2009 Worldwide Logo Design Annual Award Winners

2009 Worldwide Logo Design Annual Award Winners

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Wolda 2009

The results are in from the 2009 Worldwide Logo Design Annual Awards and I’m very happy to announce that for the second year in a row, I’ve managed to scoop up the ‘Best of Australia’ and ‘Best of Continent’ talent awards. This year my winning logo design was the FITUCCI logo (shown below) of which I’ve detailed the full design process here.

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There were many more superb winning logo designs, my favourites showcased below. Be sure to check out the full list of 2009 Wolda winners as well.

My Wolda Award Winning Logo Design

Fitucci Logo

FITUCCI Co. is a comprehensive source for superior custom doors & windows. FITUCCI specialise in luxury residential & commercial projects, supplying state of the art doors & windows. The concept behind the logo is based on the fact that the side rectangles (trapeziums) can either be seen as windows or doors (it is open to a matter of interpretation).

Read the full logo design process here.

The Awards

Wolda 09 Awards

Wolda 2009 Awards

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Wolda Press Release

Wolda is the innovative graphic design awards scheme that rewards the best logos and trademarks designed throughout the world and the only award scheme endorsed by ICOGRADA and more than 100 other international design associations and schools.

Thanks to its originality and design excellence, the “Fitucci” logo has been selected for the “Best of Continent ‘09 and “Best of Nation ‘09 talent award and will be included in the Wolda ‘09 printed annual, plus an honourable mention on the Wolda website.

To select the winners, an innovative international three-tier jury consisting of 10 top design professionals, 10 major international clients and finally of 10 members of the public, reviewed all the logos submitted following a unique process which reflects the actual process that turns any logo into a successful logo: the designers decide what to present to the clients, the clients decide what to present to the public, but in the end it is always the public that decides if a brand is successful.

The 30 judges have been selected respectively from ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations), AQUENT and CONSUMERS INTERNATIONAL.

All winning entries for Wolda ‘09 are displayed online at www.wolda.org and will be published towards the end of December in the 2010 annual, a substantial hard bound volume of exceptional quality printed on SAPPI acclaimed papers by FONTEGRAFICA.

You can view a full PDF about Wolda here.

My Favourite Wolda Logo Award Winners

Below you can see my favourite logos from the 2009 winner’s list, of which I’m honoured to placed alongside.

Circus Magazines

Logo name: Circus of Magazines
Nation: United States
Designer(s): Olivier Courbet
Client: Circus of Magazines
Description: Logo created for Circus of Magazines™, an online marketplace for magazines. It combines an open magazine and a circus tent in order to represent the online community and by extension the website, a place where magazine lovers gather to buy, sell and exchange magazines. The challenge consisted of avoiding any clichés while keeping in mind the client’s desire to incorporate a classic circus feature in the mark. The final result is a simple and memorable logo and a mark that works well for stand-alone usage.

City of Melbourne Logo

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Logo name: City of Melbourne
Nation: Australia
Agency: Landor Associates
Designer(s): Jason Little, Jefton Sungkar, Sam Pemberton, Ivana Martinovic
Client: City of Melbourne
Description: Melbourne is a progressive city, internationally recognised for its diversity, innovation and liveability. Our challenge was to create an identity for the City of Melbourne that would reflect Melbourne’s cool sophistication, capture the passion of the council and the people, and enable a unified and future focus for the City. Centered around a geometric framework, the identity is as iconic and multi-faceted as the city itself. At its heart, the M provides an iconic surface for endless visual executions to take place, adapting to suit the full range of services, sub-brands, initiatives and audiences.

911 Memorial

Logo name: 9/11 Memorial
Nation: United States
Agency: Landor Associates
Designer(s): Rietje Gieskes, Eugene Heard, Karen Yau
Client: 9/11 Memorial
Description: The eleven, composed of two austere blue rectangles that reference the shapes missing from the skyline, serves to create an essential impression in people’s minds, while upholding the elegance and seriousness of a historical institution whose role is to foster remembrance and education.

In The City Entertainment Logo

Logo name: In the City Entertainment
Nation: Japan
Agency: Graphik-Movements
Designer(s): Cory Williams Crowther
Client: In the City Entertainment Inc.
Description: “In the City Entertainment” specializes in productions, video production services, on-line content creation, electronic press kits, photo shoots, promo packages, press junkets, publicity and independent production. Their clients resources range from all Hollywood Studios, Networks, Executive Producers, Publicists and Marketing teams. Clientele include: Warner Bros. Int. Warner Bros. Studio, CBS, CW Network, TV Guide, WWE, FOX, Nickelodeon and others.

Waterfront Logo

Logo name: The Waterfront
Nation: Australia
Agency: SML / Small Medium Large
Designer(s): Vanessa Ryan, Troy Dagan
Client: The Waterfront
Description: The Waterfront is a modern residential apartment development overlooking the waterfront in Sydney Australia.

Bird Life

Logo name: Birdlife
Nation: Malta
Agency: Bulldog
Designer(s): Ren Spiteri
Client: Birdlife Malta
Description: BirdLife is a global partnership of conservation organisations that strive to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity. Operating in over one hundred countries and territories worldwide, they work with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources. This logo forms part of a campaign designed to help Birdlife Malta stimulate social conscience about illegal bird hunting, while increasing pressure on the Maltese authorities to enforce international protection laws.

Mini Museum

Logo name: Mini Museum Mürren
Nation: Switzerland
Agency: Atelier Bundi
Designer(s): Stephan Bundi
Client: MiniMuseumMürren
Description: The name of a little museum in a little place. Mürren is a village in the Swiss mountains.


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Logo name: THINX
Nation: Italy
Agency: MCdesign
Designer(s): Mattia Castiglioni
Client: THINX srl | Comunicazione, marketing, pr
Description: Thinx is born as a PR and communication agency, with the need to introduce into its logo a particular value of strong conceptual dynamism, which is an incontestable element of any project from Thinx itself.


Logo name: Blackhawk Logistics
Nation: Australia
Designer(s): David Constantine at CRE8IVE
Client: Blackhawk Logistics
Description: Client was a consumer logistics and security company, founded by ex-military specialists. The target market required a strong graphic mark that instilled confidence and promoted authority, versatile enough to be applied equally well to uniforms, corporate documentation and vehicles alike.

Architects Revolver

Logo name: Architects Revolver
Nation: Greece
Agency: Kommigraphics
Designer(s): Kosmas Apatangelos
Client: Architects Revolver.com
Description: Architects Revolver is a logo for the italian web forum architectsrevolver.com about architecture. New technologies, suggestions and comments about new trends and architectural designs can be found in this blog. The slogan is: Give it a “Shot” – suggesting by this way all young architects to participate and leave a comment!

Blue Bamboo Yoga

Logo name: Blue Bamboo Yoga
Nation: Canada
Agency: Zync Communications Inc.
Designer(s): Mike Kasperski, Peter C Wong
Client: Blue Bamboo Yoga
Description: Blue Bamboo Yoga is a newly created yoga practice needing a brand to market their studios to busy parents and business people who could do with some time out from their hectic lives. Located in suburban retail locations put them in the perfect spot to tap into their primary audiences. The objective was to distinguish the client from mainstream yoga studios by steering clear of the typical granola and Zen representation that many adopt. The new logo is contemporary and stylish with a distinctive vertical application to represent the “balance” that Blue Bamboo Yoga can provide.

The Libertine Logo

Logo name: The Libertine Public House
Nation: United Kingdom
Client: The Libertine
Description: The Libertine is a lively pub in central London. The logo design was based on the jack of hearts playing card to suggest the spirit of a bon viveur. Spot the deliberate mistake!

Love Logo

Logo name: LvngLove
Nation: Argentina
Designer(s): Juan Pablo Tredicce
Client: LvngLove
Description: LvngLove is a feeling that transforms consumers’ behavior in helping other people’s needs. The Logo was designed with the idea of being universal. To understand the word “love”, there is no need for letters to read, only imagination and feeling. Some people will only see simple shapes and others will read LOVE, in this non-letters word.

What are your favourite Wolda logo design award winners?

31 thoughts on “2009 Worldwide Logo Design Annual Award Winners”

  1. Congrats on the award! I really like the optical illusion effect of the windows/doors — how they seem 3D.

    Also, the logos of Circus of Magazines and City of Melbourne are gorgeous.

  2. Congratulation! Jacob. I have been a fan of your work /blog/websites for a year now, and you still continue to impress me with great achievements. Cheers!!

  3. Well done Jacob. An awesome achievement…again!
    I think all the above are worthy winners, as they all bring something unique to the table.

    I have a love-hate relationship with the Melbourne logo. There is something about it I can’t really connect with, but perhaps being from Melbourne I am just being overly critical of it.

    We were also lucky enough to pick up a Wolda this year. I wrote a post about it over on our blog. If you get time, head over there and check it out.

  4. Congratulations

    It’s really no surprise that you swept both categories. Your stuff is top notch.

    I think the real gems were “LvngLove”, “Blue Bamboo Yoga”, “The Waterfront” and “In the City Entertainment”.

    Personally, I have to say that “LvngLove” takes the big cookie award!

    You’re work inspires the rest of us to try so much harder and gives us a goal to aim for.

    Congrats again.

    Thanks & Regards

  5. Great collection, and good job on your FITUCCI logo Chris. Seems like almost all of the logos are simple yet clever enough to communicate an element of what they represent in the design.

  6. Congratulations! What a fantastic achievement.

    My first impression of the 9/11 Memorial logo was that the 11 represented ‘Pause'(as in pause to remember). It wasn’t until I read your comments that I released that the 11 also represented the towers. Simple yet very effective, regardless of the interpretation.

  7. Yael,
    Thanks, glad you picked up on it! Some do, some don’t!

    Thank you and congratulations on your award too!

    As for the Melbourne logo, I think it’s a pretty unique mark (bar from the plagiarism claims) especially when used across the rest of the brand identity. It’s certainly a positive change from it’s old identity too.

    Anurak, Dave, Noel, Clayton,
    Thanks for your congrats and kind words!

  8. Congratulations Jacob!
    I really like your logo design, it is very clever how the trapeziums can be interpreted as both windows and doors!
    The logo of ‘Circus of Magazines’ is pretty cool too, the pictorial element of this is nifty.
    Keep up your amazing work and awesome blog; I always look forward to reading your next post 🙂

  9. Congrats to the Winner!
    My Favorite is “Mini Museum Murren”, Its smart.
    and 2nd is “Thinx”, The Logo make me think. i was like what is on this logo. haha..
    Also 3rd one, i Love color playing on the “City Of Melbourne” Logo.

    Good Job. 🙂

  10. Jacob, congrats! Awesome. I thought the Black Hawk logo definitely nailed the brief. Clever, strong message, transferable.
    Duane, City of Melbourne logo I agree with you.. love/hate thing… a bit like Federation Square.

  11. A great collection of logos. In particular the circus of magazines logo caught my attention. The simple use of black and white is striking and simplistic, the way that the magazines also represent the shape of a circus tent is very clever in itself, a very clever and memorable logo indeed.

  12. Jacob, you sure have talent and I appreciate your winning design for such a simple minimalist attitude. However I feel some of the other designs were just as deserving of first place. The circus of magazines is definetely up there, and 9/11 (for its innovative use of being a “memorable” logo).

    Congratulations, however – well deserved.

  13. Congratulations. Who do you suppose buys those annuals? This same scheme used to be done in the US with poetry annuals. You would get a letter in the mail telling you about a contest, you send in a poem and it gets “published” and to reward you they allow you to purchase their annual with your poem in it. They don’t print them of course until they see how many “winners” they have. I remember a guy sending them a poem about poop as a test to see if it was a scam, they accepted his poop poem for publication.

  14. Sue,
    I hadn’t ever thought about it as Pause, but that definitely works too and makes it an ever stronger logo.

    Yeah that Circus Of Magazines is one of my favourites too.

    Most definitely, everyone does have their own opinions which is why the judging is tiered over three categories ‘professionals, clients, and the public’. Thanks for your comments!

    Anyone interested in logo design would buy them, just as anyone interested in poetry would by the poetry annuals, if they approved of the quality that is.

  15. Nice logo. Why awesome?
    Seems like almost all of the logos are simple yet clever enough to communicate an element of what they represent in the design.

  16. Well, I must say I don’t like “Blue Bamboo Yoga”‘s at all and the one for City of Melbourne is awfully common.

  17. I like Circus of Magazines logo
    Amazing collection and Congratulation! Jacob

  18. Great designs. These designs are very creative and impressive. The designs connect the logo design with the theme closely. Inspired me a lot. Thanks for sharing.

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