31 New Design Blogs, Twitter Link Love & Other Paraphernalia

31 New Design Blogs, Twitter Link Love & Other Paraphernalia

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Link Love

Every week I am emailed by at least 2 companies wanting to promote their product or service however I rarely get a chance to post about them due to time restrictions and also because I do not want to clutter your RSS feeds however this week I have had quite a number of quite varied requests so I thought I would share them with you along with some Twitter Link Love, 31 New Design Blogs and various other paraphernalia. Enjoy.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Discount

Win A Laptop

Deals Direct

This one only applies to Australian’s that own a blog but all you have to do is blog about their competition and you could win either a Laptop, Monitor or a Webcam. Personally, I would love the laptop so I could take it travelling which would be great for when I go to Canada next year so I could still run the blog and do creative things while I am away! You can get more details about the competition here.

ProofHQ Launch


ProofHQ has officially been launched this week. ProofHQ is a smarter, easier way to manage review and approval of designs, artwork and documents. It is an online collaboration, proofing and approval tool built specifically for brands, agencies, designers, print and production. I am currently trialling their service.

New Mother Energy Drink for Aussies


Last week I got contacted by an PR agency working for Coca-Cola, who were promoting the new Australian “100% new tasting and reformulated” Mother energy drink and they asked me if I wanted to try out the new drink so I thought why not…

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I got a pack in the mail a few days later and to my surprise it was quite massive – they had sent me twelve 500mL cans! Soon as I opened the box there was the old 250mL mother can all crushed up which was pretty clever. I didn’t waste any time in trying the drink either as I had just come back from the gym so I was pretty thirsty.

The taste was, to my satisfaction, 100 times better than the last one… it really gives Redbull and V a run for their money but beware, it is very sweet! You can find the new taste Mother energy drink in stores around Australia.

Blog Redesigns


Over the past few weeks a number of blogs have undergone redesigns (including ours) which is always great for keeping your site fresh for your readers. Check out some of the recent redesigns below: Noupe, David Airey, Randa Clay, Creative Curio, Brian Yerkes (soon).

Alex & Cocco Photography

Alex Cocco

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Alex & Cocco asked me to promote their photography company this week so I thought I would give them a plug not just for any reason but because they have some truely amazing work so go check them out. Alex and Cocco are a production duo working exclusively on fine arts and advertising projects around the world, with recent personal series from Sydney, Paris, New York, Tokyo & Shanghai.

Twitter Love

I asked my Twitter friends if they wanted to be featured in my next blog post for some link love… add me on Twitter so you don’t miss out next time!

31 New Design Blogs

New Design Blogs

If you didn’t think there were enough design related sites and design blogs already, well here are 31 new ones on the block. Thanks to Liam from WeFunction who let me use this post below.

1. Design Shard

My Ink Blog | New Design Blogs

From what I can see, this site only went live on July 25th, and it’s already had some popular content. I suggest you check out the 300+ Free Hi-Res Grunge Textures, as it’s my favourite at the moment.

2. My Ink Blog

My Ink Blog | New Design Blogs

A very well organised and well focused blog with some brilliant tutorials, links, resources and articles. So far there has been a lot of great posts, and I don’t see any signs of this changing. I was really impressed with the tutorial on Designing with Swirls & Flourishes, really top notch tutorial.

3. PSD Fan

PSD Fan | New Design Blogs

Quickly becoming one of my favourite tutorial sites. The site offers not only tutorials, but resources, which are both of very high quality. Looking at the amount of content it’s hard to remember that it’s only 2 months old. My top pick: Design a Unique Grungy Website Layout, a tutorial on a whole new level of great!

4. Kreativeuse

Kreativeuse | New Design Blogs

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This site is probably the most useful in terms of keeping up to date. It’s got regularly updated web/graphic design news. Launched on the 5th of July.

5. ShareBrain

Sharebrain | New Design Blogs

Another regularly updated blog, which is brilliant! Especially when you consider how good the content is, I particularly enjoy their interviews. The ones with Jon Phillips & Steven Snell were my favourites. Keep your eye on this blog for sure.

6. Design Blurb

Design Blurb | New Design Blogs

The content is impressive and they even have their own collection of “New Design Blogs”. Anyway, great blog & content, check it out.

7. Graphic Design Blog

Graphic Design Blog | New Design Blogs

There’s a good number of posts on this blog, each with great tips.

8. Observin

Observin | New Design Blogs

I couldn’t include this one for the design alone (as much as I wanted to), fortunately the blog posts & resources that I’ve seen so far made me want to include it for another reason, the content. To see what I mean just have a gander at the free Old News Theme. I predict great things for this blog.

9. Digital Artists Toolbox

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Digital Artist Toolbox | New Design Blogs

I stumbled upon this website through the brilliant 41 Amazing Tilt-shift miniature faking photographs post and I’ve been checking back ever since. A wide range of content topics, from resources and freebies, to interviews and amazing collections. One to watch for sure.

10. DesignO’Blog

Design'o'Blog | New Design Blogs

Niki runs a blog which again has a wide variety of content, although being focused around design and the internet I love blogs like this, she clearly has a great eye for interesting stuff and a good sense of humour, also offers some very useful content. Great blog to follow.

11. Brush King

Brush King | New Design Blogs

I’ve always gone for Quality over anything else, which is why I’m really liking Brush King. The collection of Photoshop brushes they’ve got at the moment are truly impressive, it’s clearly being run by someone who can spot quality brushes. My top pick, Flowers First.

12. Script & Style

Script & Style | New Design Blogs

This new website put together by Chris Coyier which aims to bring you the best user submitted community news. So far so good, I’ve read a lot of interesting stuff which I found via the site. So be sure to give it a good old rummage though.

13. Dev Snippets

Dev Snippets | New Design Blogs

I love it when sites like this come along, I’m not really huge on web development, but I realise how useful these are and I like to browse demos of things like this to find things that would be useful for future projects. They’re also running a great contest too.

14. Pattern Tap

Pattern Tap | New Design Blogs

Pattern tap is a great idea, its a new site which allows you to find specific collections on certain web elements. I think it makes finding inspiration that little more effective, as usually it’s certain elements that I get stuck for inspiration on, rather than the overall concept.

15. We Are not Freelancers

We Are not Freelancers | New Design Blogs

These guys have got a really nice blog up and running, and its showing no signs of slowing down. The design (although this post is not about the design) is just absolutely amazing, I love every aspect of it. The posts that I’ve read have been very well written and informative, so all in all a welcomed addition to my RSS reader.

16. Design Feedr

Design Feedr | New Design Blogs

Design Feedr is a blog which aims to showcase collections of top quality inspiration and resources. They have a great eye for what looks good and similar tastes to my own. One of my favourite posts of theirs is the Masters of Digital Paintings collection which I really love!

17. Inspiration Up

Inspiration Up | New Design Blogs

There’s that word again; Quality. I really like this site because they seem to think a little more than certain CSS galleries about their entries, so overall I’d say there is a better quality of sites on display.

18. Color Burned

Color Burned | New Design Blogs

A talented designer sharing various sources of inspiration and freebies. It’s always reassuring to receive resources off a guy who you know, knows what he is talking about. I really love the guy’s work just as much as the posts he shares, so a great experience all round.

19. Booooooom

Booooooom | New Design Blogs

Probably not the easiest domain name to remember in the world, but thankfully the posts and quality of the work is a lot more memorable, the post on Ian Francis‘ work for example is amazing! The site is based around art, design, photography & culture etc. This is a great site to spend some time exploring.

20. Apps Mania

Apps Mania | New Design Blogs

The basic concept of the site is a gallery of web applications, it has a small amount of information, ratings and tags. Making it a great place to browse if you’re on the look out, or need some inspiration for, a cool new web app.

21. Doodlage

Doodleage | New Design Blogs

I can’t remember how I came across this site, but its been in my favourites for a few weeks and I’m really impressed with the postings. Its quite a fun little site, sharing lots of doodles/sketches/drawings and is a great source of inspiration.

22. Vi.sualize

Vi.sualize | New Design Blogs

Social Bookmarking for images. It’s that easy. A simple great idea.

23. Coded Preview

Coded Preview

For a better way of presenting your design mock-ups you can use Coded Preview, it allows you to modify the settings such as a background image, alignment margins etc. To give you an idea of how this can help, take a look at this example; Single Image compared to Image on Coded Preview. I think its a great idea, probably the best place you could upload your designs for presenting mock-ups. More ideas for mocking up web designs here.

24. High Resolution Textures

High Resolution Textures | New Design Blogs

Textures, a vital ingredient in so many forms of design. Textures are becoming more and more popular in web design, so that makes this an ideal website for you to add to your RSS reader. There really are some great textures on display here, and regular updates mean you’ll never be short of textures.

25. Beeex

Beeex | Strictly Free Resources for Designers | New Design Blogs

I’ve not strictly been following this site, but it keeps popping up here and there and each time I visit I am impressed, so It’s long overdue but I’ve added it to my RSS reader now. I particularly love their Ultimate Collection of Free Textures on the Web.

26. Skout

Skout | New Design Blogs

A user submitted list of design/web related resources. A wide range of categories, resources and inspirations. One of those sites where you can lose a good couple of hours and not realise.

27. Usability Post

Usability | New Design Blogs

So far the posts on this site have impressed me, the blog talks about aspects of interface design, which means not only the way things look but how they work and how the function. I’m looking forward to reading more here.

28. Knowtebook

Knowtebook | New Design Blogs

Knowtebook brings you the best news about design, ideas, web trends, technology & more. The usefulness of each post cannot be questioned, each and every post I find very useful, so that’s why it had to make the list, this web-based business collaboration tools post is a great example of that.

29. Designm.ag

Designm.ag | New Design Blogs

This latest project by Steven Snell is already off to a great start. A very community focused design blog with community feeds, links, a gallery and of course some amazing posts, this blog really does look set to grow bigger and bigger, and with posts like this: Favorite Design-Related Sites of 21 Designers, its not hard to see why.

30. Fudge Graphics

Fudge Graphics | New Design Blogs

Since April 2008 Fudge graphics has been making some amazing posts. There is a good mix of links, resources, inspirations, featured artists. Check it out!

31. StyleTime

Style Time

StyleTime is a very new design / blog with a twist… it features twitter interviews (Twun-Liners) and you can actually register and write up a bio about yourself and post it on the blog. I am not sure where this website will go as it is very new but it struck me as having potential so I thought I would feature it.


#32 – Eating Design

#33 – AgroKrag

#34 – Did I miss yours?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this massive list of inspiration, tips and resources. I am sure it will keep you busy. Be sure to add me on Twitter so you do not miss out on the next link love session.

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  1. Nick, Andrew, Angie, Selene, Brad, Ojay, Max, James, Joe, Andrew,
    You are welcome 🙂

    I seriously can’t! I have a few that I always read and some categorised but it is always good to keep in touch with some.

    Good to hear! Looks good!

    Oh that is a shame, sorry to miss it… I will add a #32!

  2. Thanks for the link love Jacob!

    As you mention people can post something’s themselves Bio’s or contribute and ‘it takes a village to raise a new blog’ 😉

  3. Thanks for the link-love! Wow, some great blogs there, an excellent roundup!

    Nicks last blog post..Collection: Sketchy Brushes

  4. Hi Jacob!

    That’s a great list you got there. I just wonder: how do you get the time to read all those sites (plus the ones you already have in your reader)?

    I find I spend all morning reading my 20-odd feeds, and then I have to go to uni. I need more hours 🙂

  5. Thanks for the link. It was a good idea to get feedback from Twitter, there is a lot of stuff here I never would have seen otherwise.

  6. Damn missed the loving. I’m kind of new on the scene and this is a great way of keeping up with some wikkid sites – thank 4 the list.

    Andrews last blog post..TV Is Dead?

  7. Hey, Big thanks Jacob

    Great post shame I didn’t get a mention as a new Graphic Blog 😉
    but I do need to pull my finger out with the site.

    Cheers again Jacob


    Eating Design.

  8. Thanks for the mention!

    Grant Friedmans last blog post..The Most Retro Line Illustrator Brushes Ever!

  9. Grant, Styletime, Ferdinand, Mat, Rashell, Skout, Alex
    Thank you and you’re welcome.

    I’m honoured thanks Calvin!

    Ffffound is an awesome site, really shows the creative talent we have around the world!

    The bottom 31 blogs were written by Liam of WeFunction as I mention in the post… I got permission from him to do so.

    Haha well good luck keeping up

    Some of these sites are really ace, you will enjoy them! Not sure how I found Doodlage though?

    Thanks for your site and no worries about the self plug, I asked for it!

  10. Thanks a lot for the twitter link love. I love that idea btw. Thinking about doing as well some time!

  11. Hi Jacob, thanks for including Doodlage is such great company of design blogs. I’m afraid my google reader is going to burst from such abundance of good reads 😉

    RaShell’s last blog post..Sketchy Furnishings

  12. Jacob, thanks for the twitter link love. This is why you’re in my top 10 because you come up with these cool ideas. Great post.

    Calvin Cox’s last blog post..The Genius of Social Media Networking. Finally, No More Lies.

  13. Great List! Kind of like Vi.sualize in a bookmarking of images from around the web but you should check out http://www.ffffound.com.

    Its got a great list of design, art, phototography and then a whole mess of other fun stuff.

  14. many thanks for the honorable mention, Jacob! much appreciated

    Alex’s last blog post..highresolutiontextures.com on twitter

  15. Hey you forgot to mention AgroKrag!!! I know its my site an this is a shameless plug but come on!!! haha 🙂

    This is a great collection of sites though. Lots of great work on display and tons of helpful PSD hints.

    Jesse’s last blog post..Dynamic Web Design

  16. This collection is very good and great opportunity to see new blogs!

    CSS Model’s last blog post..A Huge Collection of CSS Galleries

  17. Great article, our blog just launched in July. Check us out, we have great content.

    David Oberholtzer’s last blog post..Bike Rack Art

  18. I’ve always gone for Quality over anything else, which is why I’m really liking Brush King. The collection of Photoshop brushes they’ve got at the moment are truly impressive, it’s clearly being run .

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