5 Vital Tips For Logo Design

5 Vital Tips For Logo Design

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5 Logo Design Tips

I have written a guest article: 5 Vital Tips For Logo Design on the popular graphic design blog owned by David Airey, an aspiring graphic designer and blogger from Edinburgh. Check It Out 🙂

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Leave comments on here or David’s blog, either way I am happy for some feedback.

9 thoughts on “5 Vital Tips For Logo Design”

  1. Yes, David mentioned that to me, I was stumped as well. Hopefully, he figures it out because I know a lot of people use ie6 which means a lot of people can’t see the article. Where abouts does it crash on the page? Does it load at all? So you could see it on the front page but not on the full page?
    Expand on what I think a logo is? I’ll give some thought to that.
    Yes I made all of the pictures for the post and tried to make them like how David does his pictures (right size and border). I like posts that are easy to scan and I have noticed how people do it, and thats by using short paragraphs and using pictures and points to break up the text.
    Yes I have designed many logos before (you can check my portfolio to see some), however they are all on my other computer which is about 2 hours away so I will have to wait till I get back there to do a post on my design process.
    Re: the traffic, I have received a heap of hits, but unfortunately not nearly as many subscribers but at least I am getting my name out there. Is there anything you could suggest that I am doing wrong or should do more or should start doing to get more hits/subscribers?

  2. Jacob, I would love to comment on your article over on David’s blog, but for some crazy reason that one page keeps crashing my browser (gotta use IE6 at work… they won’t let me install anything else. Lame!!). I’ve let David know, and he’s working on why that is.

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see others’ feedback, so apologies if I repeat somethings:

    Awesome that you’ve started out with What is a logo. That’s an important step that some people totally miss! It’s the foundation for the whole project and must be considered. I would’ve liked to see you expand on what you think a logo is and does a little more. Peraps it would make a good follow up article here?

    Lots of pictures and examples are a big plus. You broke the post up with headers, too, and made lots of lists and used short paragraphs. Those things made this post very easy to scan.

    Have you ever designed a logo before? It’d be great to see a case study!

    Congrats on getting that article published on David’s site. He reaches a lot of people! Have you noticed a spike in your traffic and subscribers?

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curio’s last blog post..Why Being Odd is Good: The Principle of Balance

  3. I use FF at home. I hate IE6. What I noticed is that the page loads ok, I think it’s when it gets to loading the comments that something goes wrong (perhaps someone’s avatar or some bad code in the comments?)

    Traffic Tips:
    1. Full feeds
    2. Visit other blogs and guest post (you got this down!)
    3. Join forums. I’m a member of Estetica
    4. Ask for people to subscribe at the bottom of every post! You’d be surprised how much this works!

    I gained about 25 subscribers/week until I hit 330 subscribers. I don’t know why, but that was a plateau for me.

    To get over it I started frequenting the forum more (it helps that I talk with the owner outside of the forum!!) and leaving quality feedback, I added in Technorati tags (now I think they look rather trashy and I don’t think I actually got much traffic from them) and started asking people to subscribe at the bottom of my posts.

    I also did a few more visual posts like colors, inspiration and such. Those help for visitors from StumbleUpon, one of my main sources for traffic.

    I’m also heavily involved in iLT and I get quite a bit of traffic from there. If you’re within the first 5 or so comments on a high traffic blog, you’ll get more visits from readers. That’s not why I’m involved at iLT, but it’s sure a huge bonus!

    Oh, and link, link, link! Linking to other blogs will get the author’s attention, they’ll stop by and if they like what you’ve said, they may mention on their blog that you wrote a wonderful article about them/their blog/their article. Appealing to ego (in a sincere way) will help you go far! And get in with blogs that are on your subject; you’ll find the chance to exchange a lot of traffic.

    Getting some ideas for marketing your blog yet? 😀

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curio’s last blog post..Full Steam Ahead

  4. Yeah I use FF, its great with all the extensions you can have… really handy and its so fast. IE is soooo slow.

    Thank you for the traffic tips and for the time you have put into your comments and for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Regarding the full feeds, I have full feeds ticked everywhere (ie. under ‘options, reading) and also in feedburner so I have no idea what stops it from being full feed? Do you have any idea?
    3. I am also a member of Estetica (just joined recently) and GDF and HOW forums – my three main traffic sources. Look up jackc4ss if you want.
    4. I’ll do this on some of my posts 🙂 I already have a ‘subscribe to this feed’ thing there added by feedburner.

    Yeah I am not really a fan of the Technorati tags, looks pretty bad. I don’t really like the tags thing either but it is useful.
    Fair enough, I have noticed about the top commenting thing.
    I really do need to link to more blogs. I will start to do this more often, I think this is my downfall – it is so time consuming. Talking about time, where do you get all your time from????

    Thanks again~!

  5. I’m bad about linking out to other blogs, too. I just don’t think about searching for other people’s writing! I would like to do it more becuase it does get noticed.

    My time: atm, I’m carpooling to work with my husband because we only have one car. I’m salaried, he’s hourly and he has the better commute from my work to his than I would the other way around. So I get to spend an extra hour at work while he gets in his 8. Since I’m salaried, I don’t get paid for OT, so I just don’t work it!

    In addition, I have to take an hour lunch, so I write my articles at that time because it really only takes me about 15 minutes to eat.

    So that’s an extra hour and 45 minutes I spend on blog related activities at work (plus the required 10 minute breaks throughout the day, which bumps it up to over 2 hrs).

    When I get home I generally spend an hour or so commenting and doing other bloggy stuff, too.

    Oh, and I don’t go out to parties all the time like you 😛

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curio’s last blog post..The Creative Process: Ideas for My Blog Design

  6. @Derone
    Well, that is good to hear. Yes I’ve been reading David’s site for just about 3months now (when I first got into the blogging world). Thanks.
    Well all that definitely would keep you busy (you seem to reply so quickly to messages though). Well I do go to a lot of social events but I am only young so gotta embrace the freedom you get at a young age… (not that 24 is old at all). Once you settle down you really do have to settle down.

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