2017 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration

2017 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration

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Earlier this year, I posted a 2017 logo design trends forecast, and now we can see the official 2017 logo trends report as compiled by Bill Gardner of LogoLounge who I interviewed about the project.

Bill has put together the report by carefully analyzing over 265k logos from over the past 15 years, handpicking those that contribute to emerging trends for the year. His findings & insights are found below.

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Have a look back at 2017 Logo Trends? Okay. let’s also have a look at the current year’s logo design trends that is in 2022

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2017 Logo Design Trends

Logo Design Trend Reports:

  • Color Split
  • Doubles
  • Ellipses
  • Fades
  • Microlines
  • Multicentric
  • Pasta Bends
  • Rising Color
  • Shadow Breaks
  • Simple Overlays
  • Simplicity
  • Text Boxes
  • Wings
  • Wrapped
  • Yin Yang
  • Orbiting rings
  • Highly geometric animals
  • Monoline logos
  • Exertion marks
  • Steps
  • Fat lines

And as Bill says:

“Know what is right for your client and design accordingly. Like any report, this is just a synopsis of what we’re seeing in logo design. You should use this information to build on and push design forward to the next level. It’s about evolving forward, not repeating where we’ve been.”

In no particular order, here are the 2017 logo design trends.

Color Split

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Doubles Logo Design Trends 2017 - Doubles

Ellipses Logo Design Trends 2017 - Ellipses


Logo Design Trends 2017 - Fades


Logo Design Trends 2017 - Micro Lines Multi Centric

Logo Design Trends 2017 - Multi Centric

Pasta Bends

Logo Design Trends 2017 - Pasta Bends

Rising Color


Logo Design Trends 2017 - Rising Color

Shadow Breaks

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Logo Design Trends 2017 - Shadow Breaks Simple OverlaysLogo Design Trends 2017 - Simple Overlays



Logo Design Trends 2017 - Simplicty

Text Boxes

Logo Design Trends 2017 - Text Boxes


Logo Design Trends 2017 - Wings


Logo Design Trends 2017 - Wrapped

Yin Yang

Logo Design Trends 2017 - Yin Yang

Below are some further sub trends of logo design for a little bit more inspiration!

Highly geometric animals

Logo Design Trends - Geometric Animals

Monoline logos

Logo Design Trends - Mono Field
Pattern Line

Logo Design Trends - Pattern Line

Logo Design Trends - Steps
Fat lines

Logo Design Trends - Fatlines

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Do you have any further logo design trends or inspiration to add?

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6 thoughts on “2017 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration”

  1. This is my logo has been designed by Jerron Ames:

    For my Persian website about strangest things in the world:

    With these concepts and meaning in mind:


    strange loop

    Endless knot

    ancient, mysterious, wisdom, spiritual, magical
    born, death, rebirth (eternal, endless, infinite, cyclic)

    I got some help from Maggie Macnab for finding my path to create this logo:

    The Persian Typeface has been designed by Mamoun Sakkal:

    Hope you like it!

  2. Hi Jacob,

    This is an outstanding curated list. Even though, I follow most of your posts, this one impressed me a lot. This should be a handy resource for a logo designer. I will keep my designers at ColorWhistle and LogoWhistle, follow these trends and keep inspire our clients in new ways. Thank you.

  3. Nice one.

    I actually had someone request a beard Oil style logo they called it, using the words modern and simple…

    I had to explain that is not modern it’s just trendy, the style they were referring to was a vintage style logo.

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