$2200+ Raised for Charity! Prize Winners Announced

$2200+ Raised for Charity! Prize Winners Announced

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Over the past month, my wife and I have been fundraising for the Langbos Community Centre in South Africa through a ‘Donate to Win‘ contest and I’m super excited to share that together we have raised $2200+ from 98 donators all over the globe. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

100% of these proceeds will be going to Langbos Creche & Care Center and will go extremely far with the strong US exchange rate. Thank you!

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Langbos Jacob Cass

Winners Announced

Below are the winners of the 45 prizes, worth $3000 in total. For full information on what the prizes were, see the original post.

  • Creative Class + $300 Cash:  Kristy Ford
  • GoMedia WMC Ticket:  Jeremy Doublehead
  • GoMedia Prize Pack:  Jose Maria Montabes
  • Skillshare Premium Scholarship:  Mirjana Mandic
  • Skillshare Premium Scholarship:  Annette Lange
  • Skillshare Premium Scholarship:  Annalisha Johnson
  • LogoLounge Membership:  Nicolas Robert
  • LogoLounge Membership:  Alysha Lach White
  • DesignCuts $25 Coupon:  Justin Hernandez
  • DesignCuts $25 Coupon:  Lisa Alexander
  • DesignCuts $25 Coupon:  Dana Bors
  • DesignCuts $25 Coupon:  Jean
  • DesignCuts $25 Coupon: Gorana Law
  • DesignCuts T-Shirt:  Alisa Ferrara
  • DesignCuts T-Shirt:  Wesley Whetten
  • Offscreen Magazine:  Jennifer White
  • Offscreen Magazine:  DJ Tirpak
  • Offscreen Magazine:  Kim Miller
  • Udemy $50 Coupon:  Gaurakisora Tucker
  • How To Get A Job as a Designer Book:  Aaiyakan Chaihung
  • Designing Brand Identity Book:  Antonio Samuels
  • Work for Money, Design for Love Book: Nick Dotts
  • Zag Book:  Ashlee Perez
  • The One Thing Book:  Florin Cristian Cojocaru
  • Bundlesauraus Bundle:  Tony Tin Nguyen
  • Bundlesauraus Bundle:  Jenn Da Costa
  • Bundlesauraus Bundle:  Flavia Santos
  • Bundlesauraus Bundle:  Vidit Kothari
  • Bundlesauraus Bundle:  Ivan Andelovic
  • Bundlesauraus Bundle:  Kevin May
  • Bundlesauraus Bundle:  Naomi Stockman
  • Bundlesauraus Bundle:  Vincent Burkhead
  • Bundlesauraus Bundle:  Mantas Dulevicius
  • Bundlesauraus Bundle:  Cyndi Harris
  • Chris Spooner All Access Membership:  Laura Montgomery
  • Chris Spooner All Access Membership:  Robert Bell
  • Chris Spooner All Access Membership:  Holly Castellow
  • Chris Spooner All Access Membership:  Shrimati Charan
  • Chris Spooner All Access Membership:  Eunice Corbin
  • Book of Ideas:  Michael Gil
  • The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design eBook:  Jamie Bendola
  • The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design eBook:  Carlos Bomfim
  • The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design eBook:  Javier Rojas
  • The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design eBook:  Stephen Bodkin
  • The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design eBook:  Ram Castillo
I have contacted all winners by email for how to claim your prize. 

Thank You Sponsors!

Another HUGE thank you to our sponsors for the prize contributions: Paul Jarvis, GoMedia, LogoLounge, ChrisSpooner, DesignCuts, Udemy, Offscreen, Ram Castillo, Ian Paget, InkyDeals, Radim Malinic and Kyle Courtright.

Messages of Love

Thank you for the kind messages that you guys left on the fundraiser.

  • I am honored to be a part of this great organization. What an inspiration Muffy is. Thank you Jacob and Emily for raising awareness and giving those of us that live far away the opportunity to be a part of something great.
  • Great project and I’m very happy to see that Emily and Jacob Cass are willing to help the local children.
  • Sounds like a fantastic cause guys! We wish Muffy and the rest of the team the best of luck and thank everyone for their hard work. Kate & Adam
  • I’m excited to hear more… happy to see how a few people can make a huge impact on a community… thanks for spreading hope!
  • Thanks for initiating this cause and sharing the info Jacob. Best of luck and I hope you raise the 5k in no time.
  • It has been fun following you and your wife around the world. Happy to help with this noble cause.
  • We don’t need free stuff to help you with these kinds of things. We get a lot from your site over the year so now it is time for us to bring something back. All the best, Luis.
  • I’m just a graphic design student living in the United States. I’m not from a rich family or anything but we aren’t necessarily poor either. I’m grateful for my opportunity to get an education and I’m happy to send what I can to help children that aren’t taking that knowledge for granted.
  • Although I don’t have plenty of money to help these kids, I hope that one day I can be more capable of helping them!
  • Great cause — thx for the chance to contribute.
  • Great work guys! Every bit counts  glad to help with what I can.
  • Best of luck getting this going!
  • Wish you all the best.
  • Love your creativity energy and charitably. Keep inspiring us!
  • It’s not much but it’s what I have. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for having the courage to help make a difference.
  • Love education and food for these kids!
  • Much respect for your efforts to improve the world. We need more people like you. Keep going!
  • Your story is very inspiring. glad we could help. Keep up the good work.
  • Hope my little contribution touches a life well
  • Thanks Emily and Jacob Cass!

Lessons Learned

I’ve run a few fundraisers in the past, and every time I do, I am blown away by the generosity of people. I also learn something new each time. And this time around it is that I went overboard with the prizes. Instead of 45, I believe 5 big prizes or even none at all could have sufficed.

This would have made the logistics much easier and consumed much less of my time. Matching up winners randomly, emailing each winner, emailing each sponsor, writing each individual post, email blasting and thanking sponsors really takes time. But it was worth it.

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Do you have any feedback to provide on how to improve? For any stage of the process. Thanks.

Past Fundraisers

  • Raised USD$3607 for the 2011 Eastern Australian Flood Victims via an online fundraiser.
  • Raised USD$15,000 for the 2011 Japanese Earthquake / Tsunami victims via virtual sales on Second Life.
  • Raised USD$1620 for charity in the Just Creative Design 2010 Design Group Writing Project.

We are still accepting donations if you have anything to add. Thank you!

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6 thoughts on “$2200+ Raised for Charity! Prize Winners Announced”

  1. Sorry it has taken me so long to read and respond to this post. Being the top winner I feel it important to give my feedback. I did not donate to win anything, in fact I didn’t even realize there were prizes for donating – yup I find myself too busy to pay attention to all the details of everything I follow! I was moved by your post, especially the photo of you, your wife and the beautiful children and felt compelled to help. I think you are correct in that you may have gone overboard with the gifts for this fundraiser. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to win things but I think you could have offered 3-5 and that would have been plenty. Keep up your awesomeness and shine on! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing Kristy and both Paul and I are extremely happy to hear you are donating the $300 cash prize to 2 charities (Langbos and one of your choosing). And yes, lesson learned about having too many prizes.

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