6 Creative Ways to Use Delicious Bookmarks

6 Creative Ways to Use Delicious Bookmarks

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This is a guest article contributed by Rebecca*.

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Delicious is a popular social bookmarking site which you can use for saving your favorite website links. The process is termed as bookmarking. This will enable you to share your bookmarks among others as well as allow you to browse bookmarks of other users’. Tagging and search tools help you in browsing as well as organizing topics of interest. It enables you to both create multiple tags and tag sites with manifold keywords.

Every tag produces a page with all website links associated to it. You can share each of these pages with others simply by providing them the URL, such as Jacob’s bookmarks here. With bookmarks being hosted on Web instead of on your desktop, you can access these anywhere provided you have access to internet. There are a couple of reasons for using delicious. Here is a list of few creative ways for using delicious bookmarks.

1. Organize Things You Want To Do

Your list may be endless like places you desire to visit, restaurants to try, ideas for several projects you desire to complete or begin books you wish to read and things you desire to accomplish. Sorting out your list at one place will help you to accomplish your goals. The social bookmarking site makes it easy to access your lists wherever and whenever you need them.

2. Bookmark Your Social Networking Profiles

Following the explosion of social networking sites, it is indeed simple for creating profiles on several that you often have the tendency of forgetting of returning and visiting them. As a result bookmarking each of your social networking sites at delicious will undoubtedly help you in keeping track of all the sites as well as easily sharing them provided you so desire. To add to it, registering your social networks at delicious will also offer SEO benefits as delicious operates as backlinks for all your profiles.

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3. Organize Portfolios of Inspiration

You can use delicious for organizing art, articles and photographs on the web as well as create diverse categories for varied types of works. The bookmarking process to share inspiration among others is hassle free. Instead of sending people to numerous sites for viewing content, you can send them on one page, where every link is listed at one place.

4. Use RSS to Bookmark your Guest Articles

You can also use the delicious RSS feeds for creating customized portfolios. You can use it as your own writing portfolio by separating guest posts from that of article directory entries via exercising the feeds for your bookmarks tagged with articles and guest post.

Delicious can be used for keeping track of backlinks for your website. In this social bookmarking site, you can tag the backlinks by type, topic or quality for keeping track of varied categories.

6. Bookmark Articles To Read Later

One of the most obvious reasons for using delicious is for organizing contents you encounter daily for future use. It is indeed a tough job for reading each great blog post which is shared with you via other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The best solution is to bookmark these for later so each time you are searching for some information on a topic; you will have a wonderful and systematic compilation of most preferred pages and articles to choose from.

Delicious is an outstanding mean for archiving information from the internet, discovering useful and new sites and tracking hot topics. Its collective intelligence constantly adds & reviews, as well as filters new information. The community enables you in finding some of the finest resources on the internet devoid of having to struggle through all the junk. This social bookmarking site also offers you centralized management system to systematize information from the net.

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Do you have any other creative ways to use bookmarks? What other bookmarking services do you use & recommend?


Rebecca is a blogger by profession, besides this she is fond of 3D Games. She is quite interested in tech related stuff and is currently hunting for a cool interior design software.

14 thoughts on “6 Creative Ways to Use Delicious Bookmarks”

  1. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been reading about Delicious but never really bothered to see what’s it all about. I guess that now, I just have to

  2. I used Delicious for years until about a week or so ago when I found out they’ve killed their browser extensions since being taken over by the YouTube founders. So now you HAVE to go to the website to do everything. I’ve since switched to Pinboard. I was using the extensions as a bookmark syncing service, since I use Firefox, which isn’t compatible with MobileMe/iCloud (yet?). I don’t really like Pinboard much, but, if I have to go to a website to see/use my bookmarks I’d rather go with Pinboard to support a small dev. If they’d fix/bring back the extensions I’d be back in a heartbeat…

  3. Very much agree with this. Since I started using Delicious regularly about a year ago I’ve found it invaluable for maintaining and categorizing my bookmarks. It’s far more effective for me than any browser options.

    I use the Chrome extension for bookmarking, which makes it quick and easy.

    Hadn’t thought about it as a way of marking backlinks, that’s something that could be really useful.

  4. Sure delicious is great for keeping your bookmarks organized and in an online source but does it do anything for the site itself?

  5. I made the mistake to update my Delicious account while they transferred from yahoo to something else…and now I lost all my bookmarks.

    I agree that it’s a good place to save all links, but I never took its advantages for SEO purposes!

  6. I was having problems with Delicious last year so I switched to Diigo. I can’t remember what the exact issue was but I believe it had to do with their Firefox extension not working properly at the time.

  7. Delicious is great, been using it for a few years. However, I had problems accessing my bookmarks recently when they were going through a lot of changes. I decided to not have all my eggs in one basket, and now also use Historious. I could export my links from Delicious, and now I have a “historify!” button at the top of my browser that will add my link in one click. It is more search oriented, but it is lightning fast. Using both Delicious and Historious is great, I don’t have to worry about any problems that may come up at these companies in the future, because I use 2 different services.

  8. I was having problems with Delicious last year so I switched to Diigo. I can’t remember what the exact issue was but I believe it had to do with their Firefox extension not working properly at the time.

  9. Good day
    New to social bookmarking and had the following question. I am creating a sales blog and recently created a series of other sales sites bookmarked articles on delicious. Wanted to find how can I feature the sales articles bookmarked from other blogs on my blog. What are the different ways I can do this.
    Do I need permission from the other sites to feature their bookmarked articles on my blog.

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