enjoying it and I can offer my clients hosting for $100 a year.
    This is a re-occurring payment for little work but when something goes wrong you need to fix it pronto. I have in the past had hackers take out the entire server and take all the websites off line. Usually an upgrade is needed and finding out how and why this happened and take appropriate measures to prevent such attacks. Like most things there are always new things and technologies to learn about running your own a server. I currently use Hostgator but may switch to one located closer to the majority of my clients for even faster load times.

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