2021 Logo Design Trends Report

2021 Logo Design Trends Report

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Earlier in 2021, I posted an article on the latest logo design & branding trends and now 6 months on, the official 2021 logo trends report has just been released by Bill Gardner of LogoLounge who we recently had as a guest on the JUST Branding Podcast discussing logos vs brands.

This report was put together by carefully analyzing over 380k logos from the past 19 years, handpicking those that contribute to emerging trends for the year. The findings & insights are found below.

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Remember, as Bill says:

“This report is an observation on the logo industry and isn’t meant as a guide for best practices. Trends are trajectories that will evolve and modify over time, not a passing fad. Use the ideas here to push your design skills to the next level and keep the trajectory moving to the next iteration. This is a trend report and NOT a trendy report.”

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Past Logo Design Trend Reports:

  1. Little Stars
  2. Off Path
  3. Spliced Fragments
  4. DIY Electric Tape
  5. Symmetrical Flip
  6. Icon Layering
  7. Quadrants
  8. Half Circle Chains
  9. Variable Shifting
  10. Droplet Merger
  11. Ringed Circle
  12. Swinging
  13. Shape Text Fill
  14. Etched
  15. Pointed Rods

Short summaries are provided below. Read the full report for more in-depth explanations.


1. Little Star Logo Trend

An asterisk is a “little star” and in these trends, the asterisk is often used as a sun, a star, a flower, a spark or an idea.

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Asterisk Logo Design Trend 2021

2. Off Path Logo Trend

A band or ribbon that alters and then resumes course.

Off Jog Logo Design Trend 2021


3. Spliced Fragments Logo Trend

Radiating geometric fragments that often splice and expand outwards.

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Spliced Logo Design Trend 2021

4. DIY Electricical Tape

A DIY styling that looks as if the logo were made out of electrical tape ofte using straight, hard-cut corners.

Electric Logo Design Trend 2021


5. Symmetrical Flip Logo Trend

Symmetrical elements that has been flipped to created depth and movement, often with gradients & varying colors.

Trans Flip Logo Design Trend 2021


6. Icon Layering Logo Trend

Literal icons being layered (or stacked) within the logo, often with negative space.

Stacked Logo Design Trend 2021

7. Quadrants Logo Design Trend

A square broken down into 4 quadrants and then each ‘quadrant’ having its own design, often geometric in nature.

Quads Logo Design Trend 2021

8. Half Circle Chain Logo Design Trend

Compositions of half circles & geometric shapes being flipped and chained together.

Chains Trend

9. Variable Shifting Logo Trend

Variable fonts & type that shift in size, weight and proportions.

Janus Logo Design Trend 2021

Fluido Logo Design Trend 2021Fluido Logo Design Trend 2021

10. Droplet Merger Logo Trend

A droplet that merges and connects with other droplets.

Merger Logo Design Trend 2021

11. Ringed Circle Logo Trend

A perfect ringed circle varying in thickness & styling.

OReally Logo Design Trend 2021

12. Swinging Logo Trend

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Visual metaphors that covey swinging, flapping, waving and movement.

Swingers Logo Design Trend 2021

13. Shape Text Fill Logo Trend

Text that fills the shape of a tag as decoration or pattern.

Dog Tags Logo Design Trend 2021

14. Etched Logo Trend

An engraved or etched styling often used with mascot illustrations.

Etched Logo Design Trend 2021


15. Pointed Rods Logo Trend

Pointed rods with varying widths and lengths to create a distinct shape or burst.

Rods Logo Design Trend 2021


A shout out to Bill Gardner & LogoLounge!

A huge thanks to Bill Gardner from LogoLounge (read our interview or listen to our podcast) for putting this report together. In case you did not know, LogoLounge.com is the world’s largest logo search engine and for less than $10 per month (billed annually), members get unlimited uploads and access to more than 380,000 logos from designers across the globe. They also get immediate entry into the selection process for the LogoLounge book series of which I’ve personally been featured 54 times since 2011.

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Do you have any further logo design trends or inspiration to add?

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