23 Lessons from Michael Jordan

23 Lessons from Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan is what many consider to be “the greatest basketball player of all time”.

After watching The Last Dance on Netflix, there is no denying his greatness or the legacy that he has left behind.

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My trainer, Ben Handley, was inspired by this greatness and wrote up 40 lessons he learned from watching this incredible documentary.


  1. Have a vision
  2. Win at all costs
  3. Have a father figure and keep him close
  4. Use your team
  5. Be present
  6. Turn negatives into positives
  7. Demand more from others
  8. Be willing to stand alone
  9. Give it your all – always
  10. Balance
  11. Let naysayers create energy for your greatness
  12. Play laugh and joke around only when it’s time – otherwise… Get to work!
  13. Do the work, even when it’s not asked or expected of you
  14. Learn to control your mind as well as your body
  15. Believe in yourself
  16. Find effective outlets
  17. Apologise when you know you’ve wronged
  18. Be loyal
  19. Don’t be distracted from your vision
  20. Dress well
  21. Never forget where you started
  22. Not everyone’s going to like or understand the way you play the ‘game’. Understand this and be ok with it.
    (Notice how we titled this article 23 lessons? Well, here are 17 more.)
  24. Be willing to deliver the truth
  25. Lift others up
  26. Celebrate success
  27. Celebrate the success of others
  28. Believe – Have faith even when no one else does
  29. Be competitive – in everything
  30. Don’t be scared to take a gamble
  31. Let what you do on the court do the talking
  32. Stand up to yourself
  33. Do what feels right to you even if no one understands why
  34. Lead
  35. Don’t ask anything of others you’re not willing to do yourself
  36. Learn to enroll others in your greater vision
  37. Know who/what you are and who / what you are not
  38. Work hard
  39. Don’t be scared to try something new
  40. Time and circumstance is irrelevant, it’s your mind that has the final say.

Lessons from Michael Jordan

Have you watched The Last Dance? What did you think?