30 Sweet Handpicked Designer Tshirts

30 Sweet Handpicked Designer Tshirts

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I’ve posted about great designer tshirts twice before on JCD and due the popularity of the posts here is another installment of awesome designer tshirts. All of these shirts come in men and women’s sizes and are on sale from at DesignByHumans by affiliate. Their quality & service is great – in fact, I own already own 8 shirts from them.

designer-tshirts- (21)

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designer-tshirts- (10)

designer-tshirts- (3)


25477 ThrillinBear M F detail

designer-tshirts- (11)

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designer-tshirts- (5)

designer-tshirts- (12)

designer-tshirts- (7)

designer-tshirts- (9)

designer-tshirts- (20)

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designer-tshirts- (13)

designer-tshirts- (17)

designer-tshirts- (22)

designer-tshirts- (15)

designer-tshirts- (19)

11764 TheSuspended w F detail

designer-tshirts- (6)

designer-tshirts- (18)

designer-tshirts- (8)

designer-tshirts- (14)

designer-tshirts- (16)

27494-TheFlood M F detail

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StarWolf w f detail

10026 migratory m f detail

32098 negative m f detail

deadNatureUI w f detail

temper m f detail

13580 concentric w f detail

7129 rainbows M F detail

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What is your favourite tshirt from the ones listed above?

40 thoughts on “30 Sweet Handpicked Designer Tshirts”

  1. Pretty sweet collection! It’s inspiring to see great design in a variety of applications. I like the first tee. Might have to go get myself one!

  2. I love DesignByHumans! I’ve always been wanting to buy a t-shirt from them but could never make up my mind on just one. I might shortlist a couple from this list now.

  3. Good picks Jacob, the T shirt printing by design by humans is about as good as it gets, the delivery is super quick too. My nephew has two T shirts by them, one being a twelve colour print. It seems they can take almost any design thrown at them and turn it into an outstanding T shirt.

  4. The artwork featured on the t-shirts is very striking but in alot of cases I think that it doesn’t really translate well into t-shirt form.

  5. Wow, nice collection, some are better than others though. 3, 8 and 10 are my top picks. Some of them are a bit toooo much, wonder if they ship to the Uk…..?

  6. Hi, Jacob.
    If I can be younger:)))
    You have not t-shirts for craze grandmothers? :)))

  7. Wow! These are pretty cool stuff! Beautiful designs… I hope Adar scrubs feature similar prints. How I love to be in those shirts!

  8. Really nice collection of shirts, and a good post! I’ve made a few t-shirt designs that have actually seen the light of day and got printed. I’m wanting to get more into it, I’ve found some really good t-shirt design templates at http://www.gomedia.us/arsenal in there template section. I don’t care for any thing else on the site (there artwork stinks IMHO), but the templates seem they’d come in handy if you’re going to be making shirt designs.

  9. these are fantastic – just wish you would have linked to the t-shirt (or listed a name) instead of just the site so i could easily figure out which one i want to get!

  10. I really like the navy blue shirt with the animals surrounding the man. There have been some choice designs that I’ve come up with, but I’m restricted to the canvas size of my supplier.

    I would love to see what I could do with the whole shirt as my canvas. The boxer design is definitely a close 2nd for me.

    Gabriel Angel of http://www.gabrielangeldesign.com

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