56 Awe Inspiring Must See Creative Photographs

56 Awe Inspiring Must See Creative Photographs

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I was researching creative photographs on DeviantArt and these were the ones I liked best. What do you think? For some further reading on photography check out photography tips for designers. If you liked this post, why not subscribe?

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All photos are linked to their original authors. There are a few that just link to DeviantArt’s homepage as I could not find out who the original author was.

51 thoughts on “56 Awe Inspiring Must See Creative Photographs”

  1. My favourite would be the colourful spectrum of toys and the chess one.

    PJ, unTechy, Lola, Matthijs, Brian, Regan, David, Pindec, Modemlooper… thanks for your comments.

    Kolin, I just checked out your website http://squashyfrog.com – you have some great pics!

  2. Hi Missu,
    Unfortunately I didn’t save the profile links when I compiled the photos however try searching for ‘still life’ in the popular section as that is where a lot came from.

  3. There are some great photos there. I’ve always been a fan of B&W, but some of the colorful ones were great too.

    unTECHy’s last blog post..Feed the starving for FREE

  4. What an amazing collection of photographs. They are not just simply taking a photo of something but creating a piece of art!

  5. Jacob,

    The egg is heartbreakingly beautiful. Wow.

    The apple listening to the iPod is pretty funny. They are all such high quality, I’m running there right now. I just finished a project that I think could have benefitted from knowing about them. Ouch!

    *crying over split milk*

    Must bookmark the site right now.



    Kelly’s last blog post..What’s Hot Now: 39 Inspirations With Sticking Power

  6. The dartboard photo is absolutely profound while also looking profoundly cool. I like that as the frame of reference becomes more removed the darts hit further from the mark. Wow.

  7. These are very beautiful and interesting. I started to get distracted by the hearts though. Seems to be a common theme among a good portion of the photos.

    Thanks for compiling them. You have very nice taste.

    Karly Barrett’s last blog post..Designing Expressive Words

  8. I understand your attempt and applaud you for trying to get some wonderful, talented artists exposure. It’s a nice gesture, but not all the way thought out.

    1.) Each image is generally subject to the artist’s T.O.U, or T.O.S. Some are issued under creative commons. Have you read through them for each image and followed them so that you aren’t breaking copy right laws?

    2.) Where is, at least, the Deviant’s User Name? A link back to their work? Anything?

    A lot of very good artists get ripped on that site, daily. People take their images without credit all the time–and while you meant well, some artists won’t see it that way.

    Next time, think it through and pay attention 🙂

    elf_fu’s last blog post..Four a.m. cup of tea.

  9. I think you should credit each and everyone of these images with links back to the original work!

    Then all the great comments would get left to the right people.

    Sorry but i find it annoying when images are stolen like this, because unless you go and ask the owner if they mind you taking their image and posting it else where thats just what it is!

  10. Kristarella
    Yes a lot do have the same themes… maybe because of the search terms I was using.

    Yeah deviant art has some amazing stuff, a great resource for inspiration.

    DS, Edwin, Sarah, Helen
    Thanks for your comments!

    Yes there were some of the same theme in there, I guess I just liked those ones a lot.

    Elf_fu and Drinty
    Thank you for your comments, I have learnt my lesson and next time I will be posting links to all usernames and their work. At the time when I saved the images I wasn’t planning to do this post so I couldn’t go back and find all their pages.

  11. Thank you, Jacob.

    I hope that I didn’t come across as badly as I think I might have–I certainly didn’t think you meant real harm, but as I said, a lot of artists at D.A. haven’t had terribly good luck with people respecting their stuff. That can make a few photographers and artists a little twitchy.

    Though I’m really glad I’ve found your site via the random Stumble, there’s a lot of useful information here and I look forward to becoming a long time reader. 🙂

    elf_fu’s last blog post..Triond: getting paid for my content, the virgin attempt.

  12. I assume you have the copyright holder’s permission to repost these? As I am in contact with two of the people whose pictures you have displayed here I’m about to inform them.

  13. So did the class you were doing this research happen to mention anything about violation of copyright and the unethical behavior of STEALING other people’s work and publishing it on your site. How about the ethics of not even citing the artists? How would you like for your art to be STOLEN without attribution?

  14. Elena and Al, thanks for your concern but please be advised of what I updated and wrote at the top of this post…

    “I know these images have not been linked back to their authors. When I saved them I did not have the intention of posting them here. I am not trying to steal their work nor claim it as my own. If you can find the authors of these photos please tell me and I will link to them.”

    You were actually the nicest in regards to some of the other comments received (as you can read above.) Glad you are going to stay here on Just Creative Design 🙂

  15. Jacob, don’t take those comments too hard – we know you weren’t passing the images off as your own or using them for your own profit.

    Maybe it would be worthwhile publishing 10 Signs That You’re A Bad Poster…
    #1. You post comments without reading the entire blog entry.
    #2. You post harsh, negative, and downright rude comments at other people.

    Criticism is not necessarily a bad thing, it can help us all improve our work, blogs, etc. It should, however, be presented kindly and constructively.

  16. Just a note about finding the original artists: When you try to save a picture from deviantArt, the default filename is always in the format “title_by_artist.jpg” so if you haven’t renamed them, you have all the deviants’ names already.

    Then you can just link back to them at artist.deviantart.com

  17. I really enjoyed this collection of photos.
    And it amazes me how all these people are jumping down your throat. As deviantart members, they should know that when you save the photo, it will save as the title by the users name. They could simply have pointed this out to you, but conveniently decided not to. If you go back to your files, or even right click -> save as to find the names of the artists. I hope this helps a bit. 🙂

  18. Hi, it’s easy to find who the original photographers are – they are in the file names. Eg – The first image file name is So_Fly_by_WithinIllusion.jpg which means that the originators Deviantart username is withinillusion.

    Therefore that image can be found at http://withinillusion.deviantart.com – the original user’s deviantart page.

    So if you intend on crediting the photographers (or asking permission to use the photos) you now know how to contact them 🙂

  19. Sarah,
    Thats a good idea 😛 I will have a check if it has been done before.

    Arbee, Emma, Soto, Dia
    Thanks for pointing this out to me. I have correctly linked all the pictures to their original owners.

  20. Some of these pictures are really beautiful. The wine glass pictures with tilted water is really clever.

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