The 2014 FIFA World Cup Logo – Discuss

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Logo – Discuss

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Fifa World Cup 2014 Logo

This is a guest article by Ana Paula Rodrigues outlining the unveiling of the new 2014 World Cup logo.

The silent vuvuzela’s mark the end of the 2010 World Cup, but the preparations for the 2014 games are well underway. The 2014 World Cup host, Brazil unveiled the official logo last Thursday in Johannesburg, South Africa. In a clever marketing campaign, both the Brazilian Soccer Delegation and FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) decided to strike while the momentum of the 2010 games were still in play, and while it still garnered the attention of a worldwide audience. By revealing the logo now, rather than later, the Brazilian Soccer Delegation and FIFA began the process of building excitement and branding the 2014 World Cup games – four years before the start of the event.

The Sao Paulo, Brazil based agency, “Africa,” beat 25 other agencies to score the winning logo design called, “Inspiration.” The logo illustrates intertwined hands that form the shape of the world cup trophy highlighted by the iconic Brazilian colors of green and yellow. A panel of seven distinguished Brazilians including members from FIFA, writer Paulo Coelho, architect Oscar Niemeyer and supermodel Gisele Bundchen determined the winning logo. The chosen panel produced some controversy within the Brazilian graphic design field.

The acclaimed Brazilian graphic designer Alexandre Wollner in an interview with Terra Magazine denounced the absence of graphic designers on the judge’s panel. The Brazilian Graphic Designers Association noted that they were excluded from the process by FIFA, even though they had a prior arrangement. Wollner, who has designed more than 180 logos said, “They don’t respect the professionals, or professionalism.”

Many soccerphiles on message boards questioned the accuracy of a pair of hands on a soccer ball, since goalies are the only players who can use their hands in the game. Obviously, they were unaware that the illustration is based on a photo of several hands holding up the world cup trophy in victory. On Facebook, soccer fan Jennifer Mortagua wrote that one word best described the logo, “unity.” Another fan Paul Amorim wrote,“it looks like a 5 year old designed it.” Alexandre Wollner was also very critical about the design of the logo and gave it a red card. He said, “É uma porcaria,” — its garbage. “If you look closer you will be able to see a face hiding behind a pair of hands in shame,” Wollner asserted in Terra Magazine.

One aspect of World Cup fever is picking your favorite team and standing by them until the very end – win or lose. Whether you side with team Wollner, or not the design of the 2014 World Cup logo is here to stay. With less than 1,460 days left until the games begin again, the Brazilian Soccer Delegation and FIFA are standing by their logo with the belief that they scored a world class goal.

P.S. Congratulations to Team Spain on bringing home the 2010 World Cup – the first time ever for Spain. Olé amigos!

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What do you think of the new 2014 World Cup logo? What do you see?

86 thoughts on “The 2014 FIFA World Cup Logo – Discuss”

  1. I’ve come across an equal amount of people who like it and don’t. Personally, I think it looks like a sketch that wasn’t fully developed. It would’ve been interesting to see the designs of the other agencies.

  2. I think its interesting. I agree with ANA that it doesn’t look fully developed, although I appreciate the concept. I don’t see the hands – rather than feet – being a problem, as it is about representing unity through sport, and that concept is often depicted through hands, and or touch. And it does, after all, take the shape of the trophy.
    However, when I first saw it, all I could see was the pattern of a volleyball in the hands. Did anyone else pick up on that?

  3. It looks like an unfinished sketch. Interesting concept (unity), poor execution, even poorer finishing. I guess that’s what happens when a logo is drawn by an advertising agency, and the winning alternative is chosen by a supermodel.

  4. The colors of the new World Cup logo are nice and the type works fine. However, the design resembles a cumbersome lump of clay. Good concept but not very elegant. With that said, I do wish that I had submitted it.

  5. For starters, I agree with the majority of complaints, stating that football is about feet. Therefore, the logo is contradictory of the sport. I understand the use of an iconic photo being the inspiration, but it doesn’t make sense. Although I do see how it can be a unity symbol. Overall it feels restrictive to only people that like football and the hands are keeping everyone else away from the ball. The design however is even worse than the concept. It’s not memorable, it’s not scalable, and the first thing I thought was that it was a tree of hands. There is too much detail, too much going on. Colors are a great choice and so are the lighting effects. But, if you are going to use an iconic symbol such as THE World Cup, as in trophy, than make THAT a little more high grade, sporty, and most of all scalable. That’s what irritates me the most. If you put this on a letter head, hat, keychain (i.e. anything small enough to sacrifice detail) no matter how good the vectoring is, the fingers will form together thus losing the entire idea altogether. Last thing, never, ever, ever get Gisele Bundchen to judge anything graphic design related again. I agree that having a panel of completely non-design related professionals is kind of a slap in the face, as this logo is to the World Cup in 2014.

  6. Wow… all I have to say is that this logo is horrible. It’s honestly a disgrace to the graphic design profession, especially at the level of visibility if will receive. What a poor representation for the worlds greatest sport. Damn shame. 🙁

  7. As an avid soccer player I like it. I read the hands on the ball as unity (the “world” cup) and the unfinished fluid feel seemed very fluid to me. I guess I’m just tired of polished sports logos, so I appreciate the vibrant fluidness of this logo.

  8. wow! First, I don’t believe is fair that anyone who is NOT in the field of graphic design (models, writers) should be in a panel of such magnitude.

    The logo, I agree with Alan, I don’t find it memorable. The year, i feel should have been adjancent, above, below to Brazil? (it’s lost), and perhaps a different type.

    There is room for improvement to this finished concept. I agree, the use of color was wise. Probably why it was chosen.
    Viva el futbol!

  9. The logo is okay, I like the type and the colors; the font matches nicely the rounded elements. But over all I agree with Clint, it does look like clay with strangely bulbous fingers. As Darío rightly points out the trapped white space in the center seems a bit weird. The biggest complaint I have is with the faux 3D effects on this particular incarnation of the logo, it seems slightly on the corny side. All in all it’s okay, way better than the London 2012 Olympic Logo, but seems like it could’ve been refined more.

  10. for my opinion this so redicilous…even begginer can design this…btw i’m not a profesional to creat logo but it’s bigger eveniment on the planet and it deserv the best logo on the planet….

  11. I agree with many of the other posts, I don’t like the execution of the design; it looks like a sketch of a potential idea. I think it should be cleaner especially the fingers. As far as the pair of hands, had the designer(s) used a third color (although the color scheme is obviously an homage to the host country); it may have eliminated the idea of it being a pair and reinforced the idea of unity.
    ** P.S. Kudos to the author, Ana Rodrigues, well written article!

  12. The main idea is people holding the world cup trophy as a sense of unity. However, using hands contradicts the nature of the game. The colors and typography can work. The comment by Alan is a good point where mass producing the logo in different mediums may lose its meaning by those hands so close together.

    Either way, the logo is average and can be better.

  13. The elements of the logo feel disconnected. I rather preferred how the 2010 logo integrated the feel of Africa (via color & artistic styling), movement, the FIFA brand, and the year. I guess it’s not as bad as the 2006 logo, with child-like faces in the numbering…

    I agree with the others that it also seem unfinished. The top hands look like a tree to me (perhaps intending a simultaneity of forest and people?), but it just doesn’t pull it off well. The hands look disfigured rather than stylized. I dislike the text below the logo; it seems lazy to leave it out while integrating other text.

    Generally, it falls with many of the other bad World Cup logos of past. I just don’t understand why soccer is stuck with this trend of bad logos!

  14. The absence of any sort of artistic talent on the judges panel is like asking a construction worker to bake you a wedding cake. Fifa, like alot of other calls, has done the Spirit of the World Cup an injustice by picking this piece. As hard as i tried, i could not see the “shameful face” amidst the clasped hands. In turn, i just think the entire design is shameful.

  15. After I saw the Picard Facepalm comparison some time back, I just can’t look at the logo without seeing it. I love the colours, and the logotype seems good enough, I guess. But yeah, maybe the shape wasn’t the best they could have come up with. Considering the dynamic 2010 logo that just went out, this one looks rather stagnant.

  16. Simplicity in design is great but, does not come close to representing the host nation, Brazil..

    Unfortunately, it just seems like a rushed job to get it unveiled at the close of 2010 WC.!

  17. Sign colors and clear in the Flag of Brazil
    Configuration is a beautiful form of World Cup
    Curved lines to move the eye of the beholder in all parts of the design

    But there is an important indication that the configuration that the World Cup handball and we note this evidence of the formation of hands
    There is nothing to suggest it to the World Cup football.

    I propose to put up the contest to choose the best logo

    Greetings to all

  18. Beautiful Coloring. Hands wrapping around a ball maybe? Creating what looks like the Trophy 😀

  19. Hands wrapped around to form a ball…that how it looks. Yet, only the goalie can use their hands. In other words, it’s a sport associated with FEET.

    As a logo, i like it. As a soccer logo, for this reason – not so much.

  20. I like this logo, it’s straight up – it says “FIFA world cup” and “brazil” no messing around or trying to be pretentious it is also summery and fun. I like this approach its appropriate for the subject matter.

  21. Hey, Dari here, first timer.

    Well, at first I was very dissapointed with this logo but later on I started to discover some good aspects it’s hiding, like the unity feeling discussed above and some of the brazilian joy it tries to communicate.

    I still don’t like that messy tipography and the white space in the center. To me, the year must be expressed in a more sober way.

  22. Hi, I’m brazilian but I have to be sincere saying that I didn’t like the logo as well. It seems to be unfinished and I totally agree with Wollner.

  23. I’m happy Brazil will be host a world cup + Brazil is my fave team + I’m a big fan of MPB (Brazilian Music)
    That said, I don’t think this logo represents the country, the people nor their football.
    Sad choice. Looks like a first draft.

  24. As a Brazilian, I say that this logo is a shame and does not represent our country. Only represents the fact that here, there is always someone “stealing” anything.

  25. Well, these logos never have some deep meaning, so I think it OK, like it. But the placement of copyright, and registered signs bother me.

  26. Hi I’m a Brazilian graphic designer and I am very disappointed with this logo. The logo is very badly drawn, the shapes are unresolved and typography is awful in many ways.
    Also consider a national embarrassment a country without good
    hospitals or schools spending money to build stadiums. Our airports are bad and we still have a serious problem with violence. To conclude, I think this logo represents the big mistake that is Brazil to host an event of this importance.

  27. Thank you all for your insights. I’ve enjoyed your comments, they all have valid points. One thing I’m sure we can all agree on is how this logo has created a dialogue that addressed issues associated with designing a successful, or not so successful logo.

  28. People are missing the point saying that soccer only uses your feet, when the hands are wrapping around the World Cup trophy, not a ball.
    The concept is fine, I understand it, unity, the people grabing the trophy, but it fails. I only see a “facepalm”, it’s like people are ashamed that Brazil will host the World Cup.
    As a brazilian designer, I totally agree with Wollner, letting people like Gisele Bündchen and Paulo Coelho, that understand nothing about design, judge a logo, is a disrespect.
    I don’t like the type too and the colors are very obvious (the brazilian flag) and that’s the only thing on the logo that represents our country.

  29. I think the logo is quite striking and the colours are good. Do I just analyse things more than most, or am I missing the point, or is everyone else missing the point? I think the hands forming the shape of the ball are more about winning the trophy and ‘getting their hands on it’ than about ‘hand-ball/football’! But then again, as someone said, only the goalie can put his hands on the ball, and often it is the skill of the goalie that produces the winning team – so maybe that IS what it’s about??? I don’t like the artwork too much – everything seems to have to have this ‘unfinished’ or ‘badly drawn’ look these days – it worked for the SA logo this year, but was executed much better – clean and sleek lines still work in my book!

  30. I think the idea of the logo is good, but the design is way out of bounds. Then again, they’re brasil, so they are allow to do what they want in soccer matters. I say this being from Argentina 😀

  31. I am a Professional Graphic Designer. I have understood – how it was made.The Concept is Good but the Design is very poor(looks very amateurish)…

  32. the concept of representing victory or unity is good. the representation of this by hands on a trophy is a very bad idea. the game is called FOOTball (here in Brasil) – ok, you may say that we hold a trophy by the hands, but this association isn’t welcome in this situation. a logo have to be directly, effective- it can’t provoke any wrong idea about the object it represents. in fact, represent a trophy being taked by a lot of hands can even push some other bad ideas. about the design itself: the hands realy look disfigured rather than stylized. The relation between full and empty spaces are an epic fail, like we say on twitter. the work of typography can’t pass in the most basic tests. the logo at all looks like a draft made by a child . unacceptable!

  33. i forgot to express my feelings about the process of selection of the logo! it represents the way FIFA will treat all the things they don’t understand. they won’t call professionals. what can we expect from the event at all?

  34. As a brazilian designer i´m shamed about this logo, and almost all the designers here are too! It´s unfinished, like a kid sketch. All the process to choose was hidden, the people involved knows nothing about design, they are just celebrities!

  35. Logo designs are always hotly criticized. Form, typography, style, meaning… of course I have my opinions too, but you don’t really care what I think and I don’t blame you. Instead, I ask these important questions.

    Is the style appropriate to the nation’s approach to this event and the culture of Brazilian Football? Someone has to decide.

    Without the wordmark, does the design unmistakably speak “FIFA World Cup?” Is there enough of –and the right kind of semiotic information to tell that story? Is there enough recognition in the shape of World Cup trophy to rely on it the way you might expect to rely on the shape of… say, a light bulb? Or a leaping Air Jordan?

    If not, the artistic details of type, style, form and color become irrelevant.

  36. I’m a brazilian graphic designer and, unfortunately, I’ll have to agree with Wollner and say the logo for 2014 World Cup games is not good. It looks very poor and badly drawn. Not to say that Brazil is such a great country, full of beautiful and rich visual elements that it’s a shame the logo was condensed only in yellow and green colors and the shape of the world cup trophy. It’s a shame!

    think Brazil has a a great culture, very rich and full of visual elements that it’s a shame the

  37. I like the type, the colors and the organic shapes. It reminds me slightly of a great Brazilian artist, Tarsila do Amaral, who expressed the brazilian culture through modernism in the 20s. I am a brazilian graphic designer who loves soccer and I don’t think the “hands on the ball” is really an issue here. When I first looked at it I clearly saw the trophy. Although I have to agree that it needs more work specially on the top (hands) part. That negative space and the year look off an unfinished.

  38. Wil, that’s right, Vival el futbol! I’m a soccer fan, and long live soccer!. Spanish is my first language. =)

    Hernan, I was cheering for Argentina to win the World Cup this year. 2014, will be a challenge with Brazil being the host. Good luck to your team!

  39. This logo just feels a tad bit rushed. I personally like it just needs some refinement or a few more drafts.

  40. I don’t really like the logo. IMO it sends the message that “Brazil will own the world cup… the world cup is ourssssssss” kinda thing

  41. hmmm im not a fan of it; i think the idea is great but i dont think its well executed.

    If you look at the previous 3 World Cup Logos, i cant put this one on the same level as them.

  42. Despite not liking this logo very much it’s very clear to me what the imagery is.

    I don’t necessarily see it as all hands grabbing the cup but more of a representation of a team coming to together to make the shape of the World Cup. The shape is instantly recognisable to me but that said it may not be for everyone.

    I’m not impressed with the design of the hands, they look rushed and the gradient effect doesn’t really add anything.

    It looks very much a work in progress to me.

  43. Like the colours and vibrant simplicity…but just lacking that something….
    Will be interesting to see how it will be incorporated onto clothing branding etc and colour backgrounds!!

  44. I like it…the concept. And can tell it is the FIFA trophy.
    I think the hands need more ironing out, and they are a bit sloppy.
    I think the concept is there.

  45. i do agree with Karen and Denise. i believe that the World Cup trophy is iconic. it’s like the Oscar statue for sports. everyone knows how it looks like. i can see that in the logo. and i don’t mind the concept behind it, with the hands and all. it’s just that the execution bothers me a lot. it looks childish, and the 3d effect makes it look very amateur. as if it was done in 10 minutes. the type placement is way off. sad, really.

    when i think of Brazil, i think of Rio Carnival, Samba, Capoeira, etc. A very lively place. Surely some of the fluidity, movements and bright colours could have slipped into the design. (but i guess not, in this case)

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  47. hey,
    i somehow am a little apprehensive about the logo. It is indeed good but i feel there is a deversion from the sport itself. The game is lost in the design. I agree to the culture aspect but i feel it should represent the world sport football and not its location.

  48. Let’s be real here – when have any of the World Cup logos been any good? (Exception being France ’98)

    I think the typography in this current one is great – really encapsulates the essence of FIFA + Brazil.

    The placement and size of the trademarks in this version is rather odd.

    At first it seemed to work well with the hands forming the trophy but after seeing the facepalm comparison, that is ALL I can see now so thanks for that one guys haha

  49. Well, this logo generated a huge discussion here in Brazil. A lot of people disliked this logo! There are good things about this logo, like its meaning and colors, but other details like the drawing of the hands shapes and the red in the 2014, and the letter specifically was badly seen.

    Well, now in my opinion, I liked it. I imagined something better, but that’s ok! Initially it looked weird because it didn’t have the gradient colors, so it looked like an amateur job, but after the video with the logo was presented, well, I changed my opinions ’cause it looked so much better.

    So, I guess it depends of the person’s taste. It could be better? yes! But it’s cool!

    Ah, this logo from this link is awesome:
    I dunno about this logo, if it’s official or not, but if it get used alongside with this logo, I’ll be happy! =D

    Sorry if I said something offending someone or something! Have a nice day everybody!

  50. I see the idea/concept, is some creative, but not the execution. I don´t really like the soccer logos, like the Africa WorldCup logo, so crap. 🙂

    supermodel Gisele Bundchen? Haha, is a joke?


  51. I keep asking myself why they have to use the color red in it. Yellow and gree are some of the colors in the brazilian flag, the next color picked should be navy blue, but instead they chose red. Why red?

    I think this logo is grotesque. this ® and the © are oversized, the gradient used is too strong an ugly, the hands have frog fingers, the typography used is really REALLY ugly and childish, the whole concept is a mess.

    It seems to me FIFA handed this design over to a 13 year old student or someone who knew how to use Corel Draw.

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  53. Well, it did not give me a wow, but it is still better than the infamous 2006 logo, when the World Cup was held in Germany. That was a really, really bad. This one is definitely better. First look impression for me was: yeah that’s the Cup. And then I recognized the Brazil colors. Then I realized that those were hands holding the cup. So I think it is not too bad, because if those are the first seconds impressions then the logo served its purpose. But the red disturbed me as well.

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  56. The hands arent to represent the way the game is played i.e with feet, the idea is to represent all the people from all the around the world that come together to participate in the world cup… As said below by someone a sense of unity

    As a logo I think it’s a bad design. To me it looks as if it was rushed and not alot of effort went in to it…

    The typography is the worst part of the logo in my opinion.

  57. I like the flow, the subtle gradients & the shapes. But i cant help but think this is the obvious choice when it comes to the World Cup logo…

  58. According to me there is no need to use another font used for “FIFA WORLD CUP”
    the font used for “2014 & BRASIL” might be better.
    some final touch-ups are needed.
    nice concept and good selection of iconic Brazilian color of Green and yellow.

  59. I think the strong point of this logo is the colour. The shape is nice but not strong enough to build the identity. Anyway the shape still brings the “world cup’s trophy”.

  60. What I think of logo?

    Logo is simple, memorable… and it sells…. it sells emotion, feeling, it sells Brazilian (cheerful) culture!

    To be short this logo belongs not only to cluster of designer critics and professionals but to people!

    P.S. I can name you many logos (commercials) that won lots of international prizes, but they didn’t won consumers’ attention. Hence, they didn’t succeed on markets

  61. Don’t know what everyone is complaining about. The World Cup logos have never been anything spectacular. For those that say that soccer is about the feet (duh) don’t understand what this logo is conveying. The logo portrays hands holding up the World Cup trophy. I picked up on that the second i saw it. Yeah the logo is kind of elementary and looks like a child made it, but so what, I don’t really care about the logo, I care about the game.

  62. People discussed this A LOT here in Brazil. Most people didn’t like it and I do think that celebrities are not the best ones to judge, but i still think it’s not bad. The Africa agency IS AWESOME, all these people who are complaining about the agency wants to work there haha, it’s one of the best of our country. I put faith in this logo!

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